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Sunday, January 30, 2011

As I continued on with my sorting and clearing, I uncovered yet another treasure from the past.  This was in the form of a tiny little 69 cent booklet entitled “Quick & Easy, 14 days to a shapely flab-free body“.  There used to be a whole series of these tiny inexpensive booklets all set up in racks at the supermarkets .. many years ago.

This particular one was printed in 1984.    Contents are broken up into 10 little chapters, each with little photos of someone showing how to do the particular exercise.

Had to laugh .. here are the forerunners to todays racy workout wear!  I used to have some of these body suits!  I had 2 sets of body suit & tights, one set in red and one in sunshine yellow.  I’d wear the red top with the yellow tights and then, you know, I’d then wear the other colour combination.  Only at home though, as no one dressed in bright colours, out in public anyway, at that time.  Thankfully, times have changed.

So I flipped through the chapters, started doing the exercises and then started getting enthused about resuming an exercise regime. 

Thus I am slip-sliding back into the world of exercise .. the world I’ve missed so much and somehow couldn’t get myself motivated enough  to try to find my way back to.

It is a simple little book and holds much of the same exercises that I see in Pilates.  There are some basic yoga poses also. 

The book notes that the “key to the popular success of this easy-to-follow fitness program is in the motivation reaction that takes hold during the first 14 days.”

Ok, I can buy that .. I can handle 14 days.   There are also some 30 days and some 60 days routines listed also.  First, I’ll try the 14 days.  And there is a note: “But there is one thing you should remember, you need determination not to quit.”  I have that.

I quite like this path that I seem to be following.  The path to end my procrastinations.  Kind of exciting …. dealing with one , then another.  Where will this lead me to?

I know … I know!  It will lead to me getting into better shape so that I can tackle my new chapter of gardening with even more motivation and energy.

Well, day one of 14 has started!  I’ll keep track daily, to further motivate myself.

I’ve heard that new habits take a while to kick in.  Then, before you know it, they have quietly taken up residence in everyday living .. and become part of a normal routine.

  • Motivate, v, 1) supply a motive to. 2) Cause to act in a particular way. 3) stimulate or energize.
  • Procrastinate, v,  delay or postpone action.
  • Delay, v, 1) postpone, defer. 2) make late. 3) loiter, procrastinate n 1) the act of delaying. 2) a period of time by which something is late.


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Saturday, January 29, 2011

So .. yesterday .. I was doing the one step at a time in my struggle against my basement procrastination.  Slowly, making progress.  I found at times that I just had to leave the area, go upstairs, make some tea … go outside, look at the birds .. sit at the kitchen table, reading a book.

And then I would go downstairs, do more one steps and then repeat the above process a few more times.

In the process, I found my skipping rope, special weighted handles, knots in the middle section of the medium weight rope.  I remember buying this years ago.   So I unfurled the rope, and proceeded to skip.  10 times.  whew.  I think that might have burned 1/100 of a calorie.  Then I uncovered my Total Gym.   Hmmmm.   

Then I discovered a large canvas bag with issues of the Coronation Street magazine from the late 80’s and 90’s.  And there was my little signed Coronation Street dish … signed with gold ink, lovely positive messages from “Audrey” and her hubby, Mark!  In the storyline, he was a villain!  He calmly ate away on an egg salad sandwich, and discussed evil doings he would do against Rita!  I’ve never looked at an egg salad the same, since.  He was evil personified!

Anyway, in the storyline, he ended up being hit by a bus.  I don’t know why he looked at me so strangely when I asked him to sign that very photo of the accident, in my CS book.  I only told him that I kept rewinding the video so that I could repeatedly watch him get hit by the bus.  I meant that as a compliment to his acting, that’s all!

So then I took the time to look through the newsletters that Katherine & her hubby used to issue with the magazines.  Her hubby used to be the man from Glad, in the tv commercials, many years ago.  Snow white hair, snow-white clothes.

And there I saw the newsletter with my notice, looking for fellow Streeties .. to join a club.  In another, I saw the photo of our happy group in our living room, our first meeting!  Another issue showed us behind the bar at the Royal Roads and a photo of the sign “Royal Roads welcomes the Streeties!”  The memories were lovely and I’m glad that I kept these mementos of those happy times.

