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Friday, September 23, 2011

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This day, being Friday, and the end of the work week . .has decided to be sunny!  The first day of the Fall season is deceptively similar to a hot Summer’s day.  Not that we’ve had an abundance of that .. a mere taste … but that was fine.

Not sure where to start outside today .. so just started working away.  Moving things from one area to another.

Soon I’d worked up a good sweat and had relocated a lot of things that were where they shouldn’t be. tsk, tsk, tsk.  However does that happen.

I’ve accumulated a lot of plastic thingies that need to be recycled.   Some metal things for recycling also.  Garden pots to be sorted, sterilized and put away neatly for the winter.  Or, until I need them for propagating plants.

Worked non-stop for a few hours and then just had to stop.  And look at my handiwork.  Great job .. I’d successfully cleared away the yard.  Now I have a collection of plants to be dug in soon.

Managed to plant quite a few ground covers in the newly renovated side yard.   Looks great.  Some ferns, thymes, lavenders, that sort of thing.    Plus a salmonberry.

Then I worked for a while in the very back .. digging in some plants .. creating a secondary border with a path behind.  Read the labels regarding future height and width, some are slow growers. … figure I can prune out any unwanted branches.  Aiming for a green yard .. eventually will just see a surround of green, no fences, no houses.  Just garden.

Whew … then I potted up some jasmine cuttings into larger pots.  I’ll plant these along the fence line in another month.

Lots of ideas twirling through my imagine.

Finally, decided to wind down .. so sat on the back stairway with my Sudoku and settled in .. ready to watch the bird show.

Wasn’t disappointed.   Soon the Anna was back, throaty chirping.  Zooming around the yard.   Trying the nectar from several flowers.  Checking out the sunflowers to see what all the action was about .. decided to stick with the nectar at the feeding station.

Soon the woodpecker was at one of the plum trees .. trilling away .. and then he swooped down to a sunflower seedhead and began pecking away.

A few minutes later,  the Anna swooped by the woodpecker .. and then flew into the wild and crazy tree .. seconds later the woodpecker followed.


Finished tidying up my work areas, sorted my tools and brought my toys inside.

Time to relax .. it’s Friday, after all!



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