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Friday, September 30, 2011

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Spent a couple of busy days.

Yesterday was my highlight .. Lee Valley was starting day one of the 3 day clearance sale.  So I was out there, bright and early, #2 at the door.  Open. Open. Open.   Soon there were about 10 people, all anxiously awaiting the front doors of the store to open.

Soon enough, the doors were opened and we were guided to the side seminar room (which I hadn’t noticed previously).

Every one was polite . .no pushing or shoving.   Each person was intent on acquiring some woodworking or gardening treasure.

Well, I did well.   Had lots of fun, actually.   And all my purchases were good ones.  There were the tiny LED lights for use in places like dresser drawers, cupboards, that could be attached with adhesive (attached) onto surfaces .. all ready to light up when the drawer, or whatever, was opened.

Then there is the mini folding shovel, in carrying bag .. good for digging up donated plants.    This will go in my purse.  And the long-handled weeder which resembles a golf putter … and I’ve found that this works very well in smoothing freshly installed soil .. as well as superb weeding.

And a stone slinger (what a great price, $5) … also very useful for picking fruit high on a tree.  It works.  I picked some apples today with it.   And I know that it would have been very useful for picking the ripe plums!

Also, the large, aluminum garden scoop … I’ve been using this today, digging out the garden edges around the fence.  Very sturdy item and if it ever wears out, I will have no hesitation at purchasing another one!

There were other long-handled weeding tools available, but, really, I have enough.

The brass watering nozzle set, complete with 4 different heads that simply pop into the nozzle.   Each have adjustable sprays and each is unique.   I couldn’t find it in the catalogue, but this purchase is worth its weight in gold!

The tin watering can is useful and decorative with its copper coloured sprinkler head.

A set of 3 galvanized steel containers, small, medium and large .. all set to hang on a hook, each joined by a chainwork system .. perfect for gardening organization.  This was included with an item that defied description, I think it was a prototype submitted to the store.   There were two round, handled pots, each with circular cutouts along their sides and bottom, with each having a circular grid, separate, to be placed on top.  I’ll be sending pics to Lee Valley, to see what the purpose is .. but for now, they are absolutely perfect for holding my garlic cloves .. soon to be planted!

Also, a set of 3 galvanized steel scones, small, medium and large.  I plan to install these in my gardening room .. perfect for holding .. something!

A unique suede type of carpenter’s hold-all.   I’d been looking at zipped bags, displayed on a table .. playing around with the idea of … one for clippers, one for weeders .. when someone placed this item tantalizingly close to me.   So, I picked it up.   Hmm .. very sturdy, well made.   4 levels of open pocket holders.   Sections for pencils or thin tools.  Clips.  A holder for a coffee cup .. or?  I’ll have to take a pic of this.

So yesterday afternoon, out in the full sunshine, I emptied my garden tote and started organizing my garden tools.  The top pocket of this tough organizer was perfect for all my clippers.  Gosh, I sure have a lot.

I continued on .. filling in the empty pockets of the organizer.   Still room for a few more items.   Very tidy.   There is a sturdy loop at the top and I’m getting used to just picking up this treasure and moving it about the yard, as I work.   Tools well-organized.   A place for everything.

Yes, this had been a very satisfying shopping spree at my first ever Lee Valley Clearance.

So … then I did lots of digging in the yard, finally finished sifting the soil from the uplifted sod sections removed from the backyard sidewalk.

This resulted in 5 Rubbermaid containers full of the fine soil .. and I used this to fill in some low spots on the yard.  Amazing the amount of soil that is sorted from the grassy bits.    Talk about recycling in the garden!

This type of work is strenuous and at the same time, rather relaxing.  And therapeutic.

I found myself lost in thought .. mindlessly emptying container after container of sod & soil onto the surface of my soil sifter station.     Hours of tapping away at the clay soil with one of my garden hand tools, breaking the soil into chunks of manageable grassy soil mixture.   The soil sifting down through the mesh into containers on the tarp.

