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November 3, 2010

I’ve been looking up gardening ideas, explanations of gardening terms etc., daily.  This is such an enjoyable thing to do .. to actually open my gardening books and research information and I’m more fully understanding the world of gardening as I go along.

Have sort of gotten out of the habit and want to continue .. so perhaps tonight I’ll continue that practise again.

For now .. outside to enjoy the pleasure of gardening!


On this beautiful, warm sunny day .. I find myself a bit lethargic and not too energized.  Despite this, I continued on.  Cleaned up the sundeck, moved the strawberry pots, tomato plants & miscellaneous ceramic pots down the stairs and into the garden plot.  Even moved the lovely old washing tub .. hmm .. that would make a terrific water feature, next year.  Left one huge blue pottery container on the sundeck .. even empty, it’s a heavy thing to relocate .. I had to fight the weight of this when I dragged it up the stairs in the summer.  Figure I have a few options .. I could plant some lettuce in it next year, or, I could empty it and have a little water feature  … will decide later.  Hosed down the soil and accumulated leaves … but left the lovely ole wooden chaise lounge up there .. . might have a few sunny days yet!

Then I studied the honeysuckle plants “Lonicera Nitida” .. and plant tag shows “Silver leaf” .. these aren’t planted yet and I wasn’t sure if pruning was necessary.  So I dragged out about 10 books to see  guidelines and couldn’t see the silver version.  They do agree that hard pruning is required 3 – 4 times a year .. think I’ll give these plants some time to show me how they grow and decide later.

Sat in the sun for awhile .. soaking in the warmth .. gardeners are allowed to do this!

Went to the side of the house and continued gathering up the gravel … nearly a third of the way there.  When all is in containers or on a tarp, then I’ll play with the path shape .. slightly curving or just plain straight.  And … path in the centre, or off to the right?  Plants to the left (fence side) ?? Lots of decisions to make .. but first, need to gather up all of the gravel.

Sometime in the afternoon, I was just so sleepy that I decided to go inside and have a little nap .. I used to do this when I was on a gardening marathon … working from sunup to sundown, and I would be energized.

Anyway, I was just relaxing, Jane E at my side,  purring away .. when I heard some good news on the tv!!!  I felt energized and full of hope again and raced outside, full of optimism and ready to garden again!!  Quickly, filled out 6 more containers of the gravel …  then .. inside .. to prepare supper!

Perhaps I’ll finally post those SSI photos tonight!


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