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Saturday, March 31, 2012

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Friday … the end of the work week .. and another day of activity.  A real mix of weather, ranging from brilliant sunshine to pouring rain.

What to do .. what to do … what to do…

Shopping of course .. made a list, actually brought it with me and then left it in the car!  Groceries first .. went to a few supermarkets to take advantage of sales.  Found some good deals and soon the back of my car was loaded up.   Also purchased the most beautiful umbrella at the bank, proceeds go to Children’s Hospital.  It’s just the loveliest umbrella I’ve ever had. There are two coverings.  The outer (top) is black and the inner cover is a cheerful blue sky dotted with white puffy clouds.  How appropriate for one who loves the sky so much!   And I actually had the opportunity to use this in the afternoon when I went for a little walk!   I had my blue skies with me, even though it was pouring rain!

Decided to just make a “little” visit to Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary.  When I got there, the little parking lot was jammed full .. so decided to leave unless a spot happened to open up.  Just as I made this decision, I noticed someone preparing to get into their car and leave.  Hmmm.. what can I say?  So I waited a few minutes and then parked in the now vacant spot.

Pulled on my gumboots and started walking.   Sauntered along  the pathway to Tuesday Pond … went to the side area  .. which is now nicely covered in mulch .  This mulch looks just like the pine chippings that I scooped up a few days ago, from “free” in Used Victoria ads.     I’m getting to know my mulch.  And glad that I still have 6 large Rubbermaid containers full at home .. plan to use this on my back pathway.   Pine mulch is not good for gardens, but perfect for pathways.

Anyway .. onwards I went .. and saw no ducks at the side area .. so I retraced my steps, planning to take the shortcut to the little bridge which spans the Tuesday Pond area.  Oops .. there is a large Canada Goose along the shores .. so I decided to go the long way around.  The Geese  can be a bit territorial and I didn’t want any confrontations.

I walked along the pathway for a while, tempted to walk the full circuit around the Sanctuary, but decided on a shorter version, it’s too easy to spend hours and hours here and I have things to do at home.

Eventually I turned back and made my way to the main observatory.  Noticed many cleared areas, invasive plant growth removed, lots of sunshine now entering the cleared areas.  Lovely ..lots of volunteers have helped to open up these side wooded areas.

I could hear the calls of many birds, some of which I recognized.  The songs of the Red Wing Blackbirds, the males and the females.  The Marsh Wrens.  And many others.

Spoke with other people looking out for birds and feeding the ducks.  Saw the Cormorants were still settled on the wooden platform which is tethered to the shore.  Separate from the main walkway and inaccessible to the public, a safe haven for the birds.

Noticed a Great Blue Heron stalking prey for lunch, very stealthy.  Then, ta da, he swiftly gathered up a rodent, and just as swiftly, in one gulp, it was gone.   Nature at work.

Stopped and watched some Red Winged Blackbirds as they sang away.  These are quite beautiful birds and the females have the most beautiful songs to sing.

Finally I tear myself away and go to the Nature House to see if my place on the Native Plant workshop has changed .. I’m currently Number 3 on the wait list. Nope, unchanged.  And no phone calls as of this morning, so I didn’t make the cut.  Boo hoo .. that will teach me to procrastinate!  If I’d contacted them when I first saw the ad, I’d be there right now.  Oh, well, there will be other workshops, I know.

Homeward bound …noticed that the sunny morning skies have changed and now were overcast.  Groceries brought in and put away.  Time for tea!

Played around in my garden room.   Sorting seeds.  Found some packages that were either purchased by me or given to me as gifts.  Boxed herb seeds.  A package of Korean pine tree seeds, complete with compostable plant pot and saucer.   I followed the instructions given on the enclosed sheet and now the seeds are sitting in the moistened potting mix and awaiting germination.  If they sprout, then I’ll keep them in pots.    Perhaps I’ll plant them on our future property, but time will tell if they will indeed sprout.

Then, the herb package, sweet little clay pots, 4 labelled aluminum plant stakes and 4 envelopes of seeds.  I’ll put them in plant pots and see if they will germinate.  If they do, then I’ll have lots of basil, parsley, thyme and cilantro for the summer.  You just never know.

