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Thursday, September 22, 2011

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 Another funny kind of day – weather wise, that is!  Not sure if the day was going to be rainy or sunny .. although I welcome the cool weather, I do miss the bright sunshine.  Turns out we had lots of both!

Early morning I went to the Sidney Aviation Museum to meet with the gentleman who has done the gardening there for 18 years.   I’ll be helping out and looking forward to the opportunity.

He showed me all around the Museum …. met so many interesting people there .. all busy with involvement with projects.  Quite impressive, so much restoration is ongoing there.  Quite exciting, really and I look forward to hearing many stories of flight!

Next we went on a tour of the grounds.  He’s done an amazing job .. sculpting out little gardens here and there.  We walked and talked for hours!  Finally .. time for me to go and continue on with my day.

I left the Museum area in a happy state, thinking of the morning, the cheerful people I’d met, the lovely gardens I’d walked around, the Museum cat .. a huge happy cat, quite content to be with people and he wanders where he wants to!

Looking forward to my next visit and more talk of gardening!

Back home, turned on my Outlook …. omg .. (make that capital letters) .. sale at Lee Valley .. scanned the e-mail .. saw “Thursday” … decided to forgo the BLT’s that I was going to make for our lunch, kissed DH “by by .. I’m going to Lee Valley ……

Made the drive to Colwood in good time, not much traffic, lucky me.

Arrived, parked the car, wandered in .. hmmm. the store was remarkably quiet and calm for a big sale.  Happened to see a friend just about to leave .. discussed his purchases … and I happened to mention the sale.  This one?  he says .. as he holds up the flyer and it’s then that I see that the Thursday for the sale is the 26th, a week from today.

hee hee

Oh well… I’ll consider this a dry run for the real thing!

As I wonder around the store … looking at so many desirable gardening items .. I notice some plastic organizers .. available in packages of 5 .. hmm, discount with multiples of 3.  Ok, I really really was looking for drawer organizers.  I’d looked at London Drugs, Canadian Tire, no joy.  So, really, these are perfect for my new gardening storage shelves!

And while I was at it, I purchased some plastic hornet traps to be placed in the openings of large empty pop bottles.  For next summer.   I’ll be prepared!

As I reached the sales counter, I mentioned the upcoming sale.  The one for, you know, next Thursday!  The saleslady smiled and said that the doors will open at 9 and for sure there will be a lineup.  ummm…. what time do you think people will be there, I asked?   Earlier than 8:30 am?   She just smiled.

I can just imagine that the woodworkers will be first at the door.  Not wanting to look to eager to buy (there will be a lot of interesting things for sale, floor models, samples .. omg .. what if that amazing garden cart is included?)  I plan to be there maybe 8 or 8:30.  Not sure.

So, drove home with my goodies.  Lunch with DH and a few mugs of Yorkshire Tea!

Then, time to go outside and play.   I allow myself to relax into the zen of gardening by sitting on the new back steps, Sudoku, iPod, camera .. and sink into that peaceful state of being.  Listen to the Anna’s chirruping in the trees.

Not really sure where to start working away.  So, relaxing time over, I look down at the sidewalk, decided to start trimming the unruly grassy bits extending over the sidewalk and soon I’m working away.   Using my sharp weed edger and clippers, I quickly get rid of clumps of the green stuff.  Next thing, maybe tomorrow, I’ll use my sharp garden spade to dig out a little channel of ground next to the cement of the walkway.

Then .. in between looking at the birds and taking pics, I begin moving things around . . these things for recycling; this for donation; this for .. who knows what yet.

Tomorrow .. time to really plant some things.   And enjoy the sun.

Looking forward to another birthday to be celebrated in a few days.


It’s been a day!


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