I’ve even found an old CS video, showing the group on an ocean-going cruise .. so I’ll have to set up the tv & vcr downstairs, make a cup of tea and watch that one!  Should be good for a laugh.

And so I continued and found a great camera tripod … so I can attach my camera, go outside and set them up together in the backyard and take good closeup action photos of the birds!

Then I found the telescope, all together in the case .. that I’d purchased for my dh, many Christmases ago.  We didn’t have much money at the time and I had just enough room left (barely) on my Sears credit card to purchase this.   We had fun looking at the stars in the evenings.  So, time to dust off the lens and go looking again. 

I feel on top of things again.  Locating all my tools together in one place.  Screwdrivers, manual, cordless and electric all live in one section now.  Along with the accompanying bits and pieces of screws, etc.  

I’ve found at least 10 pairs of scissors, and plan on finding more and they live in one basket now.   Likewise, the 30 pens and pencils, they are in a basket also.

Locating my measured cutting boards was fun, so they go into my crafty area .. along with all my beads, stones, sparklies.   And the accompanying idea books.

Life is just getting better!  And I’m sure that I’ll find more and more treasures and memories when we start the process of getting ready for a spring garage sale.  We will be ruthless .. in a fun way.

Had to laugh, late afternoon, yesterday!  I had an appointment, too far to walk to … so I drove my car .. .and noticed, down the street, that there were upended blue boxes all along the way.  In the midst of my sorting and organizing activities, I’d missed recycling day!!!  That hasn’t happened since I’ve written the dates in my calendar.   I guess that it helps to actually look at the calendar!

Oh, and the dryer, the reason for all this activity … has arrived.  It’s lovely.  So we look forward to quiet laundry times now.    And so we plan our next little improvements to this area.  One step at a time.

  • Consideration, n, 1) careful thought. 2) thoughtfulness for others. 3) a fact or a thing taken into account in deciding something. 4) a payment or reward.
  • Integrity, n, 1) moral uprightness; honesty. 2) wholeness. 3) the condition of being unified or sound.
  • Honest, adj, 1) fair and just in character or behaviour. 2) sincere. 3) fairly earned. 4) (of an act or feeling) showing fairness. 5) (of a thing) simple and straightforward.


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 Friday, January 28, 2011

My days are all jumbled up, I do not have M – F (hmm, that looks a bit rude, so I’ll spell the words!)  Monday to Friday – bearings anymore – every day seems to be a Monday!

Soon I will be back on track, but for now, am just enjoying the carefree calendar of not having to be anywhere that I don’t want to be.

So much has happened in my life during the past few years, whirlwinds every once in awhile and I think that eventually I reached a point where a reasonable length of time was required to just mellow out.  Not too much time .. but .. just the right amount .. and I’ve just about reached my limit.

Being an “A” type personality … wanting to be involved with a number of projects at the same time .. is rather time-consuming.  Thus far, I’ve been using that time to just sort of procrastinate.

It’s much easier to leave things for another day and to put those things in that container “just for now.”

Well, “just for now” has come and gone.  Time to sort out the Basement!   Anyone with a basement “knows what I mean!”  ‘Nuff said.

What started this end to my procrastination?   I’ll just deal with one procrastination for now .. the Basement!

 Well, the average person knows full well that the motivation to scrub the house from top to bottom, paint rooms and redecorate as well as one can .. is turned up to full alert status  when out-of-town friends/relatives decide to come for a visit.

My full alert was activated by the simple act of our clothes dryer ceasing to be. 

The groaning rattle and racking noises were getting worse and worse.  The sounds would scare my little cat .. who would hide in fear whenever I had to turn the machine on.

A few days ago, the dryer seemed to intermittently stop spinning.  I’m positive that I heard a big sigh emanating from the depths of the drum as it paused – every few revolutions.   Anyway, the days were numbered.  Repairs would have been too costly.  So my bh then went out and purchased a new Maytag for us.   You can trust a Maytag, that is for sure! 

And it is going to be delivered tomorrow morning! 

From the description, the dryer sounds like heaven.  There is an automatic sensor that shuts down the dryer when the clothes are dry.  No more overdrying!  No more horrendous frightening noises from the drum trying to revolve on bearings whose sell by date has long ago passed.  Peace and quiet.  Ahhhhhhh

So .. as anyone who has had the same problem understands, there is most likely a world of dust bunnies inhabiting the spaces behind said dryer and beneath also.