Finding (and using) these hidden treasures  gives me incentive to continue on with my clearing away the clutter in my garden room.

I also found time to look through some watercolour instruction books.  Looking for ideas that I can use to paint some white rectangular tiles.   I’ll take the painting ideas and use them on a variety of things for the garden.  It would be fun to paint some leftover boards and try to make signage for the garden.  Another fun project for a sunny day.

Went outside for a few minutes, in between the rainy showers and checked out the garlic, growing quite strongly now.   Looked up in the sky .. no eagles flying around.  Heard the rapid taps at the bird feeder as a little chickadee pecked away at the acrylic sides of the feeder – to remind me to add more sunflower seeds to the feeder!   Ha ha ha .. went inside to fetch the sunflower seed container and then added a cup full to the various feeders.    The birds only tap at this feeder when it’s empty, smart little guys, aren’t they?

Rains began, so inside I went.  And on with my day.



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Saturday, March 3, 2012

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 Ah, Friday .. that was a rainy day, for sure!  I love rainy days!  Perfect for being lazy or busy or whatever.

What on earth did I do yesterday, anyway?  Well, I spent some time reading up on organic gardening, composting and that sort of thing.

Did some dreaded housework .. .the necessities, especially so when the cats outnumber the humans in the house!

Went outside for awhile … there was a light rain falling .. such a perfect time to wander around for awhile.  Enjoying the look of the rain spattered leaves of all the outdoor plants.  It would be great to have a tent set up outside … to use as a little refuge against the weather.  Pretend camping.

On days like Friday, during such a gentle rain, how fun it would be to set up a little tent with a  table (overturned Rubbermaid container) and a chair (one of the triangular shaped gardening stools).  Just relax, sip Yorkshire Tea, leaf through some gardening books.  Solve some Soduku puzzles.   Pretend to be on a safari or a campground or even Texada, by the airport!

Back inside the house, I found yet another pile of gardening books!  Plan to enter these on my excel spreadsheet … that thing is so very handy for references.  Good to know which books I have, so can avoid purchasing more duplicates .. something that I found out when I created this document! Discovered I had some duplicates .. not a big deal though, can leave one in the car and one on the shelves!

Anyway, Friday was the last day of the work week … a slide into the weekend.     And the end of the Monday to Friday Coronation Street shows.  Thank Goodness.

And … hallelujiah .. John is finally deceased .. end of that story line!   Now there are afew more to be got rid of .. .Kevin; Cheryl; Loyd; ad nauseum.

Anyway, Friday was a day!

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Friday, March 2, 2012

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  Thursday, such a beautiful day.  There was a mix of grey skies but eventually the sun burst through and I could see lovely blue sky and interesting looking cloud formations.  Ethereal, misty, robust and strong .. quite a mix.

Caught a brief glance of one of the eagles high overhead.  Some low flying Canada Geese, heading for Swan Lake.

Thus far there hasn’t been a whole lot of interest in the new roofed suet holder.  I’ve seen a Chickadee or two stop by for a visit.  The Sparrows  try, but they aren’t able to cling upside down as the chickadees, bush-tits and nuthatches do!   Guess it takes a few days for my feathered friends to try something new.

Yesterday was such a day of accomplishment.  I’d spent a few hours at the kitchen table, studying more about organic gardening.  Oh my.   One of these days I’ll continue with listing some gardening information, as I used to do.  This helps me open my books and look up more information.  And I’d really like to share what I learn.

There were so many choices to make yesterday..what kind of activities could I get myself involved with .. walking, gardening, housework .. screech to a halt.  Not housework .. not when it is sunny outside.

So, as I usually do when I’m seeking inspiration .. I simply went outside.  And walked around the yard.  Noticed some daffodils are getting ready to bloom.  And the bluebells… those lovely little flowers that I’m just not able to eradicate.  They proliferate here, and having spent a lot of time over the years digging them up by the bucketful – I’ve given up on eradicating them. 

They even grow through the leaf mulch mountain, up through the gravel, and thrive just being tossed to the side.  If only the strength and sheer tenacity of the compounds of this bulb could be harvested and used for something else, like garlic or wheat …someone would make a fortune.

