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Wednesday, December 17, 2011

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  So much for bragging about living in the best little place in Canada .. Victoria, B.C.!  And posting sweet little pics of frost-tinged plants … oh how sweet!

Winter blasted us starting yesterday and continued full force today.  Yesterday would have been night #1 for my Organic Master Gardening Course at Royal Roads.  And also, Youbou’s interim acupuncture treatment was booked in the early afternoon.

Snow came pouring down yesterday .. stopped for a while .. sun shone brilliantly ..and then was tucked away .. replaced with driving snow.

So I had to cancel the acupuncture … and .. the Gardening Class was cancelled .. due to the weather.  What are the odds that, after waiting for years to finally enroll for a stellar gardening course .. on the first night of the series, snow caused the class to not happen.  Murphy.

And tomorrow’s class is cancelled also due to the snow.  Argh to the 100th power, I say.

I kept busy though, laundry and housework wait for no (wo)man it seems.  Yesterday I was met with 3 shocked feline faces as I swept through the house, dusting, vacuuming, and – yes, ladies and gentlemen .. the washing of the floors.

Three sets of eyes followed my initial activity as I became one with the zen of my cleaning energy.  Even dear little Youbou stared at me unabashedly while I moved through the rooms.  I guess they were trying to figure out what brought this on.  It’s usually DH who ministers to the cleanliness of the house. 

For the floor – buckets of hot sudsy water enriched with that most useful of cleaning products “Pink” .. which is no longer even pink, that’s how environmentally proper it has become.

Hours passed un-noticed as I focused on scrubbing, dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, washing …. I was really in that flow of housework.  I try not to connect with that part of my being too often.   Saving that energy for the garden .. much more satisfying.

Anyway .. on with the snow story.   This morning I shovelled my way into the back yard.   A vast expanse of snow transformed every surface and I slipped off of the sidewalk area several times.  In my quest to fill the bird feeders …did that several times during the day.

Spent long periods of time outside, watching the many birds flutter back and forth .. at times a few of them nearly collided with me, so intent were they in the quest of food.   After awhile, they just ignored my presence as they hopped around the surface of the snow, doing their little scratching dance movements .. seeing the sunflower seeds.

The hummingbird feeders kept freezing and I kept taking them inside the house to defrost.  I plan to pick up a few more and then, if a freeze happens again, I’ll just move them inside/outside.

Interesting developments with the front feeder.  Aft first, I’d defrosted it and hung it in the usual place .. on a branch in the cedar tree at the side of the house.  A few hours later, I checked on it and .. fully frozen!  So, inside, defrost .. and this time .. I hung it by the front door.    Happy to see the little Anna find it and feed away.  Then, the little darling flew up and down, to check out the location of the feeder, flew around in a sort of loop, and then hovered right outside the window … looking in at me!  For a long few minutes, he did this .. and I could see clearly his sparkly red coverings close up.   I think he was thanking me!  Then he settled down at the feeder an supped for awhile.

Awhile later, I was looking out the front window and could see the Anna sitting on an ivy leaf by the feeder.  He looked up at the feeder and then over at me, repeated this look .. look …look .. so finally I went outside and, sure enough, the nectar (3:1) had frozen .. so I went through the defrost again.

Later, still .. I was looking out the front window .. and notice that he had alighted on one of the little perches.  Stuck his beak into the flower and then had trouble .. he was trying to remove it, but it was stuck . .and he began to move about as if he was in trouble.  This happened a few times .. he was trying to get the nectar and somehow, his little tongue had become stuck onto the frozen solution.

So, inside, defrost and outside again.

With the back feeder, the solution was the same .. so .. inside, defrost .. and then I hung it from a eave near the kitchen door.   Tomorrow I’ll keep checking and I think that I might just trudge down to Canadian Tire and buy two more feeders, as backups.

Sigh .. quite a day .. more tomorrow.

And so I’ve posted pictures from my lovely walks at Swan Lake and Christmas Hill.  Walks taken in the days before the snow.


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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

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 Yesterday was such a beautiful sunny day ..so of course, what was I doing on such a lovely day?  When I really wanted to spend the time outside, anywhere, watching birds and playing in the garden.

Huh .. well .. I was shopping, of course!  What else would one do on such a marvellous day.   I’m being sarcastic, of course!  When I first started my day I’d fully planned to just go to one or two stores, then zip home.

