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So much fun writing a blog .. I quite enjoy travelling back in time to see what I have written a few years ago!

And it’s so much fun that sometimes I blog here instead of there!

You see . .I started out with “thedogwalkinggardener’s blog” and then I morphed into “mylifeisreallyinthegarden” and I also started positive thoughts in myworldtodayinaword.wordpress.com  So you know how it goes, there is a choice of blocks to choose which blog you are writing and sometimes I go back instead of forward.

sigh.  anyway .. I now reside (mostly) in “mylifeisreallyinthegarden.wordpress.com” except for those times when I click the wrong blog.


But then this gives me a chance to travel backwards in time and those are fun times anyway.


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oh, this is so cool! Really. I’ve been putting frozen sliced strawberries in a glass (or 2??) of white wine. this looks like fun for the summer

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This looks like a nice, easy recipe!! I’ll be trying this one.

Vegetarian 'Ventures

Okay, so after having an epic cooking marathon this past weekend for Christmas, I’ve been feeling a bit less motivated in the kitchen and have been making my boyfriend survive off of leftovers. Finally, I regained the desire to cook up something fresh last night and decided to whip out this pad thai for dinner because we had everything on hand and it was about as simple as recipes come.

Although this recipe was simple, it was (to my honest surprise) super delicious. Sometimes I find “half-assed” pasta recipes to be bland and not as flavorful as their scent but this stuff was really as good as take out. It took us maybe 20 minutes to whip up (at the most) so I am excited to add this one to my weeknight rotation when I’m short on time and need something comforting.

Plus, it’s vegan (thank goodness. Cheese in pad…

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Another beautiful day .. sunny weather .. and rain predicted for the weekend .. good for the garden.

I tried to keep from blogging since I seemed to have been spending so much time at the keyboard.   Time that I “should” use for other things.

And I tried to keep a daily electronic calender .. however, that effort was not productive, no challenges there.  So I would write only now and then, instead of every day.

Wanting to write daily was the driving force for me when I began my blog  .. and the incentive to write every day was strong.

The challenge to write every day was there and I gladly accepted it.  And grew to love it .. and to look back at my daily writings, to remind me how I was spending my time.

The desire to write was very energizing.  And I often  think .. could I spend an entire day seated at the computer?

Letting my thoughts flow freely like the wind.  Wandering here and there, exploring ideas for fiction and creative ventures .. how utterly decadent!!

Being brought up to be a productive, had working person, the very idea of allowing myself the luxury of the gift of time to pursue creative writing was not a given.  And yet, somehow, this little gift has slowly crept into my life and how I love it!

So, I’ve begun blogging again .. and decided to make a fresh start and talk solely of gardening.  And birds.  And food (kale chips).

I invite you to visit me at my other WordPress Blog:  http://mylifeisreallyinthegarden.wordpress.com/

And I’m loving the decadent pleasure of tapping the keys for a short time each morning.

What fun this is!

See you there, hope you visit me!


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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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Monday was an interesting day, weather wise, anyway!   I spent a few hours in the early morning time .. trying to figure out how to spend my day.  So many choices of things to do .. and .. being a Libra …I kept weighing each thing.

Work outside .. yum!  Go for a long walk at Swan Lake.  Spend a few hours studying.  Drive out to Sooke .. hmmmmm… that one seemed like a good choice.

Because .. I am on a quest for kale and seaweed.   I do not plan to go to Dallas Road to collect any .. too many toxins and garbage from passing boats and the outflow is there .. euyew … not on my garden, thank you very much.

Island View and the Esquimalt  Lagoon do not currently have much  … if any.  But .. Sooke .. hmmmmmm.. I’ve heard there is a good supply there.

Someone told me tonight to wait till after the storms and there will be lots of kelp & seaweed on the beach .. good … I’ll keep that in mind.

So I went to Big Wave Dave web site to look at some tide charts and some beach  cams.  After an hour or so spent looking at the various beaches and then .. well … where exactly do I go.

Then I remembered my good pal D …. contacted her & we set a time to go exploring out in the western communities to collect some good kelp/seaweed!  She’s very knowledgeable and I’m in the learning stages so this will be a fun, informative trip. I always learn so many interesting things about gardening, the forests, creatures and insects from her.   And lots of information about the world of slugs also .. the learning curve continues!

So .. anyway ..once that was decided, time to start on the dreaded housework and dishes.    But .. wait!  I want to hear what is going on with my good pal J .. so a quick phone call and we decide to meet for lunch.