Anyway, I enjoyed being outside, observing any changes in the plants, loving the antics of the birds.  The Anna’s might be going through their mating rituals I think .. I should read up on this so I’ll be more informed.   All I know is that I saw the backyard Anna’s zipping around and then settle comfortably in the same tree, although on different branches.

Finally, I decided to tackle the front driveway.  We still have materials from our house renovations there.. and so I took a deep breath, and started sorting and sorting.  And sweeping.  And raking up leaves.  There were the occasional Yorkshire Tea breaks and I did settle down on the front steps .. the beautiful stairway that DH constructed last fall.  Perfect for a relaxing tea sipping, suduko solving period of time.  And, since time doesn’t exist in either gardening or outside cleanup .. I just relaxed.

Tea break over, I continued onwards and upwards.   Finally I reached the stage where I could unravel the hose and wash away the superfluous minute debris that remained. 

DH was impressed and I was satisfied with a job well done!   As I toted my tools and now-empty Rubbermaid containers from the front to the back I felt a little twinge in my back .. uh oh .. who didn’t do their stretches, then!  

I remember a Master Gardener speaking at the Garth Homer Centre many years ago … the Horticulture Society used to hold meetings there.  He was very emphatic on the importance of exercise when gardening!   Having injured his back, he spoke from experience.  Lifting properly was also discussed.  And I did listen.  Although sometimes I kind of forget.    As in yesterday!  So I stretched and crouched and soon I was back to my limber self.

That reminds me!  The Coronation Street “Rosie” lookalike who works at Dakota Cafe told me that she saw that there is a class “Exercise for Gardeners” at a local rec centre!   That is a very good idea!  Although we had a laugh as we pretended to “lift that shovel” “dig and dig” ..

Anyway .. all in all .. Thursday was a great day in every way!!  Although the same cannot be said of CBC and Coronation Street!  Argh .. I was nicely settled in and set to watch the double show of yesterday .. only to discover that a hockey game had recorded.  CBC had switched the time of the show and I had missed it. 

Although, really, what did I miss!  More badly written scripts.  The storylines have been going from worse to “I can’t believe I’m actually watching this drivel” .. this from me, who had started the first ever Coronation Street fan club in Victoria, many years ago.  I .. along with the 50 or so club members .. were all so thrilled to be watching this show. 

CS has had its ups and downs over the years, but the downs normally lasted for a short time.  Now, they just are nowhere near close to the integrity of the show as it once started out.  And the plots are laughable.  (don’t get me started!).

There is still a core group of 8 of us former CS fan club who meet monthly for dinner.  And we are all in agreement about the lack of interest in the show. We are months behind, so no point in sending Granada Studios our feedback. 

Anyway .. here are some extremely positive videos regarding our food and our planet, eloquently spoken by some young kiddies!  Enjoy:



and here’s a link to show how beautiful and easy it is to grow sweet potato vines: http://www.houseplantsforyou.com/how-to-grow-an-old-fashioned-sweet-potato-vine/



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Thursday, February 16, 2012

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Wednesday was such a beautiful day .. it was the day that my pal D and I were making the long trek to Sooke to collect seaweed.

I’d practised packing the car with Rubbermaid containers, wanting to get the maximum amount of seaweed as possible.  My little Echo hatchback has lots of interior room, once I fold down the back seats.  I carefully lined the sides and floor of the back with tarps, played around with placements and then arranged the containers.  I also brought along a shovel and garden fork, which I found .. I didn’t need at all.

D is the perfect person for this trip .. as she has worked in the holistic health category for quite a number of years.  She is so very knowledgeable in the ways of nature and the uses of items found in nature, in particular .. seaweed!   We chatted about gardening on the way to Sooke.

It has been many years since I’d driven out that way and, despite the many changes that have taken place, I found that, once I’d driven a number of miles, I felt the familiarity of the roads.  And we discussed that subject yesterday.

About having been somewhere . .years ago.  Then revisiting that area, all the memories come flooding back ..like “oh, yeah .. there is the restaurant … and here is that tree” .. that sort of thing.