However, along the way I was caught up in a time warp and lost my way.

It all started at Canadian Tire.  I’d gone there to purchase another large container of that amazing laundry liquid “Ecos” … all natural ingredients, I love this soap.  If, that is, one can really love something like this and not be thought of as weird, or anything.  🙂

I found myself slowing down, wandering the aisles.   Spent some time in the gardening section, looking at bird-feeders.  Then through the sale items.  Decided to pass on those great deals on nested Pyrex bows, with lids.  A good deal, but I already have a cupboard full of such items.  They would make a great gift, but my friends and I have discontinued gift giving and instead we spend time going for walks, talking … these are gifts.  The valuable kind .. priceless, really.

So I bypassed these types of deals and went to the cashier.  I guess that I shop at this particular store location a lot .. as the employees and I are getting to know each other .. enough that we can talk about things.  Yesterday’s cashier is a lovely  mother of two growing sons!  Her eyes shine when she talks about them and it’s always a pleasure to see how proud she is of them and I think, how lucky these boys must be!

Heading to my car, I look up to the sky and feel so happy to see the clear blue and  the puffy white clouds.  This is going to be an amazing day .. soon I’ll finish my errands and can run outside to play!

I’d decided to give my first ever Christmas card to a Veterinarian!  I’ve had dogs and cats for most of my life and during this time, I’ve taken them for many vet visits, as one does when one cares for the animals under their care.

However, I have never experienced such professional and friendly rapport between a vet and an animal before our visit with Dr. Chan for acupuncture treatment for Youbou.

To start out with,  at the beginning of November, DH and I were so very concerned about our little Youbou!   We noticed that this poor little guy’s energy was just gone.  His eyes were lusterless, his hind legs were powerless, and he could only move by dragging himself around.  We were so sad.

So thus began a series of vet visits (another vet) .. little Youbou was subjected to x-rays, blood tests, mobility tests .. all to no avail.  He was given a cortisone injection and this seemed to help him move about.   Then a few days later, the symptoms returned.  This time he was given prednisolone (or something like that).  This seemed to help only a little bit.   He seemed to be slipping away from us and we thought that it would only be a matter of time before we would have to say goodbye to him.

Then I remembered our neighbour’s dog .. one day he’d obviously been in great pain, it was evident on his face and the way he slowly, carefully, descended from the seat of their vehicle.  They took him for acupuncture treatment and now he is back to normal.

So I contacted Hillside Veterinary and was able to make an appointment with Dr. Chan.   Not only is she an amazing Veterinarian who truly cares for her patients, but she is also a highly skilled Acupuncturist.

At our first visit, little Youbou was in such terrible shape and simply lay quietly while the Dr. carefully placed a series of fine gold needles over Y’s back and a few in his foot.  We talked and she explained the process.  I noticed that she was very gentle with Y and when the session was over, the needles were removed and she massaged his little back and legs.

What an improvement when we got home.  He slept most of the day.  And was walking .. a little bit.  Now, to date,  Youbou has had 3 treatments.

And you know what!  He’s been pushing doors open, standing on his hind legs, and pushing with all the strength of his little body.  A few days ago, he ran into the living room, racing around the room, onto the sofa and back out to the kitchen.  Oh.  Wow.  We feel that she has given him his life back.  and for that we are so very grateful.

So I just wanted to thank her for this gift of Youbou’s miraculous recovery back to a better than ever active life!   An amazing gift of getting his life back.  We are so happy …. imagine that, we thought we were going to lose him and look at how active he is.

Thank you thank you thank you

As I headed to my car, I thought, ok … so now it’s time to take a little trip to Hillside Mall .. it’s close by and I haven’t been there for a very long time.  Logical, right?

Found a parking space and wandered inside.  Little did I know that I’d be spending most of the day here!

I had a great time, happy shopping experiences .. then, looking up at the skylight overhead .. noticed the sun was shining, so just wanted to go home.  However, my feet had other ideas and soon I was visiting such a variety of shops.  Enjoying conversations with other shoppers and store clerks.

My parcels were getting heavier and heavier as I went from store to store .. and I actually forgot a parcel in one shop, then retraced my steps and found it again!