Repeat and repeat till all the containers and also the wheelbarrow were sorted.   Took 5 containers of grassy/weed sections out to the front, to be taken to the local compost yard.   Way too much for our garden composter.

Next, I carried the containers of soil around the yard … emptying them onto low spots in the yard.   Looking good.

Still thinking about how to go about changing the design of the back part of the yard.   I know by experience that if an idea doesn’t spring forth right away … then just working away on other projects somehow gets my subconscious free rein to think about creative ideas.   They will pop up when ready.  This method has worked well for the rest of the yard …. and I’m always amazed with the results.  I believe that I have an inner artiste!

Took ample time to relax and observe the feathered activity in the yard.     Looked up … saw several crows flying high and in the midst of this activity .. noticed a tough little hummingbird stay the distance as the crows flew by.   Then he zoomed away.

Laughed at the antics of the Chickadees … flying from branches to sunflowers to the ornate swirly designs of the garden arbor and then to the suet filled block on an adjacent tree.

The sparrows were having fun .. .flying everywhere .. including lining up on the branch holding the suet block.  Then playing around on the miracle mulch that is currently resting on a tarp .. awaiting my decision on where to shovel this lovely product.

Didn’t see the woodpecker today, but then I might have missed it .. having gone shopping a little today.

It’s been a great few days.  Now .. the weekend approaches.

And I do need to decide which green tomato/tomatillo  chutney to make!  The tomatoes are fading fast and I need a rainy day to get me going.

That and some canned apple recipes ….. the plums are frozen and can wait for another week or so.  Then there will be room in the freezer, once these many bags of frozen plums are used up.  Yum, plum butter .. chutney .. delicious any time of the year.  But especially good in the winter .. reminder of the (short) hot summer.

It’s been a day … or two, actually.


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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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  Wow .. another beautiful sunny day!

Quickly outside to start work .. today’s job is to dig out the lawn edging the sidewalk in the backyard.   To tidy up the area and keep the edges looking neat.

Today is Won Ton Wednesday, so I have only a little time to work away before it’s time to get changed and travel out to Dakota Cafe.

Using my fairly new Lee Valley garden spade, I started digging away at the soil.   Sinking the sharp rounded edge of the spade into the grassy soil growing over the sidewalk’s edge.  Made a lot of progress and filled up a few Rubbermaid containers with the grass/soil mix.

Then … it’s prepare for the drive and soon DH & I are travelling along the Pat Bay, en route to the Flying Club.  We are lucky and are the first customers at the restaurant!!   Sitting by a table with a view, we soon receive our Chicken Won Ton soup …. with foccacia bread!  Ambrosia!

It doesn’t take long for the restaurant to fill up .. so we’ve timed this right.    After our leisurely lunch, we check out and begin our drive home.  Traffic is not heavy at this time of the day ….so we can relax and enjoy the ride.

All too soon, back at the ranch, sort of .. and yea, I can go outside again.   To continue on with the edging of the lawn.

I heard the sounds of birds overhead, the calls are different, so, curiously, I look up at the sky .. wondering what kind of birds these are.  At first I see only 6 to 7 … large birds, huge wings outstretched .. perhaps Turkey Vultures?   Then I see quite a group of similar birds … soaring … thermalling .. making V like formations.  Definitely not Geese.   Or any geese that I’m aware of.

The sun glints off of their feathers and I envy them their flawless flight.  I can hear sounds .. their calls . .. and they seem to be a rolling trilling type of sound, almost a pigeon type of call, but louder.  Quite loud actually, as I could hear it quite distinctly way below on the ground.  I quickly tried to film the group and caught just a teasing edge of wing tips .. but could hear their calls again.   I’m mystified.  Thought they were turkey vultures, but learned that they don’t have the capability to make songs, only hisses and the like.

I’ll try to look up tomorrow .. perhaps I’ll be lucky and will see them again.