I think that we really do remember so very much that has gone on in our lives .. and when we don’t need access to that information, it is filed neatly away in proper little labelled “files” in our subconscious .. easily brought out when needed.

Anyway, we had a great trip out there .. and suddenly, we were at Whiffen Spit!  Alongside the famed Sooke Harbour House!.

We met many lovely dogs, and their owners, of course!  We walked for miles. We collected a great variety of seaweed, grasses and kelp.  And I literally stuffed the containers so full that they couldn’t hold a speck more.  Then I moved the containers to the area by the car and one by one loaded them in.

I was especially interested in the “Turkish Facecloth” type of seaweed.  D explained how to use this .. once it’s dried, you can use this as an exfoliant .. and then, dry it and use it again.   And she showed me the properties of other sea items .. but .. my memory is short .. so I will ask her for the names and will post them at a later date.

She also told me about a lady, Christine (sp?), who gives workshops at French Beach .. so I’ll post that information once I have a link.

And I learned that there are different seaweeds available at different times.  Some are living entities, attaching themselves to rocks and need to be cut, with scissors.

Oh, my .. so much more learning to do.   I must admit that, although I was totally aware that seaweed & kelp is good for the garden ..I’d started gathering it over 20 + years ago .. I wasn’t totally aware “why” it is good!.

We had a lovely long walk along the breakwater area .. talked and talked and I tried to remember what I learned!

The smashing sound of the waves breaking against the shore .. all that thundering energy of nature … the brief spot of silence once the waves had dissolved .. and then the tinkling of the stones as they settled in again on the shore … were mesmerizing.

Sat on a bench and watched the surf.   And the antics of some lovely Gold Crowned Sparrows.  Flying around.  Foraging and munching.   Fluffing out their feathers and basking in the sun.

A few Mallards flying about.  A few seagulls.

More later.

Time to go home .. and we stopped at the most wonderful little cafe …http://www.stickinthemud.ca/  talked with the owner.  He was so very witty, despite not having an English accent!   He and the wonderful young gals and guys running the cafe were just absolutely wonderful!  As D noted, this is a place where one could feel very comfortable just being there, every day!  And I concur!  I am not the type of person who is easily comfortable sitting in a Starbucks or a Tim Horton’s establishment.  But, this Stick in the Mud has just the right atmosphere.  I could easily see myself visiting the cafe on a regular basis.  Cup of tea, visit with the regulars.  Pity it’s so far from home.

Oh, and their sausage rolls are just exquisite!  There was only one left so D & I shared.   Yum .. .Yum!    And we also shared a type of butter tart, mixed with raspberries on a base of shortbread.   Oh.  My.   And so I bought two to take home to DH.  And I didn’t even nibble on either one of them.  Such strength of character.   I saved them both for him.

I’m thinking that it’s even worth a quick trip out to Sooke to get more of these goodies.  Hmmmm .. perhaps next week.

So .. yesterday was a treat.  It was absolutely wonderful to wander along the way in the warm sunshine.  Visiting with all the lovely dogs that we met .. I just wanted to hug them all, they were so very sweet and trusting.  What a treasure that was to me.   Sweet memories.   And you know how dogs communicate with their eyes!!  So expressive.

Anyway .. time to call it a day .. and more tomorrow!


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Sunday, February 12, 2012

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Friday .. Friday …Friday .. the weather was still a bit overcast … as I set off on my morning walk.   Wanted to go to Swan Lake, but at the same time, wanted to check out the sale at Home Outfitters at the Tillicum Mall.

Didn’t take long to get there .. most likely under 30 minutes.   And travelling via the Galloping Goose, I avoided most of the traffic.

This store is full of attractive things for sale .. but I went straight to the scatter rug section, chose a few, walked around.   Many things caught my eye .. but I know what DH would say .. his voice is in my head.  Comments such as “we don’t need this”  “we already have that” .. so I enjoyed the looking and resisted the buying.   I must say that my impulse buying has greatly decreased during the past few years.

Except when it comes to gardening items … and I just listen to my own inner guide “hey, you just have to have that (book, plant, whatever)” .. ha ha ha ha

Then I enjoyed the walk back home.  What did I do that day?   It seems so far away.  Oh, I checked on the birds, made sure their feeders contained food.