Stopped in one little shop that sold all kinds of gizmos for cooking .. laughed with a fellow shopper who was choosing gifts for herself, to place under the tree.  “What do you think” she asked me, when we were looking at vegetable peeler’s.  “Do you think that I’ll like this when I unwrap this on Christmas morning?” “hmmm” ..I replied, “I think that you’ll be very surprised and happy for such a thoughtful gift.” …So we talked in this vein for a few minutes .. total fun, being silly.  Perhaps this set the tone for my shopping experience.

Bumped into someone I used to work with, years ago .. we chatted and caught up with each others lives up to now.  She’s been going through a rather challenging time and we talked about that.  Better times ahead.

Finally decided to call it a day and out I went to look for my car.  Oh no .. the sun was setting, the day was done.  Wah.  Oh, well, I reasoned, I did have fun and couldn’t remember the last time that I’d just spent the major part of the day  in a mall.  So, I chalked that up to another gift to myself …. the gift of aimlessly wandering .. ha ha ha

Well, no shopping for me today.  Absolutely none.

So that leaves me with a few good options.  Finishing those gifts.  Playing outside. Enjoying the antics of the cats as they go about their day.

All kinds of things to do.


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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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Yesterday was such a lovely sunny day here.  I was up early, prepared to meet the day .. for I had leaves to bag!!

Made my way over to my leaf source .. uh oh … work is ongoing at Saanich and McKenzie!  The much-needed sidewalk is now in place on Saanich Rd and now the beautifying steps, the paving .. is ongoing.  So I patiently waited for the traffic to move.   The left hand lane inching forward as motorists chose to move into the right land and then merge into the left.

Every time I started to feel impatient, on came the positivity hat.  Sometimes I just want to ditch that thing, but it sticks to my head like a magnet.  Oh well .. guess I’ll have to resign myself to a life of positivity.

Finally … traffic moves to a regular pace.   A hot-shot pulls out from behind and speeds along in the next lane.  I can fully empathize, my dear.

Finally, I reach my destination and start bagging the raked piles of leaves.  These “Handy Hands” are just amazing .. I can scoop enough leaves in one grab to partially fill a large garden bag.  The trick is to angle the scoops into the opening of the bag so as not to lose the precious cargo.   I develop the correct knack for doing this and soon have 10 bags plus 5 large Home Hardware bags filled.

Oh no … ran out of garden bags…  grabbed a box of garbage bags from the car and started filling them ..too small, says I and off I go to the local Canadian Tire.

Where I see, at the store’s entrance .. some fantastic long-sleeved cotton pullover t’s .. the kind I’ve been looking for!  Unfortunately, the lime green and bright yellow in my size are all gone, so I select orange, grey, red and a black.  Perfect for my gardening .. my arms will be fully covered.  No more (at least not too many) scratches from branches, thorns, insect bites.

Soon I’m back at my leaf source with another box of garden bags.  Shortly I have 20 more leaf filled bags .. tucked away .. ready to be stuffed into my car.  Speaking of which, I cram 5 large leaf filled garden bags and five plastic garden bags into my little Echo hatchback.  Determination .. thy name is Gardener!   What I won’t do to get lovely leaf mulch for my garden.

Back home, I begin the march of “remove bags from car .. to back yard … to mulch area”.  That dance finished, I now can take a quick-lunch break … and then it’s back to the yard.

First I finish weaving cut branches into my little cordoned leaf mulch area.  The finishing touch (well, now I think this should have been the good base for the fence) is the addition of trimmed bamboo branches.  It was a bit of a challenge to weave these into the fence, but determination and garden twine solved that problem.

Funny .. last year I’d used my precious mulch in this same area ..and had planted my main crop of garlic.  Only to discover that garlic needs full sun (oh, the things one learns along the way!).   Now I’m using half that space for my mulching station.  I stood back to admire the fencing .. how gentle and natural it looks.

And so the dance continues as I march the garden bags over and begin emptying them in that space.  Oh my .. I certainly have a good supply of leaves.  Once all of the bags have been emptied (I think 30 plus bags, I didn’t do a count) I see that the level is just past the top of the new little fence.

So I start the mulching process by watering the pile and the height diminishes.   Then .. here is the fun part .. (and I’m still in my gardening outfit, with my tall gumboots)… I climb onto the pile and step heavily, back and forth and all around.   This is fun .. as I flash back to my childhood days .. hey .. I am an adult and I still can play!! This greatly reduces the pile and soon the height is at the midway mark of the fence.