And so … it’s time to coordinate “just for now” items .. sort and pack and put aside for one big garage sale and recycling date.  In the future.  Not now.

The only way I can do this is .. one step at a time … so I’ve spent the morning doing the one step shuffle and am making great progress!  I’m actually feeling rather good about being active again. 

And I’m becoming more ruthless about getting rid of things.   Ah, the joys of having a basement.

It feels good to have room enough to dance in .. again!  Which reminds me, the basement floor is cement, so maybe I’ll hook up a spare tv, put a dance video into the vcr, dust off my clogging shoes and practise some steps!  That would be a good reward.

Hey .. I’m just feeling the energy that comes with ending this one procrastination.  I’m realizing that procrastinating is very draining, it actually takes up more mental energy to procrastinate than it does to just do things.  I’m feeling rather good right now.  Imagine – if I feel this marvellous with ending one procrastination .. how incredible I will feel when I tackle another one?  (I have a few, waiting in line!)

  • Procrastinate, v,  delay or postpone action.
  • Postpone, v, put off to a future date.
  • Action, n 1) the fact or process of doing or action. 2) Forcefulness or energy as a characteristic. 3) The exertion of energy or influence.  4) Something done; a deed or act.  etc and so on.

Well, break is over and time to go back to attack my “just for now” items.


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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Amazing how time seems to fly by so quickly lately. 

I remember, as a kid not even considering the concept of time.  We just lived our lives.  Perhaps the thinking about time started one summer … it was time to go to bed and I so badly wanted to stay outside and play. 

One night in particular I just wanted to stay outside play and play and play .. so, I slept in my clothes!!   That way I figured I could wake up right away in the morning and run outside to play again.  I closed my eyes tightly, willing myself to sleep so morning would soon arrive.  It did and outside I went!

Another time I was playing with the neighbourhood kids and suddenly just stopped and stood there … trying to imagine time passing till school started again.  Tried to imagine life beyond the summer holidays and just couldn’t see the summer ending.  What bliss that was.

I think one of the reasons that time seems to be flying is that life nowadays just seems to run in blocks of time.  Time to do this and time to do that.  Even time to just relax!  Time does seem to disappear sometimes … I found that out when I stepped out for a little walk and returned home 6 1/2 hours later!  I had had such a fun day, walking new routes, talking with people ….feeding the ducks at Kings Pond. 

Speaking of fun, I was watching Oprah‘s show from yesterday.  Goldie Hawn was her guest and they spoke of happiness … and Goldie spoke of her deep depressive states that she used to have, how it used to overtake her.  And she overcame that.  

They spoke of experiences bringing true happiness .. that happiness does not come from things.  That is so true.   O mentioned that it would be difficult for us to think of the things that we’ve acquired … make a list .. I know that I could make a partial list, but I still don’t know all the things that I have.  I’m busy just finding things that were packed away!

They also spoke of the importance of being quiet, just be by yourself for 10 minutes.  That is supposed to be very calming and makes for a happy state.  Hmmmm… I’ll try that.  Wonder if walking in the Nature Sanctuary, just listening to the sounds of the birds, grasses, streams gurgling by would count for quiet time?

They spoke of taking a friend or your mate to a special event.   I’ve heard of people doing that.  And .. yes .. the pleasure of seeing dancers, singing events etc., those kinds of things do stand out in my memory, more so than any present. 

Unless, that present was a car or a truck .. I’d remember that!  ha ha ha ha

Anyway, I’ve talked myself into going for a very short walk and then .. ta da .. back to organizing!

  • Strategy, n, 1) A plan designed to achieve a particular long-term aim. 2) The art of planning and directing military activity in a battle or war.
  • Stoneboat, n, A flat-bottomed sled used for removing stones from fields.
  • Revitalize, v,  Make something stronger, healthier, or more active.

Yesterday the sun shone for a little and so my camera and I walked around the yard .  Despite my best efforts, the bluebells are still popping up everywhere, sigh.  Guess I’ll have to accept their presence in the yard!

I noted some tulip and other flowering non-bluebell bulbs popping up already and my garlic crop is growing well.  Looking forward to July when I can see how they have grown!!!  And then I can practise my garlic braiding, yea!!  There are some great YouTube videos showing how easily to do this … step by step.   oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!


