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August 31, 2010

Lovely lovely rain today, so no thoughts about watering DC gardens or our yard here.  The rain loosens up the soil, so good day to dig out weeds.

Allowing myself to sleep in a bit, pretend that this is a holiday where I don’t have to rush around.

Yesterday I attacked the blackberry plants that were taking over one section of the backyard.  This turned into a 4 hour marathon which included removing the spent sections of two huge bamboo plants.  I’d planted the little darlings about 20 years ago and they were so overgrown, not much light was getting through them.  Now they sway gracefully in the breeze.  Had to force myself to “not” put aside the straight sections, for staking plants. 

Truck is full of plant debris now … but still going to make a last run around the yard for comfrey etc. to add to the load.

Gardening is so cathartic … one starts out by pulling just one weed, the adventure starts!  This segues into moving a plant, digging up another, propagating some more, kinda like the cartoon “Family Circle” going around and around, back and forth, just being in the Zen of gardening, such fun.

Starting my second week … getting used to the luxury of owning my time.  Many projects to be started, including the fantastic project of emptying the cupboards.   Sorting out what is needed, what is superfluous?  Started doing that on Sunday night and  made myself to just stop! 

When I first stepped outside yesterday, in the early morning sun, I felt as if I was at my aunt’s farm.  We used to go there every summer, in Gananoque.   Young and carefree, no worries or concerns, save that of what adventures would lie ahead for the day.  We could wander at will; pretend to be discovering ancient countries.  Make pretend fires with circles of stones and red translucent paper.  Play with the lambs.  Climb the rocky (mountains) by the woods.  Sit for hours, gazing at the cloud formations, guessing what they resembled.  Look through the “trash” pile.. Really just worn out pots & kettles.  They were kinda special to us, they represented years of use and not really thrown away, just placed there for us to use (we thought). The peaceful quiet of the woods.  Our uncle working away in the workshop, creating furniture.  Our aunt hanging washing on the line, making her special homemade bread.  We had thick warm slices with real butter.

Watching the cows grazing, they all turned to look as we passed by them. 

So this feeling I have now is similar to the feeling I experienced then.  Happy, relaxed, full of anticipation of my new adventures!

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August 29 … here I’ll be talking about some of the many creative things I love and have delved in and am returning to: … beading, soapmaking, herbal products, fiddling, clogging, folkdancing, sewing, gumbooting .. and so on …

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August 29, bright, sunny day!  Planning my day .. realize I’m still in “work” mode.  Making a list, go here, go there, do this, do that.  Someone told me last week that “if I know what day it is, then I’m not really retired” .. hmmm .. today is Sunday.  Ok, I’ll have to work on that one.

Still, must go out and about this morning, errands to do .. laundry .. and then the bliss of going to the backyard to sift more gravel.  Planning the work in the yard, I realize that there really is a lot of work to do .. however, just focus on one job at a time.  Getting lost in the zen of shoveling is relaxing in itself.

Plus, going back to my ole gardening ways: mulching with hay.  Years ago, I had literally bales of the stuff layered thickly on the front garden area .. someone actually asked me if I had a horse!!!. Fortunately, nowadays, mulching with hay/straw is more of the norm.  Also, I had a hardpacked clay area at the side of the house, so, using a pickax, I dug out a ditch, layered inches of newsprint, filled with good soil, planted roses and the ground stayed nice and moist, due to this barrier and the roses flourished.  Easy to weed, too!

Tomorrow I start my second week .. and from the looks of things, I won’t be idle!

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 August 28, 2010

Beautiful, sunny day!  Going up-island for a relaxing day outside, looking through my LV catalogues and revising my list!

Yesterday, got through a mountain of recycling!  Now I can (cross my fingers) make each recycling day as it happens!  Today is Reynolds recycling, but will have to give it a miss!

Well, I didn’t upload my photos last night .. ah well!

It’s been a week now since I took early retirement (ET) and I found that the air definitely is different.  The malls are quiet in the mornings, so that’s a good time to shop.  I can recycle at the bottle depot as it’s less crowded than the weekends.

 How exciting, Cesar Millan will be in Victoria Oct 26 .. the grand poobah of dog training,.  I’ve purchased a Gold section seat .. look forward to learning tips on how to be a pack leader for the Dogwalking part of my business.  Have watched his shows and amazed at how he turns bad behaviour around.  Am so looking forward to seeing him live!

 Well, on with the day now!

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August 27

 Windy yesterday .. poring through the LV catalogues and web site again!  Collected flower seeds from various plants in the yard … the easy life!

 Today, up early for brekkie at DC… admiring plants, thinking of projects to enlarge the garden area with aviation themes!

 Mixing up concoction to trap earwigs!  Big bottle of coke for wasp traps!

 Gearing up to spend the rest of the day outside!

 Note to self … upload some photos tonight!!

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August 25 .. yesterday after lunch, we walked over to Christmas Hill.   Weather very hot & sunny, incredible views, how wonderful to escape the traffic and be able to access such breathtaking scenery so easily.

Pausing from sifting gravel in the backyard, to see a Downy Woodpecker eagerly pick away at bugs on the underside of a leaf of the plum tree.  Coincidentally, a huge black wasp appeared close to the bird and at the same time, the bird just appeared to collapse, sort of “sit on his bum” (if a bird has a bum!)and just sat there for about 10 minutes, little legs stuck out at the side. I wonder if the wasp was threatening?  Much to learn and I’ll watch again.  Wasp left and bird happily picking away at the underside of the leaf again.  This is beauty.

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August 24, 2010

Beautiful sunny day.   Out and about, adjust insurance to pleasure only, no more driving to and from work!

 To ArtWorld to make arrangements for framing the beautiful watercolour portraits of my lovely Oreo.  Looking at the art classes being offered, looking forward to participating in the near future.

 Lots of fun and socializing along the way!

 Out to Lee Valley and here is the list of goodies picked up today:

  • Old fashioned grass clippers (I saw these on a gardening show many years ago and always wanted a pair.  They were or are used to shear sheep and are wonderful for the garden).
  • 36” bottom-adjust spray wand .. good for watering low plants when there are higher plants dominating the area, so don’t have to waterlog the big plants!
  • Stainless steel rasp and holder (again, I wanted one for years!)
  • Pop-up garden bag (to hold the organic hoses purchased yesterday and yea, they all fit)
  • Pks of 10 rubber ties (to neatly keep the hoses together once they have been used)
  • Winged weeder (wah, non in stock, is on order now)

 So now I’m getting my toys together, gardening wise and will be going outside to start playing in the garden.

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