By the time spring has arrived, I will have turned this pile over many times so it will be much reduced, perhaps to the 1/4 line of the fence.  However, I still have 30 more bags ready to pick up in my car and bring over.  Plus I have another leaf source!!!   And .. there will be a local neighbourhood yard clearing up and I expect to bag more leaves.

Am I being obsessive?  As a Gardener, I think not!  Any true Gardener would go to such lengths in order to have some wonderful material to use in the garden, both veggie and perennial.  I know from experience how quickly the mulch will reduce in size.  And I also  know full well that this beautiful material, when piled thickly onto the garden .. will quickly reduce even further.  So I’ll gather all the leaves that I am able to gather because of that.

Oh well ..look at the time .. 9 am and there is so much to do today.   Outside of course!  I’m on my way to collect some lovely irises from a gardening pal .. and these I will plant today!!

How fun .. and so .. away I go … with my lovely daily life!

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Tuesday, October 25

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What a day I had yesterday!   Picture this .. it was sunny, the skies were clear.  Up early and ready to start my day .. I was looking forward to bagging leaves at my major leaf source.

Garbed in my garden gear, I set forth in my little car.  A supply of clear garden bags all nestled in the back of my car.  Gumboots, orange gardening gloves ( the heavy-duty, waterproof kind, the best for fall weather!) and my kneeling pads for scooping up leaves.

I arrive at my destination, park the car, gather my tools and head over to the first leaf pile.  Soon I’m happily scooping up the leaves and placing them in the first of 11 bags.  Hmm… this is going to be slow going, but well worth the effort.

Soon my hostess pops outside to say hello and we have a good morning conversation.  She leaves momentarily to fetch a gardening item to show me.

OMG .. I see gardening tools that I had seen advertised and scoffed at .. many times.  However, I’m now a believer and I want some .. badly!

She is holding out fully packed leaf scoopers!  Just with one fell swoop, she has gathered up an amount of leaves that would have taken me 5 minutes to gather with my two kneeling pads (I’d taken the cheap way out, using the pads to pick up leaves).

I try the scoops and am so very sold on these magic items.   Using them, I swiftly finish gathering up the first leaf pile.  Quickly go to a second and third.  Within half an hour I have filled up 11 large garden bags!  For a devoted gardener to whom leaf mulch is more valuable than gold (ok, I stretch the value a little, so sue me!).. these are just amazing.   And I send silent thanks to the innovative inventor.

When I think of the times that I’ve seen these things advertised and pooh-poohed them, like “who wants to spend good hard-earned money” etc., etc., etc.,  I am so sold on these things.

Anyway .. she kindly loads up her truck with the majority of the bags, and a few in my little car and we make the trip to my place.   Where I give the grand tour of my work in progress garden.   Chatting about this and that in the garden, I suddenly notice the woodpecker .. relaxed .. pecking away at the suet in the holder .. just a few feet from where we are standing.

But .. he isn’t flying away.  He is totally relaxed and comfortable with our physical proximity.  In fact, he is climbing around the suet holder, seeking choice bits.  And he’s still there.   This isn’t normal.  He always flies away when he senses any movement.  My leaf pal comments that animals accept her .. they always have.  I am just so amazed.  This is very good energy.

And I think to myself .. I aspire to have this energy.  Perhaps it’s time for me to practise calmness and not fret about every little thing.  To accept that I can only do one thing at a time.  Relax.  Not fret about landscaping the complete yard in one day.  Enjoy the journey.   I think about this later on.

I think about going inside for Y tea, but decide to drag the bagged leaves to the back yard.  Once that was accomplished, I decided to scoop up the windblown leaves from the front yard.  So I gather up my kneeling pads, don my gardening gloves and proceed to do that.  After about 10 minutes of scraping up the leaves, and with visions of the recently used leaf scoopers .. they kept flashing through my mind . .and I was thinking back to the morning .. how swiftly I was able to gather up the leaves .. and I couldn’t take it any longer.

Throwing everything to the ground .. I went to the car and decided to drive to our local Canadian Tire in search for these things.   I didn’t even change from my yard gardening outfit of mechanic’s overalls and my gumboots.  Who am I trying to impress, I am a gardener!  (Make that .. I am a Gardener!).