Studied again.  Wondering if I will ever learn all this new terminology in the Organic Master Gardening Course!  Well, I’m being hard on myself .. the words are slowly creeping into my knowledge base.  As a matter of fact, I’ve recently been finding myself waking up with the new words tumbling through my mind, with the visualization of garden bacteria performing their duties.  Little flow charts emphasizing the activity going on in the soil.

It’s really all a matter of the most ingenious magic.  All from nature!

Then .. well .. I got to thinking about that sale at Home Outfitters.. and decided to take a break and just make a quick trip to the store.   Chose more of the little area rugs.  So handy to have in the kitchen and at interior doorways.   Picked up some pretty flowered ones and some with Italian wording.  Quite cheerful.   And DH was quite happy to see my purchases and shared my enthusiasm with their usefullness throughout the house.  Besides, the cats love cuddling up on the warm soft surface so that’s another bonus!

Yesterday was our first outdoor class and it was all about composting.  Everyone gathered at the home of the classmate who was having the pallet-compost structure built.  All materials that each person donated was brought to the back yard.

Our instructor, Tamara, spoke to us beforehand, on the history of composting, the bacteria that reside therein .. and why and what happens.   Oh my .. I had no idea of all the interactions that took place.

We assembled outside and the structure began to take shape.   And the layers were added. Quite lovely material, too:  hay, aged manure (both horse and chicken), kitchen scraps, pieces of cardboard, ground up arbutus branches, some volcanic rock dust lightly scattered, leaves .. layer upon layer.

The finished compost looked stunning!

The hours swiftly passed as Tamara explained the properties of the structures.  She showed us examples of other composting items.   And then it was time to make the worm composters out of Rubbermaid containers.  I made one, and it’s now on our sundeck.  I feel as if they are pets, as I need to give them little bits of food from time to time.  The values of this compost will greatly enrich the garden.

I’m really enjoying delving further and further in this magnificent gardening world.  Meeting so many lovely, interesting people.

Enjoying the journey!

After a nice cup of mint medley tea .. I then decided to go to the Esquimalt Lagoon to seek any kelp materials.

Found myself collecting rounded bits of bricks for the garden.  Glad I’d brought a carry bag in my purse .. ahem .. it was soon full.

Along the way, spoke with some doggie parents.   And then I met Misty and Dusty .. sibling brother and sister.  What beautiful dogs they were!  Very friendly.  And Misty is a mischevious little gal, playfully teasing her brother!!   She’d get this little look on her face, grab her stick and then just brush by her brother.  He’d start to run after her and she’d just move direction.   It was quite funny to watch, actually!

That was a fun interlude!

Then, time to return home … so I gathered my (heavy) bag of bricks, made my way to my little car and soon was driving homewards!

Saturday was a very good day!


P.S.   here are some powerful inspirational gardening articles about amazing people, against all odds, improving our earth .. must reads!  http://grist.org/industrial-agriculture/farmers-advance-in-their-suit-against-monsanto/ and http://grist.org/urban-agriculture/2011-12-08-new-agtivist-edith-floyd-is-making-an-urban-farm-lot-by-lot/


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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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Yesterday was such a brilliant day, from start to finish!  Looking out the window, all I could see was sun, sun, sun!  Reflected on the remaining leaves on the trees and painting everything with a golden patina of happiness.

I wanted to run right out there and continue on with my propagating work from the day before.. but first a little walk was in order.  Soon I was out the door, brr, the air was brisk, despite the sun.  Noticed the frozen water on the surface of the lid of the Rubbermaid container at the side of the house.  Container is full of Miracle Mulch, destined for a portion of a little perennial bed nearby.

Walking down the quiet roadway, I looked again at the inviting piles of oak and maple leaves,  neatly raked into lovely leafy mounds all along the sides of the road.  I steeled myself against running back home, gathering garden bags and scooping them up!  I really do have enough leaves.  The mulch pile in the back yard is quite heavily stomped down and is nearly 3 feet deep!  So I have a few good yards of leaf mulch.

Besides, any good daylight time at this point of the season will be better spent preparing my plants for a hard cold winter.