So, 2 1/2 hours, 2.35 km and 5, 420 steps later, I return from my walk … that was intended to be a short walk .. but, what the hey.

It’s still a hazy day and I can see the sun overhead, trying its best to break through this haze .. and it might yet, but there is hope.

The ducks were lively today!  Started out with only 2, then a few more and more and finally there were about 20 of them.   A couple of the females were being quite vocal today .. I wish I knew duck talk so I could have figured out why one was so upset and how she became the boss of the group!  A mystery, indeed.

Not too many people out on the trails today … an assortment of walkers, joggers, someone carrying on a cell phone conversation at a nearby bench .. and someone eating their lunch and watching the ducks as a relaxing way of spending some time.

Saw some robins and variegated thrushes.  A little Anna zipped around my head, perched on a branch for a moment and then flew over to a patch of ivy vines .. where it acted like a mini helicopter, the breeze from its wings fanned the ivy leaves and they rippled and flowed as a result.

Walking back .. I turned off my camera and placed it carefully in its case.  Just as I finished doing that .. I noticed a beautiful blue herson float majestically over a marshy area … followed by yet another heron tagging along.  I knew that I couldn’t get my camera out fast enough .. and sometimes .. it’s just enough to see these lovely nature sightings, without a record.

Made my way to the grocery store for a bottle of milk and ended up with 4 heavy bags of various groceries.  Ok .. we’re set for a month now.  Good sales!

Struck up a conversation with the cashier, who commented that she was glad to see that I was puchasing organic vegetables.  Turns out that  she and hubby have a working farm.  They began with a small acreage, a few years ago and now have moved up to a larger farm, complete with a variety of animals, they grow many vegetables for sale and have a greenhouse! 

I asked if either of them had a history of working a farm and they hadn’t .. they’d learned everything as they went along, on a wing and a prayer!  (so to speak).   So I told her about my endeavors and we ended the conversation by wishing each other the best in our businesses! 

And I walked home with groceries that suddenly didn’t seem so heavy after all.  And feeling oh so much better, having talked to someone who has attempted and succeeded in starting a growing business.  My confidence is building again.

Once home, I started putting away the groceries.  Glancing out the window .. I solved the mystery of the torn green mesh suet bag of a few days ago.  I’d left for a walk and noted that there was still a fist full of the suet/seed mixture.   And when I returned, I was shocked to see the mesh bag devoid of contents, the bottom just a raggedy mass of mesh that had been ripped open.

So what did I see now .. but a number of starlings attacking the large mesh bag of suet!  They were just like little vultures … so they must have been the culprits.

Now I keep checking for their presence and just go outside and clap when they start congregating and they fly away.  Grrrrr


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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Up bright and early today .. regular household duties .. planning my day, where shall I go, where shall I walk … wondering if a lost dog had been found .. when all of a sudden, I realized that I am the boss of me now.

I do not, at this point in time, have to actually be somewhere for a specific reason.  I can just do nothing (which is so not me, anyway) if I want to.  I can actually “take a day off”!

A day away from meeting appointments, shopping, whatever.

A day just for me.

Amazing how good this feels.  Like a guilty secret.  I feel the weight lifting off my shoulders (well, I put it there so I can take it away, ha ha ha).

I finish the dishes, put a hold on the laundry and find myself at the keyboard again.  And searching for creative ideas.  Found some great sites and so I spend some time there.  Researching ideas for sewing craft projects.   Making bags .. using materials at hand for some unique items.

I went to visit jewelery sites .. see some items that I can translate into garden items.  Saw a positive message from someone who made wine bottle candles as a business.  They started as gifts from their hobby and progressed .. so they offered encouraging words. 

Actually, back in the day, Lewiscraft was the big buzz in crafting circles.  I used to practise cutting beer bottles to make drinking glasses.  The old stubby bottles … you cut the bottles 3/4 from the bottom – just before the slope began.   This became the base.  Then you would just place this bottle top with the cut edge down on a surface.  Then you would place the base of the bottle against the bottle top neck and glue in place.  Oh, and sand the sharp edges of the new glass! 

Also saw an old craft revised with a new purpose.  As kids, we used to make paper chains with Spearmint gum wrappers.  Fold and fold and interlock to make a chain.  The length would be the height of your boyfriend.   I wasn’t allowed a b/friend but I would still make the chain .. in hopes that my mother would change her mind.  She didn’t.

