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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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  Wow .. another beautiful sunny day!

Quickly outside to start work .. today’s job is to dig out the lawn edging the sidewalk in the backyard.   To tidy up the area and keep the edges looking neat.

Today is Won Ton Wednesday, so I have only a little time to work away before it’s time to get changed and travel out to Dakota Cafe.

Using my fairly new Lee Valley garden spade, I started digging away at the soil.   Sinking the sharp rounded edge of the spade into the grassy soil growing over the sidewalk’s edge.  Made a lot of progress and filled up a few Rubbermaid containers with the grass/soil mix.

Then … it’s prepare for the drive and soon DH & I are travelling along the Pat Bay, en route to the Flying Club.  We are lucky and are the first customers at the restaurant!!   Sitting by a table with a view, we soon receive our Chicken Won Ton soup …. with foccacia bread!  Ambrosia!

It doesn’t take long for the restaurant to fill up .. so we’ve timed this right.    After our leisurely lunch, we check out and begin our drive home.  Traffic is not heavy at this time of the day ….so we can relax and enjoy the ride.

All too soon, back at the ranch, sort of .. and yea, I can go outside again.   To continue on with the edging of the lawn.

I heard the sounds of birds overhead, the calls are different, so, curiously, I look up at the sky .. wondering what kind of birds these are.  At first I see only 6 to 7 … large birds, huge wings outstretched .. perhaps Turkey Vultures?   Then I see quite a group of similar birds … soaring … thermalling .. making V like formations.  Definitely not Geese.   Or any geese that I’m aware of.

The sun glints off of their feathers and I envy them their flawless flight.  I can hear sounds .. their calls . .. and they seem to be a rolling trilling type of sound, almost a pigeon type of call, but louder.  Quite loud actually, as I could hear it quite distinctly way below on the ground.  I quickly tried to film the group and caught just a teasing edge of wing tips .. but could hear their calls again.   I’m mystified.  Thought they were turkey vultures, but learned that they don’t have the capability to make songs, only hisses and the like.

I’ll try to look up tomorrow .. perhaps I’ll be lucky and will see them again.

Anyway, the birds have flown away .. so it’s back to work.   I find the soil easy to work with, thanks to the recent rains.   I dig away for hours and hours, both sides of some sections of walkway and just one side for a length.

Once the major edging has been done .. then I’m working at the ground level, ensuring all soil is removed from the concrete edge of the walk, digging out weeds, excess soil.   Another few hours pass by.

Noticed an insistent type of chirping noise .. looked up and saw the resident woodpecker .. perched on the garden trellis .. then he swoops over to a sunflower seedhead and starts nibbling away on the seeds.  He doesn’t even notice me as I tiptoe over to take some photos.    I’m about 5 feet away .. the closest I’ve been yet!

The Chickadees take their turns at the sunflowers .. so tiny they are.   Then the Anna flies in .. .hovers on one side of the green plastic netting .. not sure if he is trying to decide how to get through the netting or perhaps he’s just hovering around!

I’ve read that the male Anna’s like to perch on bare branches .. so that must be the males that sit on the branch of the wild and crazy tree.  Good location.  After all, it’s all about “location .. location .. location” isn’t it?

Finally, all is done .. and I gather up 5 Rubbermaid containers and my full wheelbarrow .. of grass/soil mix.   Then I set up my soil sifting station and begin to separate the soil from the weeds/grass/root sections.

By this time, the sun has more or less disappeared from the back yard .. and I just know that kittie kats are watching the clock and wondering where their supper is.

I quickly sort out my garden tools, bring everything inside …. bye-bye yard .. till tomorrow!

Ah ha .. tomorrow .. the day of the Lee Valley big sale … debating whether or not I should go .. yes .. no .. yes .. no .. I finally decide to just go out there to see what is on sale.  That doesn’t mean that I’ll actually buy anything.  But, it wouldn’t hurt to have a look.

Once that is done .. then I plan to finish sifting the soil.   And then .. I plan to start some garlic seedlings.  Using those terrific styrofoam rooting trays .. with 96 cells in each one.   Perhaps 3 or 4 trays .. fill up with good bagged soil and plant several garlic seeds in each cell.   Then I’ll just set these aside for the winter and await the springtime .. to see if they’ve sprouted.

I have at least a million garlic seeds from my summer crop .. mostly hard neck garlic .. and I understand that it takes 2 years from seed to bulb .. so this will start my adventure in that respect.

And .. with this lovely sun pouring in the kitchen . .I’ve arranged all the green tomatoes in flat rectangular baskets on the table .. to soak up the sun.  Some have started to turn a blush pink!   I’m looking for recipes for green tomato/tomatillo chutney sauces … and also for apple chutney!  Then I can prepare them, can them and be all set for the approaching winter!


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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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Wake up today to overcast skies .. yippee ..maybe it will be a cooler day?  Nope, not happening… the weather feels very muggy.  Back in the day, in Ontari-ari-ari-oh!  I seem to remember that days like this soon led to thunder and rain.