Anyway, the birds have flown away .. so it’s back to work.   I find the soil easy to work with, thanks to the recent rains.   I dig away for hours and hours, both sides of some sections of walkway and just one side for a length.

Once the major edging has been done .. then I’m working at the ground level, ensuring all soil is removed from the concrete edge of the walk, digging out weeds, excess soil.   Another few hours pass by.

Noticed an insistent type of chirping noise .. looked up and saw the resident woodpecker .. perched on the garden trellis .. then he swoops over to a sunflower seedhead and starts nibbling away on the seeds.  He doesn’t even notice me as I tiptoe over to take some photos.    I’m about 5 feet away .. the closest I’ve been yet!

The Chickadees take their turns at the sunflowers .. so tiny they are.   Then the Anna flies in .. .hovers on one side of the green plastic netting .. not sure if he is trying to decide how to get through the netting or perhaps he’s just hovering around!

I’ve read that the male Anna’s like to perch on bare branches .. so that must be the males that sit on the branch of the wild and crazy tree.  Good location.  After all, it’s all about “location .. location .. location” isn’t it?

Finally, all is done .. and I gather up 5 Rubbermaid containers and my full wheelbarrow .. of grass/soil mix.   Then I set up my soil sifting station and begin to separate the soil from the weeds/grass/root sections.

By this time, the sun has more or less disappeared from the back yard .. and I just know that kittie kats are watching the clock and wondering where their supper is.

I quickly sort out my garden tools, bring everything inside …. bye-bye yard .. till tomorrow!

Ah ha .. tomorrow .. the day of the Lee Valley big sale … debating whether or not I should go .. yes .. no .. yes .. no .. I finally decide to just go out there to see what is on sale.  That doesn’t mean that I’ll actually buy anything.  But, it wouldn’t hurt to have a look.

Once that is done .. then I plan to finish sifting the soil.   And then .. I plan to start some garlic seedlings.  Using those terrific styrofoam rooting trays .. with 96 cells in each one.   Perhaps 3 or 4 trays .. fill up with good bagged soil and plant several garlic seeds in each cell.   Then I’ll just set these aside for the winter and await the springtime .. to see if they’ve sprouted.

I have at least a million garlic seeds from my summer crop .. mostly hard neck garlic .. and I understand that it takes 2 years from seed to bulb .. so this will start my adventure in that respect.

And .. with this lovely sun pouring in the kitchen . .I’ve arranged all the green tomatoes in flat rectangular baskets on the table .. to soak up the sun.  Some have started to turn a blush pink!   I’m looking for recipes for green tomato/tomatillo chutney sauces … and also for apple chutney!  Then I can prepare them, can them and be all set for the approaching winter!


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Tuesday, September 27, 2011 … the day after my birthday!

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Woke up early this morning .. could see the sun shadows on the curtains.  Then realized that today is the day after my birthday.  Oh, woe is me.  No more parades, banners, ponies, etcetera .. until next year.  Wah.

But wait …. should this even be a consideration .. I mean .. should I still expect to have these happy excited feelings now that I am past the age of 10?

Well, um, yes .. I can!   And I do … and I will.   A birthday is a birthday after all.   And today is the start of my new year!.

So, how did I start off my new year?  Well, once Jane E Cat did a few jump ups to the bed, heavy paws making circuits on myself and DH and then to the floor and repeat and repeat.  Well, I just got up and started the morning routine.

Youbou’s little nose was pressed against the kitchen side of the french glass door.  A mirror, it seems, of Jane E.  Duncan, of course, was regally reclining in the kitty bed.

Soon all three cats were fed and the day was ready to begin.  Notice that the cats are number one in this household.

Mixed some of the fabulous granola with natural yogurt and sliced strawberries … dee… lish….ous!

Ok .. .yea, now I can head outside … which I do.