Anyway, saw a site that showed how to make purses out of these chains .. very clever. 

Then I realized that time was slip sliding away … so made a decision to quit playing.  I printed some ideas, scribbled notes on others and am now backing away slowly from my computer!

  • Energy, n1) A person’s force, vigour, or capacity for strenuous activity. 2) Individual powers in use. 3)  physics, the quantity of work a system is capable of doing. b) this ability provided in a readily utilized form, such as an electric current.
  • Enhancev, 1) Increase the good quality, value or status. 2) Improve (a thing)
  • Enthusiasm, n 1) Strong interest or admiration. 2) Great eagerness.


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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today feels like an energizing type of day, so the few days of being lazy are starting to pay off.  It makes sense .. one can maintain a certain pace for a while and then it’s time for some non-guilty R & R.  I think that’s why people go on vacation?

The sky is looking clear so that means out and about for a nice long morning walk before getting back to my garden room.  Which, now that I’ve connected my cd player .. is being filled with amazing music from all over the globe.  Starting out with the fiddle cd first, though .. that really gets my feet to tapping!  I’m not kidding!  Am thinking about trying out Irish step (and perhaps clogging again!). 

Anyway, we had our monthly Coronation Street get together last night .. there was a large group of us.   Great food at the Princess Mary!  I used my GPS for the first time.   I bypassed the restaurant at first and the little voice said “recalculating .. recalculating”  and pointed me in the right direction!  This will be of utmost value when I start my gardening business … no more getting lost!  Although I find that getting lost is always interesting .. I find places that I never knew existed, and that is the fun part.

P noted that our club had started 20 years ago .. wow … that time certainly seems to have flown by! 20 years.    Really, seems like only a few years ago that then-strangers entered our house .. and within a few seconds, became fast friends!  

We’ve gone through some life changes over the years and have always been there for each other.  Unspoken .. but it’s there.  This support doesn’t materialize in ribbons or cards, but the underlying sentiment is there, strong in its silence. 

We’re still interested in the CS show .. although sometimes it does get to be a bit much.    At times it does revert back to the original witty script lines ..  with the humour of every day life … which is why we became attracted to the show in the first place.

Personally, if I lived on a street where there were so many dramatic happenings going on, I would quickly search for another neighbourhood!

How many times over the past years have I sworn to my dh .. “I can’t stand it .. whose writing this *@*!! stuff anyway!” with the occasional “aw …. now that is Coronation Street”.  sigh.  We soldier on and tape and watch the show .. hoping for the next glimmer of the true CS conversations that do pop up from time to time.

Well .. enough .. time to go out into the world and see what is going on!


Well … that was a nice little interlude.  I wore my recently found pedometer that I’d purchased years ago when I got back into running.   Uncovering more treasures as I unpack!  Anyway, it shows that I’ve walked 4.61 km in 1 hour, 55 minutes.    I’ll have to read through the instructions to see if I’ve set my stride correctly.

Nice quiet walk.  Noticed a small flock of pigeons resting quietly on some power lines.   Some industrious crows removing mossy clumps from tree branches.  Seagulls soaring high overhead, perusing some unseen thermals.

Not much traffic out .. so this midmorning time is perfect for quiet long walkies!

There was a sort of antique show happening at the Tillicum Mall.   Perhaps 6 or so tables, some on the main floor and the balance on the ground level.  Cases of sparkly rhinestone jewellery.  Beautiful crystal.  A magnificent Irish cut glass decanter and lid.  I was introduced to the world of glass rolling pins.  This was a treat .. I’d only ever seen wooden pins and the Tupperware kind.  Intrigued by these old pins .. one in particular caught my eye.  It was very old, dark amber and was only $45!  A number of the pins were encircled with wire at both handles, with the middle wire section acting as a loop so the pins could be displayed in a collection.  The lady who collected them is 90 years young!  She must have had fun collecting these!  I steeled myself to walk away. 

Recently on tv I saw a brief program on an antique train collection.  The owner had spent many years collecting all of the thousands of tiny bits and pieces.  His children had grown up with them.  He was now in the process of having the collection sold and was actively searching for another type of train .. so he loved the process of sourcing out particular items.  I seem to have a penchant for collecting books on gardening!