However .. seeing that I’ve lived the majority of my life here in lovely ole Victoria .. perhaps my memory is playing tricks.   So perhaps, no thunder,no rain.

Did some yard work this morning .. found a bag of grass seed from 1996 .. and decided that I would use this to spread on the bit of grassy section by the front parking area.

I moved the Rubbermaid containers full of screened soil (from the back yard) over to the front yard … first I brought out the weed-eater and bludgeoned the weeds!   Then I scattered the grass seed quite liberally over the entire area.

I was nearly finished spreading the sieved soil onto the area, amidst the background of chirping birds (no doubt waiting to attack the grass seed) when dh called out that it was time to get cleaned up and proceed to the Dakota Cafe.  It is Won Ton Wednesday, after all!

So I went through the transformation process and was soon scrubbed and clean, ready to make the trip out to Sidney.

Where we dined, once again, on the most delicious won ton soup .. ever!!  What a treat this was!!   Some thin slices of carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, onion (red & green!), a delicate broth and the most yummy won tons ever!

I have started a new habit of just slurping from the bowl, near the end of the soup .. why bother using the spoon for the final dregs of the broth!

Home again, lickety split!  Time for Yorkshire Tea .. in the sun .. and a little snooze (sorry, couldn’t help it .. even though dh thought it was funny!)

Garbed up for the garden and armed with my gravel tools .. I went to the front yard .. Time to finish up the final gravel section.

Using my trusty pickax I dug away at the compacted gravel/soil   …. freeing up a few feet at a time.  Then I shovelled up the loose material and flung it onto the screen (set up on the soil sifter station .. all neatly placed on the large, folded tarp).

I kept up a fast pace for a few hours.  Managed to clear up quite a bit of gravel.  Also was glad to have some positive feedback from neighbours, passing by.  One guy was impressed .. he thought that we’d had some screened gravel delivered to the house.  He was suitably impressed when he found out that I’d screened the whole area.

Another neighbour mentioned that gravel was only $80 a yard .. well, by that, I reckon that I’ve saved us more than $500  .. yippeee!!  Just with my hard labour!

About 6 pm I decided that it was time to stop for the day .. so I sorted my tools, the tarp and the gravel and slowly finished my work area.  I’ll pick up the pace tomorrow morning.  I figure about 5 more hours should finish the job.


It’s been quite a day .. time to relax and rest up for tomorrow!


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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

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 No rain today it seems .. just a little overcast in the morning and then full hot sun!

Where to start today?  Worked away on the side gravel path, digging up shovel full after shovel of gravel . .into the Rubbermaid container and then wheeled that to the new gravel mountain.

The weather was so hot .. had to take several water breaks.  Made lots of progress.

Then I attacked an area by the basement .. I’d been in the process of sifting soil there, months ago . .and then started on another project.  So this afternoon was a good time to continue on!

Dug, removed morning-glory and blackberry roots, weeds, rocks … finally I had the section levelled out.  Then I removed about 9 containers of sifted soil .. I’ll be planting grass at the front, beside the gravelled parking area.  (will I ever stop?)

Finally, reached the stage where I could play around with the brick border and arrived at a nice semi-circle design.  Once that was done, time to lay down newspaper, cardboard layers and top everything off with a few layers of landscape fabric.

Then I shovelled in a very thick layer of gravel.

Stood back & admired my work.  And next step was moving the containers of soil into the wheelbarrow and get ready to trundle it along to the front.  Except I was too ambitious and had 3 containers of sifted soil in the barrow.

Which then tumbled into my nice tidy gravelled area .. as I tugged to move the barrow past the bricks.  In horror and in slow motion, to boot .. I saw the 3 Rubbermaid containers of soil in the barrow .. all fall down.   Into my gravel.


I dug out what I could, started sifting and then decided to just lift out this mixture to use in another area.   And then made a few trips to the gravel mountain to fill up several barrows and topped up the newly tidy gravel area.

Went around the yard fetching scented geraniums in colourful pots and placed them on the gravel.   Might change tomorrow, but for tonight, I’m happy with my work.

I’m slowly making progress around the yard .. bit by bit.   At times it doesn’t feel like I’m making headway, but when I stop and walk around . .I can see the advancements.

So today, once that was all done, I went to my few remaining ridiculously tall garlic plants and dug up the beauties.   Only one head of garlic was large .. the rest were small .. ok .. so I’ve learned a mighty lesson about growing garlic and so I look forward to next year.   And I’ll be trimming the greens back .. every one of them!

I took some to relax and just watch the birds.   The Anna’s were flying around.  The Bushtits were doing the same.   Only several wasps were seen.  The air was becoming cool and the sun was filtering through the leaves.

This is the best time of the day.  I’d spent hours working steadily in the yard, improving another area .. I was all dusty, dirty, soaked with sweat… but oh, so happy!  It’s been a very satisfying day!

And time for a few laughs .. we saw this very funny comedian, Laurie Elliott, on the Comedy channel yesterday . .she is so funny and I located some Youtube videos of her routine:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBEowf6tK_c




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