Where to start, I just don’t feel motivated to do anything specifically .. so I head off to the side yard and begin washing plastics for recycling.  Using Ecos laundry soap .. the best, as far as I am concerned.  I love this natural soap.   Canadian Tire seems to be the only major store that carries this product .. so that’s where I go to purchase it.  Also, I’d e-mailed the company for coupons and they were quite generous.

So far, I have two marvellous natural products for cleaning.  The first is Pink Solution (made in Vancouver!!) and the second is Ecos!   Yea, team.

Spent a number of hours scrubbing away plant pots, lids, cutlery, a wide assortment of plastic items and finally they were rinsed and sorted, packed away and ready to go for recycling.  Syntal Plastics is our number one favourite for hard plastics.

They had set up their plastic recycling plant in a manner that would best accommodate plastic from Victoria’s Blue Boxes.  Then, somehow, the decision was made to ship the plastic elsewhere.  Huh?????

So we’ve decided to save all of our hard plastics for Syntal.  They employ local people, use local products and product plastic lumber for use everywhere.  I stand by them.  Visit their site:  http://www.syntalproducts.com/content/altwood_lumber/recycle.asp  they collect a wide range of products.  We just save our items and then when we are en route to Sidney, just make a stop at Syntal .. conveniently located at the Keating X Road area!

For awhile, I didn’t feel that I was making progress today.    Then I stopped … thinking .. what progress do I think that I need to make?   Well .. actually… whatever I want!  So I stopped stressing and relaxed into the “zen” of doing.

And I actually accomplished a lot!   I went to my little garden area and picked quite a few tomatillos.  This plant just goes on till tomorrow, it seems.  Many flowers and many tiny tomatillos.   From what I’ve read about this plant, it will readily re-seed itself.  So I picked the mature fruits and froze them .. ready to create sauces later, when it is raining.

Next, I picked all the sizeable tomatoes.    Time to make chilies or sauces .. sometime this week

Which brought me to the potatoes!  I picked the red potatoes from a plant and actually amassed quite a few!  There are still about 3 more plants to dig up .. so I’ll leave them for a few more weeks.   Couldn’t resist cooking one of the potatoes for my lunch.  Decadent … butter, yogurt!

Imagine .. a  few generation, ago .. young adults worked the farm for vegetables .. then their children were looking for more adventure, so ” by by farm” .. now…we are excitedly growing our crops!  How things change.

I know that I am so very happy to have grown a small crop of potatoes .. such a humble, yet, important vegetable.   Thank you S!!  Perhaps next year, I’ll buy a box of seed potatoes and give away surplus, just like you did!  A kind act and one without which I wouldn’t have experienced this sense of magic!

And so I go on to my garlic!!   From my large crop of tiny garlic, I choose the largest cloves to plant in the garden for next summer!

Which leads me to the garden design for next year.   Changes .. changes .. changes!


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Monday, September 26, 2011

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 Took the day off from gardening this weekend.  Saturday, the weather in Victoria was nice and sunny.  Then on Sunday, it seemed to take a turn for the worse.

Windy and overcast, with the occasional burst of sunshine.   DH and I went travelling up-island for a day away!

We travelled through a variety of scenarios along the way.  From hot sun to overcast and rainy .. quite a mix as we drove and drove and drove.

Stopped in Nanaimo to visit and shop briefly.  There seem to be quite a few shopping centres there .. and since it’s been a very long time since we’ve actually visited this city…. we certainly noticed how the city has been growing.

Went shopping for a daily calendar at Chapters.   I was just looking for a 12 month pocket type, week at a glance.  Something simple that I can carry in my shoulder bag.   Well, things have changed greatly in the world of pocket calendars since the last time I shopped.

At Chapters, there was a complete table devoted to these items.   Such a variety.  Finally, I decided that I would like to have one with a green cover, and a stylish exterior.   I had sort of chosen one with lovely metallic paisley designs, a fold over hard cover (the extra flap protected the pages) complete with a detachable address book and a paper pocket for receipts or mementos.