Ever notice how people communicate to each other with hand signals?  In a nice way, I mean.  This morning I was just about to step onto an exit from a gas station.  I waved to the driver the universal wave meaning “it’s ok .. you can drive past me.” and I stepped aside.   With a smile, she waved back “no, it’s ok .. you can walk by .. ” and she backed her little truck up so there was plenty of room for me to pass.  I could see, in the space behind the driver’s seat .. the big happy grin of her Husky dog .. he seemed to think this was funny also.  So, 2 complete strangers held a wordless conversation that we both understood.  And we shared a laugh .. all 3 of us!

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Crossing the road, I saw a dog daddie out with his big galoof of a dog .. both content to be walking with each other.  As I reached the other side, I saw a dog mommy with her 2 charges, tiny little raincoated fluffy dogs … barking as if they were 20 times bigger than they were!

There are so very many good kind people who love animals and take very good care of them and seeing these dogs this morning is a positive reminder of that.

These long walks are always so much fun .. never know what I’ll see or the conversations I might have with people.

Had to laugh .. looking at a nearby vehicle, I noticed a sort of orange coloured item on the roof.  Thought perhaps it was rolled up sporting equipment.  Upon closer range, I saw that it was a big fluffy orange cat!  Who stared at me while I took some pictures and jumped to the ground, stage exit right .. when I tried to approach him!  Quite a handsome looking cat, I must say.

  • Confidence, n, 1) Firm trust; faith. 2a) A belief in one’s own abilities; b) Assurance. 3a) Something told confidentially. b) The telling of private matters with mutual trust.
  • Morale, n,  The level of confidence, enthusiasm ,etc. of a person or group.
  • Successful, adj, having or resulting in success.

Ok, now for a brief pause and then .. will I go to feed the ducks?    I think I just might do that.

Well, I had lovely little walk, 2.92 km, 1 1/2 hours .. not bad!  Fed the little duckies .. they are so sweet.    Today there were about 10.  Some of them were having little powerplays amongst themselves, but this all settled down to a tranquil state and soon they were munching away at the oats .. the females making soft sort of cooing noises ..

I was looking at all the grasses, blackberry rambles, all now dormant.  And noticed the graceful curves of the blackberry branches.  They grew out and as their length increased, they then began to bow gracefully to the earth.  As they dried, they formed little arbors, lovely half circles – against which the grasses grew – through, over and inside .. forming nice little safe corridors for the little birds and wildlife that abound.

Passing through one thicket of trees, I thought about the Stellar Jay that I’d seen awhile back and suddenly .. there was one!  Unable to get a photo, thought I’d try on my return trip.

As I was making my way back, I remembered looking for the Jay .. couldn’t see one in his regular place …however .. walking along aways … I was fortunate again to see a Jay!  Very elusive, this one was .. .I was only privy to tantalizingly glimpses as he hopped and flitted his way through the brush.

I felt happy for the sighting anyway!

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Oh wow .. this day is starting out to be like yesterday .. a lazy day!  Wonder if it is due to the rain pounding down outside?   Whatever .. I struggle to be motivated .. go for a little run or a long walk in the rain.

First I spend precious time looking for a novel that I’d nearly finished reading yesterday .. .it’s a bit like the Family Circle cartoon again .. going round in circles till I finally find the book, beneath another one .. hiding from me.

Hmmmm… looking out the window at the pouring rain, I ponder going out for a long walk …  then decide to just relax and finish the book.  And so I did.  It was another Sharyn McCrumb novel and very well written indeed, with a number of stories all happening at once.

I look outside and see that the rain has temporarily stopped and the sky in the distance is now just painted with a faint shade of grey, the dark clouds have temporarily dispersed.

Turning my attention to the outside I see that a flock of starlings has taken up temporary residence on some of the trees so I quickly go outside and clap and they all fly away.

Leaving a few sparrows and robins to just relax and maintain their vigil of the skies.  A few days ago, I was looking at some variegated thrushes and some big fat robins perched throughout one of the trees.  They were quite content to be perched on their separate branches, wiping their beaks against the bark.  Tiny feathers uplifted by little air currents that swirled by.  There was something very comforting about viewing their calm restful presence.

