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Philosophical thoughts on a rainy day

October 8, 2010

Today’s Ralph Marston’s message is about “Your Inner Self” http://greatday.com/

True words.  Reminds me of a comment a young school mate wrote in my autograph book, so many years ago:  “Never were you in pursuit of the Holy Grail, for your happiness and peace you must find within yourself.” Very philosophical message for a grade 7 student.  I no longer have my autograph book .. however, this message is always remembered.   This was even before the Beatles!

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Expect More

Another great thought from Ralph Marston, today:  http://greatday.com/

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Achievement is calling

September 17

Never does Ralph Marston’s daily thought ever let me down. Especially today:  www.ralphmarston.com

Amazing guy!  Always, so appropriate & fitting.

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Future Self, Decluttering, Slow but Sure

September 8, 2010

Looking through some of my Nancy Napier books .. interesting on the future self!  Her web site has weekly walking meditations that are very thoughtful. Growth, growth and more growth!!

Outside for some sunny gardening … ipod all loaded up with some of my favourite music.

 Every day is so much better, enjoying having this time to focus on my life and preparing for my business.  I am really getting a lot of background work (yardwork and sorting out and decluttering) so that I will have the space and time to focus on my Gardening/Dog walking business!  I have my license, and have already purchased a huge roll of biodegradable doggy bags!!  I have my gardening tools.  Slow but sure wins the race.

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Perspective and negating negativity

Positivity is a state of mind .. sometimes we have to create a path there and once we find it, it’s a great place to live.

Years ago, when I told people that I was signing up for violin lessons, everyone, bar none, stated that “that is the most difficult musical instrument to learn, especially when you are older” (I was 40ish at the time).  Later, at the musical academy, when I was signing the course entry forms, I mentioned this to the administrator.  She laughed and noted that as human beings, we are brought up in a state of negativity .. and to combat each item/statement of negativity, one should immediately list 10 positive things, to negate the negativity, as it were.

 Walking back to work at the end of my lunch hour, I slowly counted out 10 positive things, starting with: my socks match, my shoes match, and so on.  Interestingly enough, I began noticing negativity around me (sorta like, visualize a red car, and soon every 2nd or 3rd car that you see is red .. try this!).  It took me awhile to have the positivity kick in and boot out the negativity.

 There are such a variety of ways to arrive at the positive state …sometimes it’s like trudging uphill, in the snow, in your father’s pyjama’s (from the commercial!)

I love Ralph Marston’s site … incredible guy, he is very very very positive.

 Reading that Woman’s Day article on wabi sabi is another way!

 Positivity is creative, empowering and energizing.

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