I was holding this treasure in my hand when something on the left side of the table called out my name, beckoned me forth, caught the corner of my eye .. you know the pull  … so I slowly moved towards it.   There it was.  My pocket calender for the year!  Green cover, with a tapestry-like design of gold with metallic centres, and intricate inner design drawings of stars, medallions and the like.   Oh, and a strap that had a magnetic piece at the end which clung to the front cover, keeping the little book closed.

How sweet.  the book is produced by a company called paperblanks day planner.  Inside the back cover is an explanation of the outer cover design:  “French Ornate Vert  … this image pays homage to  the Jacquard loom silk weaving tradition of Lyon, France, in the nineteenth century.”   Hmmmmm .. very exquisite.

Shopping and visiting done, we make our way to Qualicum Beach.  Yesterday, being quite sunny, there was an abundance of shoppers, dog walkers, joggers, runners, you name it .. everyone outside enjoying the sun.

Today, however, quite a different story.  Pouring rain, cloudy skies.

The beaches are empty of crowds … only a few dog walkers and strollers out there today.   The herons and seagulls have their beach back .. for this day, anyway.

Saw a flock of Geese flying low across the ocean, practising their V- form shifts.  Perhaps the young ones from spring are practising their flying formations for their upcoming flights.

Oh, wait, I almost forgot!   Woke up this morning . . and it is my birthday!  The day which I choose to think of as the start of my year!  A brand new day.    How fun is that!   Like the famous Calvin & Hobbs cartoon .. a brand new adventure .. a time to go exploring!

Even better than New Years Day!

Anyway .. we travel to Leftie’s for a delicious birthday breakfast at noon!  Cause we can.

The drive home is a bit tricky at times, with the heavy rain …. not much traffic in the early afternoon and that was great.

Finally .. home sweet home … we tend to our kitties, who were well-behaved during our brief time away.    The catnip paid off!   This is their treat for such times and works well every time.  They were totally relaxed.  So now, time for crunchie treats and their supper and soon they’ll be snoozing away.

It’s been a great day.  Time now to relax and enjoy a meal out ..no dishes, hip hip hooray!

And, although I’ve sadly missed the Friends of the Library book sale .. I’ll definitely not miss this Thursday’s Lee Valley sale .. to clear out floor models and samples!


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Saturday, September 24, 2011

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  A lovely sunny Saturday!  Slow to start the day and soon things speeded up.  Nice to be a little lazy in the early morning, though.  A treat to be enjoyed.

Out and about in my little Echo, shopping here and there, errands to be run.  Traffic kind of light in the late morning. 

The Cedar Hill Library is holding its September book sale .. from last night (Friday) and all day today and tomorrow.  The special $5 all you can carry happens tomorrow afternoon.  Wah ..  I’ll have to miss it .. other happenings.

Well, as DH reminds me, I still have a “few” books to read from the last sale.  But, still, I just miss having more books to read.  Maybe I can sneak out tomorrow morning for some books ..just to stock up for the winter!

Invited my neighbour over to have a look at the garden in progress and we chat about the challenges of growing various vegetables.   Talk about plans for next year .. lessons learned from this year and all that!  Quite fun!

Then I went to the kitchen and spent some time in the food department.  Prepared some chicken for tonight’s supper .. marinated in lemon juice (freshly squeezed) and finely chopped garlic (treasures from my garden!).  

All done, neatly put away in the fridge to marinate away and time to go on to the next chores.

Assembled my capsule equipment and Turmeric and soon had 100 capsules filled and capped, to top up our supply.  These work so well as anti-inflammatories and much more cost-effective, compared to the cost of $25 to $20 a bottle, for something that costs only a dollar or so to make.   There is money to be made in the natural medicines!

okee dokee .. now I can play.   We are running low on homemade granola .. so I assemble all the materials from the pantry and soon have the mixture prepared and in the oven.  This is from the recipe we received from Cedar Lodge in Port Alberni, as follows:

– 7 cups of large oats

– 1/4 cup wheat germ

– 1/4 cup oat bran

– 1/4 cup wheat germ

– 1/2 cup whole almonds

– 1/2 cup raw or roasted unsalted sunflower seeds

Mix together in roasting pan.  Add: 1/2 cup oil (safflower) and 1/2 cup liquid honey.  Mix really well and bake @ 350-365, for 15, 20 minutes.