Soon I arrive at CT, look around the gardening section .. no joy!  I seek help from an associate … nope, no such item in the store.  What?  Disbelief!  Canadian Tire usually has everything that I need for gardening (except for, ahem, Lee Valley, that is!)

Exiting the store, I ponder the possibilities.  This is one of those heaven-sent days for working outside in the garden and I don’t want to waste my time driving all over the place.  Time is better spent in the yard.  Ok, I decide to head over to Home Hardware on Burnside.  Once there, I see the flyer proudly proclaiming their first birthday celebration will be happening soon (I think this weekend?)   Cake .. there will be cake!  I plan to attend.

And I remember their summer celebration  … I purchased quite a few annual flowering plants, which turned out to be drought tolerant and are still flowering!

I digress.  Entering the store, I make my way to the gardening section and waaaaah .. cannot see any of those garden thingies.   The cashier is helpful and searches their data base.  No joy.  The manager goes to another machine and makes a bigger search.   She is determined to find what I need.

Soon .. she has an item onscreen and quickly prints a copy for me to see.  Oh, most joyous moment .. there are the leaf scoopers!   However, none in stock.  She makes a quick call .. to an associate store and lo and behold, there are some available at the Oak Bay branch.  What a great lady!!!  She has them reserved for me and so I soon am on my way, making the long drive across town.

Grumbling to myself, what am I doing, spending valuable gardening time out driving .. on an on and on.  Then I think back to this morning .. the woodpecker being calm while in the presence of the good energy.  So I put on a change of attitude hat.  What a lovely beautiful day.  Sunny.  Traffic is sparse.

I think .. wouldn’t it be fun to have some brightly coloured leaf scoops .. orange would be pretty and cheerful and I visualize myself happily gathering up yellow/orange/bronze leaves for mulching.

Nah, there must only be grey scoops .. can’t imagine anyone going to the expense of creating a colour palette to choose from.

Oh, darn .. I’ve ended up driving down Douglas Street .. it’s noon and the streets will be full of traffic.  And so I sit at a series of red lights.  ahem .. a change of attitude hat takes place and soon I’m again enjoying the relaxing, slow drive up Fort Street.  While I’m stopped at each red light, I take a few seconds to glance around at my surroundings.

The street has gone through great changes since the last time I’ve been here.   Little stores have opened up.  Boutiques, funky “must have” objets d’art … and little restaurants.  On my right is an interesting little Lebanese place .. oh, I want to visit that place.

Soon enough, I’m in Oak Bay and parked in the lot behind Home Hardware.  Into the store I go and introduce myself to the cashier.  And .. Ta Da .. she reaches beneath the counter and hands me .. two sets of …. drum roll!

Orange leaf scoops!  Bright cheerful orange!  Oh, my, just really what I wanted!!!  And only $5.95 a pair!  I decide to take both pairs.  One for the yard and one for the car.  Now I’m all set.

Back in my car, I rip open the packaging of one set.   And another bonus, I find two sets of hand straps.  Quickly inserting the straps, I try on the scoops .. hee hee hee .. they fit like a glove and soon I’ll be using them.

Home Hardware .. I Love You!!!

Heading back home, I look forward to continuing on with my leaf collecting.  Then I remember that I promised DH to pick up some building items from Home Depot.   darn.  But, a promise is a promise, so I go home, pick up a sample of the item and in a few minutes I’m driving out towards the store location on Shelbourne.  My grumble hat is just settling in when I flip it away and toss on my change of attitude hat.  A good fit.

Finding a good parking spot, I begin my trek to the front entrance.  And decide to “just have a look” at the plant specials.   Not seeing anything that tugged at my heart, I begin to walk away … when I suddenly notice the most beautiful little pine tree .. it seems to say “I love you .. take me home” .. at least, that’s how I interpreted the feeling that came over me when I touched the sweet blue/green needles.  I felt a kinship with this tree, so headed inside to enquire about the price.

Suddenly noticed someone who looked vaguely familiar.  We did a double take . … you know, the kind of awkward moment when you bump into someone and there is something a little familiar, so you rapidly go through the image bank in your head .. flip, flip, flip.  And  .. recognition!

We hadn’t seen each other for nearly 3 years.  The last time, I was in such a frenzied space, cataloging files for archiving, working alongside a coworker from another location, borrowed for the purpose, with a very short timeline to finish.   So I only made time for a brief “hi” “by”.    And only weeks later I found out that she and her family were moving to a far away country for several years.  Oh, no, if only I’d made the time to stop and chat I would have wished her well on the journey.