Sigh .. darn (ha ha ).. I’ll leave the laundry till later .. and decide to do the dishes.

Now that the domestic side of me has accomplished her morning chores .. it’s time to head to Market Square.

But .. first .. a quick wander outside.   Lots of bird activity.  Heard the beautiful trill of s Spotted Towhee .. such a clear musical tone .. so lovely.

I love that place.  Over the years, DH & I had visited the Square for many the good pizza .. when Noos Pizza reigned… undeniably the very best pizza ever served.   How we loved seeing the chefs tossing the pizza dough in the air.  Crust nice and thin .. way before the carb craze ever started.  The lower floor of the jazzy – blues pizzeria featured live singers … what a fun atmosphere that place had.   Many jugs of frosty beer and delicious pizza shared there.  Good memories.

So, flash forward to Monday and I was meeting my pal at the Green Cuisine restaurant.  We caught up on recent events .. and enjoyed a light lunch.   Then .. time for me to head out in my little car … but first, I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the lovely old architecture in that area.  Classic.  Interesting.

On and On .. some shopping for some paella that I planned to make for supper.  First time ever .. searched the net for recipes .. and spent some time preparing for supper.  Actually tasted very delicious.  This will become our favourite meal.  Yum.

Monday was a good day!!  Oh . yeah .. then I spent some time studying!


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Monday, January 30, 2011

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So .. Sunday started out as an overcast, slightly rainy, chilly day .. so we headed out to Dakota Cafe for breakfast.   We were lucky enough to arrive there between the waves of crowds .. so we were able to enjoy a quiet breakfast and check out the “spot the 10 differences”  … argh … the 10th one is always the hardest.

Jen, aka “the circler” is really quick at these and is swift at finding out the differences.  Darn!  However, happily for once I was able to point out a tiny detail to her.  Victory is mine .. hee hee hee!

Outside to check on the plane .. the wing covers have soaked up quite a bit of rain .. so DH removed them and I gathered one of those wonderful Canadian Tire tarps .. the type with the heavy corded rope in the hemmed sides ..so we placed the folded wing covers in one and tightened up the cords and neat as a pin, DH carried the unit to the car .. later home and the covers are now drying out.  They need to be sprayed with scotchguard or something like that, to retain the water repellant properties.

Then it was time to go to Mother Computers and look at some suggested computers.  Our old computer was not repairable, the mother board was gone and it would have been just too problematic to repair it.  Time to march on into the future.

So we looked at a few and then decided on a computer that was built by the store, using good solid components.  They installed the hard drive (that I’d purchased last fall for my old computer) and now I have 2 internal hard drives.   Once I’ve transferred the material from hd #2 to hd#1 .. then I can erase #1 and that will be my extra storage area.

We went home and carried on with our day .. .the computer wouldn’t be ready for a few hours.

I studied my organic gardening material for a period of time.   oh, my goodness .. will all this information actually sift through to my consciousness?  I feel a little overwhelmed.  Then I calm down and I know that I can remember a large part of it.  Try to not  be so hard on myself.   Baby steps.  Little bricks in the building stage.  I will succeed!

Anyway, time passes ..and finally, it’s time to pick up the computer … we are so happy.  Take it home ..set it up .. and time to play.

Except .. I can’t find the “send” button .. where is it?  Frustrated, I give up.  Then, this morning .. I search around .. still getting used to the newness, the different way of doing things.  And I discover that I need to configure my e-mail.

I try doing just that.  Not successful.  So I contact Shaw Cable and am swiftly (within 10 minutes .. that is indeed swift!  I called at the right time!) am connected with a service rep, who calmly walks through the steps, remotes in .. .and solves my problem.

So now I have my Send button and all is right with the world.  For now, anyway.

Dh and I are happy with this new system.   Light years ahead of the old system, which was built (using cheap components as I’ve recently found out!) by another store.  We’ll stick with Mother Computers.  Cause, as we all know:  “mother knows best”  … ha ha ha


Seriously, though, it’s a pleasure to be able to pick photos & upload them to my WordPress blog in just a few minutes, compared to the painful time-consuming length of time that it took with the old computer.

Going forward is a good thing.!

Well, that’s it for tonight.  I wanted to share some information that I’ve been learning in my Organic Master Gardening Course, but … it’s late.  Perhaps tomorrow.


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