Add:  1/2 cup pecan halves (broken in pieces) and 1/2 cup sliced almonds.

Return to oven, remove every 15 minutes.  Stir & check for doneness.

The whole process takes 45-60 minutes.  It is done when everything is golden brown and toasty.   Can be doubled.

Constantly checking, stirring .. there is a fine line between golden and burnt!

Finally .. all is well and I remove the pans from the oven and cool in a measuring cup.  Enough for the next month.  This mixture, I added some dried cranberries and they are nice and crunchy, as are the lovely almonds!

Next batch, I’ll add some figs and apricots .. these should add a delicious taste.  I’m free and easy with measurements and added more almonds … everything ended up delicious.

When this was done .. the weather was sunny … and DH says .. let’s go flying.

So we did.  A lovely flight on a sunny afternoon.   On our taxiing out we saw a hawk flying low, to the right of the runway … alongside a 172 that was landing.  flap … flap .. flap .. soar .. and he continued along the way.  That was the hawk, by the way.  The plane just landed as per normal and taxied away.

It’s been a great day.

Back home … supper started .. then skyped my sister.  We had a nice visit, it’s been a long time.

Joked about canning the fall veggies, relishes .. oh, the fun that we’d have if we were in the same kitchen, organizing the preparation of canning .. along with a glass of wine  .. or two???  Lots of fun.  Just have to figure out an easy way to conquer the 3 hour time difference.

We had a great talk .. this Skype is just so much fun!

Anyway … time to call it a day, hey?


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Friday, September 23, 2011

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This day, being Friday, and the end of the work week . .has decided to be sunny!  The first day of the Fall season is deceptively similar to a hot Summer’s day.  Not that we’ve had an abundance of that .. a mere taste … but that was fine.

Not sure where to start outside today .. so just started working away.  Moving things from one area to another.

Soon I’d worked up a good sweat and had relocated a lot of things that were where they shouldn’t be. tsk, tsk, tsk.  However does that happen.

I’ve accumulated a lot of plastic thingies that need to be recycled.   Some metal things for recycling also.  Garden pots to be sorted, sterilized and put away neatly for the winter.  Or, until I need them for propagating plants.

Worked non-stop for a few hours and then just had to stop.  And look at my handiwork.  Great job .. I’d successfully cleared away the yard.  Now I have a collection of plants to be dug in soon.

Managed to plant quite a few ground covers in the newly renovated side yard.   Looks great.  Some ferns, thymes, lavenders, that sort of thing.    Plus a salmonberry.

Then I worked for a while in the very back .. digging in some plants .. creating a secondary border with a path behind.  Read the labels regarding future height and width, some are slow growers. … figure I can prune out any unwanted branches.  Aiming for a green yard .. eventually will just see a surround of green, no fences, no houses.  Just garden.

Whew … then I potted up some jasmine cuttings into larger pots.  I’ll plant these along the fence line in another month.

Lots of ideas twirling through my imagine.

Finally, decided to wind down .. so sat on the back stairway with my Sudoku and settled in .. ready to watch the bird show.

Wasn’t disappointed.   Soon the Anna was back, throaty chirping.  Zooming around the yard.   Trying the nectar from several flowers.  Checking out the sunflowers to see what all the action was about .. decided to stick with the nectar at the feeding station.

Soon the woodpecker was at one of the plum trees .. trilling away .. and then he swooped down to a sunflower seedhead and began pecking away.