Traffic is light at this time of the morning and I couldn’t see many people out for a walk either.  I really do love this time of the year, everything seems so fresh.

Back home, I quickly change into my gardening gear and head outside.  Mug of Yorkshire Tea in hand.

Where to start???

I decided to create some temporary bedding areas for the plants that I’m propagating and plants that will remain potted up for the winter.   And soon I’ve positioned the landscape sections into an “L” shape and have spread a thick layer of leaves on the ground.   Next I position the potted plants into the vertical section of the “L” and cover up with another thick layer of leaves.  Nice and comfy against the cold.

I play around with one of the Styrofoam rooting units containing cuttings of Boxwood from last year.   I’d cut up portions of the long pine cones from our “First Christmas” tree in the front yard .. using them as plugs for the openings in the base of the unit.

When I started tugging on the first cutting, I was met with resistance .. so I poked and prodded gently and finally was able to remove the cutting.  OMG .. the root section was nearly 3″ and strong and healthy!   As I continued to removed the cuttings, my amazement grew.   There was such a variety of root formations.  Some of them were fibrous in nature, the shape varying as the roots grew and met obstacles.  Where this happened, they just went around the obstacles and continued growing!  Others were plain and straightforward, having met no impediment to their growth.

I was simply gobsmacked!   Only a few of the cuttings had not formed roots (or perhaps I had inadvertently tugged too hard and the roots became detached) the leaves were still glossy.  I’ll simply put them back in the cells for another round of growth.

These Styrofoam rooting cells are just amazing, I love them.

So, now it’s time to mix up some good planting soil .. so I gather up more of the cocoanut fibre, mixing it in well with the bags of soil & compost and soon have a nice barrow full ready to work with.  Next I gathered up a supply of little plant pots.   When I’d potted up about 6 of the boxwoods, I thought about the upcoming cold winter that has been predicted.

And I decide to put in a layer of leaves at the bottom of the pots, for protecting the delicate rooting systems.  So I empty these pots, quickly throw in a potpourri of leaves: Cherry, Oak, Plum .. so pretty!.   Then I carefully hold a cutting in place and gently toss in the soil mixture, tamping down the surface lightly.  Repeat, repeat, till finally I have 80 potted Boxwoods!  Oh boy, and there is still another tray to go, although it’s only 3/4 full I think!

Took a little time away from these duties to brew another pot of Yorkshire Tea ..lovely to sip on a mug of this most delicious brew and wander around the yard, stopping to watch the birds.  Notice that there is an increase in the sparrow population.  The word seems to have gotten out about the bird seed.  I see the little Red Breasted Nuthatch is flitting between the suet blocks and the bird seed .. I haven’t noticed him venturing near the thistle seed, though.  Maybe when I’m not looking?

The Downey Woodpecker visits .. nibbling from the suet and then goes to peck away at the wild and crazy tree.  Listen to the slightly nasal chirps of the Chestnut Backed Chickadees!  The White Crowned Sparrow seems to visit in the latter part of the afternoon.

Refilled the hummingbird feeders, one at the front of the house and another in the back.

Suddenly I heard the honking of Geese overhead … ah, there they are, way up high, flying in formation.  I quickly snap a few pics.  Knowing that they mate for life makes me admire these strong birds.  Although I would not want to be pecked by any one of them.   Ouch.  My Muscovy Duck, Huggers, had occasionally pecked at my arm, and that was painful enough!

Continuing with the potting up, I soon had all the cuttings happily nestled in pots with a thick insulation of leaves in the bottom.    And soon they were placed in trays snuggled into the horizontal part of the “L” winter resting beds, ensconced on a thick layer of leaves.  And of course, I arranged another thick layer of leaves over the tops of the pots!

Darkness is encroaching, it was time to clean up my work area.  And noticed, as I was raking up the leaves, that this area is starting to feel a little like a living room, with the pseudo walls formed by the landscaping ties.  Oh, my!  Is this good or bad?

I’m still not sure how I am going to shape this area for planting in the spring, but I know that I have a few good months to ponder and go through my landscaping books for ideas!