Anyway, here she is.  And if I hadn’t promised my DH to pick up materials needed, and then was curious about the price of the tree, I wouldn’t have headed off in this direction and seen her!

We stood and talked for a long time .. during which the amiable sales guy searched for items that she was looking for and told us to just continue our visit, he would help us out.

So he found the price for my little tree (oh, wow, how can I not buy this tree!!) and loaded it up on a cart for me .. smiling all the time and helping us out as  C & I chatted and brought things up to date.  We exchanged e-mails and promised to get in touch!

I love my positive attitude hat!  What a difference it makes!

Life continues .. I return home, quick as a wink, I bag up 2 large bags of leaves from the front yard and start the process of taking them to the back.  After a quick lunch, outside I go.

Seeking a creative way .. still .. to organize my propagating area.   Then I borrow an idea from Swan Lake.  I look at the large pile of recently clipped fruit tree branches, and envision a little fenced area to hold the mulch.  A space where I can easily keep turning the leaves over and over and over again during the fall/winter/spring months.  The mental lightbulb flashes  on.   I search through our stash of aluminum sections, choose as many similar height/thickness little poles.  Space them in an L-shape.   Begin weaving the branches through to form little walls.

This is so cool .. so creative and it looks wonderful.  Soon I’ll go outside and finish the fenced area and will begin emptying the leaves into this space.

Oh happy day.  This is starting off to be a great day already and I haven’t gone outside yet!

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Friday, October 21, 2011

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Weather has changed slightly today.  It’s kind of a rainy morning .. unlike this past week of sunny days.  Oh, no, I don’t want to do indoor things today .. I want to run outside and seek creativity in my garden.

Yesterday I had to go somewhere mid-morning …. so I had to forgo hours of fun in the sun, working (playing) in the backyard.  I couldn’t stay away though, and wondered outside .. checking on the level of food in the bird feeders … and noted that I’ll need to top up the hummingbird feeder.

The wasps/hornets are nearing the end of their timelines and are being nasty to the h/birds .. who do their best to avoid these nasty (but necessary) insects.

The Anna’s are quite active recently and I believe that they are nesting or planning to nest throughout the yard, in their particular territories.  I’ve been noticing the high-pitched whistle sounds as the males zoom swiftly from the sky … marvellous.

The brown shouldered Chickadee’s are quite abundant in the yard … I hadn’t seen them in previous years and welcome them in the garden.  They are reputed to eat tent caterpillars .. oh happy day … I had thought that no birds likes these things!  But a sign at Swan Lake showed that they do .. and thus I am thrilled to have them in the yard.  They are voracious insect hunters.  I’ve seen them clinging to the sides of the fence, tearing away at the lichen on the trees, even picking away at a wooden window frame.

Ok, the lichen on the trees … this is definitely the first year that this material has been pecked away .. so that proves that this is their first year here.  Welcome, little buddies!

I’m glad that I stocked up on high energy bird suet at Canadian Tire a few weeks ago, so I can keep the suet holders full all winter.

Every day I’ve heard the magical trill of the Spotted Towhee and actually saw one of them on the ground, pecking away.  I look forward to the fall/winter/spring season of seeing and hearing these magnificent birds.

Poor little Youbou ..  he is such a sweet little kitty kat!  Since his problem with lameness in his right hind leg … he has to take Prednisone daily .. and I’m the “bad guy” who has to give him his little pill.  The pill popper (like a plastic tube) is not large enough for the pill .. and darn if I know where my two pill cutters are.  I’ve seen them “somewhere”.  Which reminds me .. I need to organize kitty kat paraphernalia in one container and place it in one room .. this is one of my “rainy day” inside projects.   Of which there is quite a few things to do.

Some rainy day projects to be done:   drapery adjustments (unpick seams and join sections together, hemming); organize my computer room (ha ha ha ha); other miscellaneous sewing items;  catalogue my gardening books  – ha ha ha .. that’s too funny .. I know what will happen.  I’ll pick up a pile of books, open up my laptop, set up an excel sheet, open one book .. see a plant description .. hmm… look for information on same plant in 20 other books .. hours later I’ll decide it’s time for tea and so the day will go.   No surprises there.