Earlier on, I decided to go outside, check on the birdseed supply & also take out the vegetable cuttings for the compost fin.  Rain pelting down … ground fairly muddy, in sections where the grass doesn’t grow.  Glad that I distributed the paving stones in those areas.

So very nice to be outside.  A bit too chilly for me though .. so I quickly make my rounds, ensuring there is a good enough supply of seeds in the feeder and that the h/bird feeder is still full.

Yesterday I happened to see a little Anna hovering around the h/bird feeder – for 4 tastings!  The mixture is still 3:1 for the winter and thus is nice and sweet.

So now I have decisions to make .. and decide to return to my garden room for a while ….

I am starting to feel restless which interprets to me being energized .. enough of this laziness .. time to get back to organizing my paperwork.  Become active … although, being lazy for a very few days does feel quite luxurious, I know that I couldn’t live that way.  That makes this feel even more decadent!  hee hee hee


I remember turning on the tv, many years ago .. and happened to see Yo Yo Mah discussing coincidences .. can’t remember who he was talking with.  But I do remember him saying that when we notice coincidences .. to pay attention to them.   Something about how it means that you are on the right track or something.  Well, I’ve noticed many coincidences but haven’t really kept track of them!

Anyway, early afternoon, I was finishing reading Sharryn McCrumb’s novel “The Songcatcher”  and found interesting bits about someone riding a mule drawn cart up a long rough road.  And then read the Afterword, where she described researching her family history and then wrote this novel, which fictionalized the actual people.   The dialogue of a fair number of the people who lived in the Appalachian Mountains used a lot of “a’s” in front of the words, like ‘a-hunting’.  The story emphasizes songs taught from one generation to another, so they won’t be forgotten.  I love they way she instructs someone to pronounce “Appalachian” correctly (say .. apple… ach ..an .. with the emphasis on the “ach” as a short a)  Yes, just like the Clogger from the Appalachian area who taught a clogging workshop a few years ago, that’s the way!  She also references New Brunswick in the storyline.

Then I finally went down to my garden room, connected my cd/tape player, added the speakers, loaded up on some of my recently acquired cds and pressed “play” for the first cd.

In a few minutes, my feet were tapping, I felt energized to get going to the lively music that was playing.  And so I opened up the cd cover and started reading the background of the musicians.    Owen “Snake” Chapman’s “Up in Chapman’s Hollow”   His words rise up from the printed copy . .about his growing up in Chapman’s Hollow .. the large families with so many children who worked hard …. grew up and travelled away.   Too many to keep in contact with.  About medicinal herbs, his father was well-trained, but Owen wouldn’t be told, so that treasure trove of valued information was lost.  His story mirrored the novel in a large part, so that was interesting.  He even spoke of plowing the fields with the mules. 

He spoke of fiddlers with ‘long bows’ and how the music was different from the ‘short bows’ .  He was quite a popular fiddler and made more money from that than ($6 for an evening)  working the fields. (10 cents an hour).  And many more interesting items.

Including his love for animals … they had a lot of dogs and cats around the house.  He decided that the little animals must have souls just like people do, ao anytime he found a little “critter” lost along the roadside, he’d bring it home.  He notes that “I know there are a lot of other animal lovers in the world, so I hope that there might be some way for them to know that, on this album, another real animal lover is playing the fiddle.”

Well … what beautiful words from an amazing man …

Now I love that music more than ever!

OH, and at the end of the song listings, there is a little inset photo of a sign bearing the words “Canada” .. so it might be an older border sign.  Couldn’t see any reference to this in the booklet though ..


Well, tonight was our   monthly  Coronation Street Group dining out night!  10 of us met at the Princess Mary restaurant, in Esquimalt.   We had the usual talkative dinner, catching up on news, and reminscing.  It was good to see everyone and as PM reminded us, it was about 20 years since our first meeting….. my, how time does fly!  And of course, we all look the same or better since then!

This was so much fun!  And as usual .. there were many conversations going on.

Back at home, I was reminiscing about old times and then got to thinking about clogging, about how the music gets my blood to boiling and my feet to moving and of course, I had to check out Youtube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zohPkOF0OiY&feature=autoplay&list=PL16E713215F1ABF77&index=7&playnext=5

and I found this one!

Makes me want to start clogging again!  And my fiddle!

sigh .. such fun!  🙂

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