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Monday, November 28,2011

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This past weekend has been a mixed bag of weather!

Saturday was sort of rainy .. I was up bright and early, quickly preparing another batch of granola.  Mixing the honey and oil with the oats, almonds, wheat germ, and other ingredients.   Filling the baking pans with the mixture.  Stirring every few minutes till all was toasted and yummy.  Cooled and then placed in covered glass containers.

Next, time to whip up a batch of soup .. I sort of followed a recipe which allowed for carrots, onions  & parsnips.  I also added celery, red & green peppers and some frozen green tomatoes (from the garden).   Added organic chicken broth and let it simmer away.  Love the smell of soup cooking on the stove .. very comforting.  When all was sufficiently cooked, I then brought out the amazing blender stick thingy and whirled it around the mixture, resulting in a nice textured soup.  Poured into freezer containers and my meals for busy days were all ready.

Next it was Recycling at Reynolds, so I gathered all my items and headed out to join the line-up.  Bless these volunteer kiddies .. some of them were visibly shivering in the chill of the damp weather, but still stayed to continue their sorting duties.

I paid for my items, quickly sorted them into the appropriate containers and left, glancing at my watch, it was barely 10:30 am.  I’ve had a full day already.

Let’s see .. what to do?  Hmmm .. I had my $5 coupon burning a hole in my wallet, so I once again made my way to Michael’s Craft store.  I’m rediscovering the world of crafts and it’s been a happy journey thus far.  Each time I visit, I wander into different areas.

On Saturday, I made my way over to the scrapbook area.  Looked at the tiniest little bejeweled, painted, printed items that I ever did see.  A complete universe of elaborate miniature appliques perfect for the embellishment of   family and friend photos.

And the cutters, such an amazing assortment.  A wide variety of sizes, shapes, combinations.  Did a little calculation of the costs of just owning a basic set and quickly realized that one could very easily spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars just to start this hobby.  As a matter of fact, one of the employees revealed to me that she had spent at least $5,000 on the items for this art!  And she would get a good employee discount.

And then there is the sparkly adhesives and paints that are available for all surfaces.  Years ago, before these were available, I would simply paint on a few touches of white glue and sprinkle on sparklies and voila, cards, decorations etc. would be transformed.  The sparkly business has morphed in quite a creative way.

Once again, I’d planned to quickly zip into Michael’s, purchase, leave.  And, once again, time stopped when I entered the door and started exploring.    A couple of hours passed quickly!

When I finally gathered up my purchases and made my way outside .. the sun was shining, the skies were blue!   So out to the backyard, checking on the bird feeders.   Taking time to watch the birdies.  I’m learning about birds, little by little, as I study the feathered visitors to the yard.

It’s been a relaxing weekend .. accomplished a fair bit in my household duties. Finally accomplished one sewing feat, and shortened a pair of drapes.  That was one of my “inside” chores successfully completed.  I have a few other sewing jobs to do .. and these will get done, when it rains.

Rediscovering the creative side of my life is such a pleasurable process.   I’ve found a good collection of painting books, art books, things that I’ve been accumulating over the years .. and I’m actually using them now,  yea!  I’ve prepared a nice little atelier in my inside garden area .. not far from the back door .. conducive to my creativity.  And a few steps away from the backyard .. where I can look at the lovely birdies living their lives.

And I think that I’ll spend some fun time there today .. playing around with paint!


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Saturday, September 24, 2011

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  A lovely sunny Saturday!  Slow to start the day and soon things speeded up.  Nice to be a little lazy in the early morning, though.  A treat to be enjoyed.

Out and about in my little Echo, shopping here and there, errands to be run.  Traffic kind of light in the late morning. 

The Cedar Hill Library is holding its September book sale .. from last night (Friday) and all day today and tomorrow.  The special $5 all you can carry happens tomorrow afternoon.  Wah ..  I’ll have to miss it .. other happenings.

Well, as DH reminds me, I still have a “few” books to read from the last sale.  But, still, I just miss having more books to read.  Maybe I can sneak out tomorrow morning for some books ..just to stock up for the winter!

Invited my neighbour over to have a look at the garden in progress and we chat about the challenges of growing various vegetables.   Talk about plans for next year .. lessons learned from this year and all that!  Quite fun!

Then I went to the kitchen and spent some time in the food department.  Prepared some chicken for tonight’s supper .. marinated in lemon juice (freshly squeezed) and finely chopped garlic (treasures from my garden!).  

All done, neatly put away in the fridge to marinate away and time to go on to the next chores.

Assembled my capsule equipment and Turmeric and soon had 100 capsules filled and capped, to top up our supply.  These work so well as anti-inflammatories and much more cost-effective, compared to the cost of $25 to $20 a bottle, for something that costs only a dollar or so to make.   There is money to be made in the natural medicines!

okee dokee .. now I can play.   We are running low on homemade granola .. so I assemble all the materials from the pantry and soon have the mixture prepared and in the oven.  This is from the recipe we received from Cedar Lodge in Port Alberni, as follows:

– 7 cups of large oats

– 1/4 cup wheat germ

– 1/4 cup oat bran

– 1/4 cup wheat germ

– 1/2 cup whole almonds

– 1/2 cup raw or roasted unsalted sunflower seeds

Mix together in roasting pan.  Add: 1/2 cup oil (safflower) and 1/2 cup liquid honey.  Mix really well and bake @ 350-365, for 15, 20 minutes.

Add:  1/2 cup pecan halves (broken in pieces) and 1/2 cup sliced almonds.

Return to oven, remove every 15 minutes.  Stir & check for doneness.

The whole process takes 45-60 minutes.  It is done when everything is golden brown and toasty.   Can be doubled.

Constantly checking, stirring .. there is a fine line between golden and burnt!

Finally .. all is well and I remove the pans from the oven and cool in a measuring cup.  Enough for the next month.  This mixture, I added some dried cranberries and they are nice and crunchy, as are the lovely almonds!

Next batch, I’ll add some figs and apricots .. these should add a delicious taste.  I’m free and easy with measurements and added more almonds … everything ended up delicious.

When this was done .. the weather was sunny … and DH says .. let’s go flying.

So we did.  A lovely flight on a sunny afternoon.   On our taxiing out we saw a hawk flying low, to the right of the runway … alongside a 172 that was landing.  flap … flap .. flap .. soar .. and he continued along the way.  That was the hawk, by the way.  The plane just landed as per normal and taxied away.

It’s been a great day.

Back home … supper started .. then skyped my sister.  We had a nice visit, it’s been a long time.

Joked about canning the fall veggies, relishes .. oh, the fun that we’d have if we were in the same kitchen, organizing the preparation of canning .. along with a glass of wine  .. or two???  Lots of fun.  Just have to figure out an easy way to conquer the 3 hour time difference.

We had a great talk .. this Skype is just so much fun!

Anyway … time to call it a day, hey?


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