A few minutes later,  the Anna swooped by the woodpecker .. and then flew into the wild and crazy tree .. seconds later the woodpecker followed.


Finished tidying up my work areas, sorted my tools and brought my toys inside.

Time to relax .. it’s Friday, after all!


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Thursday, September 22, 2011

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 Another funny kind of day – weather wise, that is!  Not sure if the day was going to be rainy or sunny .. although I welcome the cool weather, I do miss the bright sunshine.  Turns out we had lots of both!

Early morning I went to the Sidney Aviation Museum to meet with the gentleman who has done the gardening there for 18 years.   I’ll be helping out and looking forward to the opportunity.

He showed me all around the Museum …. met so many interesting people there .. all busy with involvement with projects.  Quite impressive, so much restoration is ongoing there.  Quite exciting, really and I look forward to hearing many stories of flight!

Next we went on a tour of the grounds.  He’s done an amazing job .. sculpting out little gardens here and there.  We walked and talked for hours!  Finally .. time for me to go and continue on with my day.

I left the Museum area in a happy state, thinking of the morning, the cheerful people I’d met, the lovely gardens I’d walked around, the Museum cat .. a huge happy cat, quite content to be with people and he wanders where he wants to!

Looking forward to my next visit and more talk of gardening!

Back home, turned on my Outlook …. omg .. (make that capital letters) .. sale at Lee Valley .. scanned the e-mail .. saw “Thursday” … decided to forgo the BLT’s that I was going to make for our lunch, kissed DH “by by .. I’m going to Lee Valley ……

Made the drive to Colwood in good time, not much traffic, lucky me.

Arrived, parked the car, wandered in .. hmmm. the store was remarkably quiet and calm for a big sale.  Happened to see a friend just about to leave .. discussed his purchases … and I happened to mention the sale.  This one?  he says .. as he holds up the flyer and it’s then that I see that the Thursday for the sale is the 26th, a week from today.

hee hee

Oh well… I’ll consider this a dry run for the real thing!

As I wonder around the store … looking at so many desirable gardening items .. I notice some plastic organizers .. available in packages of 5 .. hmm, discount with multiples of 3.  Ok, I really really was looking for drawer organizers.  I’d looked at London Drugs, Canadian Tire, no joy.  So, really, these are perfect for my new gardening storage shelves!

And while I was at it, I purchased some plastic hornet traps to be placed in the openings of large empty pop bottles.  For next summer.   I’ll be prepared!

As I reached the sales counter, I mentioned the upcoming sale.  The one for, you know, next Thursday!  The saleslady smiled and said that the doors will open at 9 and for sure there will be a lineup.  ummm…. what time do you think people will be there, I asked?   Earlier than 8:30 am?   She just smiled.

I can just imagine that the woodworkers will be first at the door.  Not wanting to look to eager to buy (there will be a lot of interesting things for sale, floor models, samples .. omg .. what if that amazing garden cart is included?)  I plan to be there maybe 8 or 8:30.  Not sure.

So, drove home with my goodies.  Lunch with DH and a few mugs of Yorkshire Tea!

Then, time to go outside and play.   I allow myself to relax into the zen of gardening by sitting on the new back steps, Sudoku, iPod, camera .. and sink into that peaceful state of being.  Listen to the Anna’s chirruping in the trees.

Not really sure where to start working away.  So, relaxing time over, I look down at the sidewalk, decided to start trimming the unruly grassy bits extending over the sidewalk and soon I’m working away.   Using my sharp weed edger and clippers, I quickly get rid of clumps of the green stuff.  Next thing, maybe tomorrow, I’ll use my sharp garden spade to dig out a little channel of ground next to the cement of the walkway.

Then .. in between looking at the birds and taking pics, I begin moving things around . . these things for recycling; this for donation; this for .. who knows what yet.

Tomorrow .. time to really plant some things.   And enjoy the sun.

Looking forward to another birthday to be celebrated in a few days.


It’s been a day!

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