Looking around the yard, I see that there is much more to be done while the weather is nice.  Plants to be dug in.  Miracle Mulch to be spread around.  Raspberry canes to be divided.

And another bright idea .. I’ll put some garlic cloves into my rooting cells and I will have rooted garlic, ready to be planted in containers in the spring!  Perfect!

Well, it’s 8:30 am and time is a-wasting!  Time to go outside and work away.  Wind and rain is predicted for later this morning.  In my little world, rain means “inside” work .. and of that, there are quite a few things to choose from.

Must rush away now .. the skies look a bit cloudy . .oh no!  Maybe I’ll be sewing instead of planting!

On with my most wonderful new day now!


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Monday, October 10, 2011

Part of my potato, garlic and tiny ears of corn .. harvest!

Well .. finally, the weather reports were correct .. it did rain today.  However the sun shone, the sky was blue, I wore my sunglasses while out for a walk .. and there was the most beautiful rainbow!

What to do on this day .. choices to make, decisions to be made.  I really wanted to go outside and continue on reshaping the garden …. but looking at the pouring rain dashed that idea.

Happy to see the birds flocking to the sunflower seed heads that I’d fastened to the little garden arbour.  Next year I’ll plant groups of sunflowers around the yard .. well staked so they won’t fall over.  Besides being beautiful to look at .. the brilliant yellow of the flower petals are very uplifting.   And I’ll bet they would be lovely in homemade paper and dyes for the same, or fabric.

Dressed up in my gardening grubs and walked around the garden .. admiring the digging done the day before.  Really like the look of the bricks, edging the veggie (soon to b e garlic) bed.

I’d mixed up a 3:1 ratio of syrup today.  Brought the backyard h/bird feeder to the kitchen where I  took it apart and  scrubbed it thoroughly .. it had accumulated a lot of black material . .not good for the little birds.   Once cleaned, rinsed and rinsed … I filled it up with the richer nectar, took it outside and hung it from a hook in the arbour.

Noticed the Anna flying around … and then he headed for the newly refurbished feeder.  Hmmm… he really likes this  fresh mixture quite a lot.  Keeps looking around, being constantly aware of his surroundings .. and he sipped away at the feeder for longer than usual.   Flares and flaps his wings, then they settle in and he sips away .. repeat and repeat.  Makes me happy.

I’d left one sunflower seedhead hanging in a tree and see a chickadee firmly attached .. pecking away .. ha ha ha ha.

For a while I just stand outside in the rain .. feeling the soft drops as they fall gently from the sky.. enjoying the peaceful silence of the garden .. no construction sounds today.  No one cutting their lawn.  No squealing of tires.   Just the quiet chirps of the birds, the gentle flapping of their little wings as they move about the yard.

My plants are arranged in various groupings near the garden .. awaiting planting, relocating.  That will happen.

My outside garden items, the magnificent soil sifting centre, the benches, the useful Rubbermaid containers are just where I left them yesterday .. activity momentarily stopped … all set to use again when the rain stops.  I’m hoping that is tomorrow.

This has been a great Thanksgiving weekend.  I have so much to be thankful for in my life.


Anyway .. off I went to the local mall .. idle shopping ..  fun place to be on such a rainy day.  The stores are full of people calmly walking about … here and there.   I happen on a book sale at Chapters.  A number of people are quite excited at seeing various puzzle books on sale .. Sudoku, brain teasers, some I look through .. uh uh

Oh, no … not another gardening book .. and of course, it’s yet another one that I don’t have .. it’s all about trees.  Coloured plated.  Latin names.  What can a gardening gal do?  I add it to my collection.

Then, on to London Drugs.  I pass by a collection of pretty storage boxes, with lids.  I’ve successfully avoided purchasing these over the past few years.  However, the lavender colour of one intrigues me .. so I stop and look at the boxes.   Soon I have two large, two medium and, what the heck .. two smaller ones.  Various colours, these are.   A fellow shopper comes by to look and we strike up a conversation on how wonderful these boxes are .. she has quite a few in her office and has bought several for hubby, for his tools.

I decide that I’ve made a wise purchase .. so I pay for them and out to the car I go.

A fun relaxing shopping experience in the mall.   Unhurried.

It’s been a day.

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