Ah, yes, I have great plans for rainy days.  No boring days ahead for this little lady!

And of course, there are my craft projects.  To create nifty outdoor treasures for the garden.  Perhaps create an item that I could produce for sale .. something unique.  I certainly have all the supplies needed.   Just need some good old rainy or snowy days .. to allow myself lots of time to just play away.

Hmm … time to get going on this day.  Time for a little grocery shopping .. plan to pick up some pizzas.  Some local large supermarkets have started having fresh “you bake” pizzas on sale and this is the second week.  So that will be our supper tonight … easy preparation .. more time in the garden for me!

Not that I don’t mind a little time here and there for meal preparation .. but it does take me away from my garden time.    Now I totally understand the famous Ruth Stout .. who so detested wasting time cooking her meals when she could be in her garden .. that she decided to eat only raw vegetables!

She was a lady well ahead of her time .. using bales of hay (or was it straw?) in her garden, thus achieving the most amazing soil.   Her book “How to have a green thumb without an aching back” was wonderful .. I did have a copy once and hopefully I still have it amongst my treasures.

Well .. time is marching on … I should have been out and on my way half an hour ago .. so time to get going ..

Fingers, toes and eyes crossed that the sun will be out by the time I return home and so I can go outside and play.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

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 Another funny kind of day – weather wise, that is!  Not sure if the day was going to be rainy or sunny .. although I welcome the cool weather, I do miss the bright sunshine.  Turns out we had lots of both!

Early morning I went to the Sidney Aviation Museum to meet with the gentleman who has done the gardening there for 18 years.   I’ll be helping out and looking forward to the opportunity.

He showed me all around the Museum …. met so many interesting people there .. all busy with involvement with projects.  Quite impressive, so much restoration is ongoing there.  Quite exciting, really and I look forward to hearing many stories of flight!

Next we went on a tour of the grounds.  He’s done an amazing job .. sculpting out little gardens here and there.  We walked and talked for hours!  Finally .. time for me to go and continue on with my day.

I left the Museum area in a happy state, thinking of the morning, the cheerful people I’d met, the lovely gardens I’d walked around, the Museum cat .. a huge happy cat, quite content to be with people and he wanders where he wants to!

Looking forward to my next visit and more talk of gardening!

Back home, turned on my Outlook …. omg .. (make that capital letters) .. sale at Lee Valley .. scanned the e-mail .. saw “Thursday” … decided to forgo the BLT’s that I was going to make for our lunch, kissed DH “by by .. I’m going to Lee Valley ……

Made the drive to Colwood in good time, not much traffic, lucky me.

Arrived, parked the car, wandered in .. hmmm. the store was remarkably quiet and calm for a big sale.  Happened to see a friend just about to leave .. discussed his purchases … and I happened to mention the sale.  This one?  he says .. as he holds up the flyer and it’s then that I see that the Thursday for the sale is the 26th, a week from today.

hee hee

Oh well… I’ll consider this a dry run for the real thing!

As I wonder around the store … looking at so many desirable gardening items .. I notice some plastic organizers .. available in packages of 5 .. hmm, discount with multiples of 3.  Ok, I really really was looking for drawer organizers.  I’d looked at London Drugs, Canadian Tire, no joy.  So, really, these are perfect for my new gardening storage shelves!

And while I was at it, I purchased some plastic hornet traps to be placed in the openings of large empty pop bottles.  For next summer.   I’ll be prepared!

As I reached the sales counter, I mentioned the upcoming sale.  The one for, you know, next Thursday!  The saleslady smiled and said that the doors will open at 9 and for sure there will be a lineup.  ummm…. what time do you think people will be there, I asked?   Earlier than 8:30 am?   She just smiled.

I can just imagine that the woodworkers will be first at the door.  Not wanting to look to eager to buy (there will be a lot of interesting things for sale, floor models, samples .. omg .. what if that amazing garden cart is included?)  I plan to be there maybe 8 or 8:30.  Not sure.

So, drove home with my goodies.  Lunch with DH and a few mugs of Yorkshire Tea!

Then, time to go outside and play.   I allow myself to relax into the zen of gardening by sitting on the new back steps, Sudoku, iPod, camera .. and sink into that peaceful state of being.  Listen to the Anna’s chirruping in the trees.

Not really sure where to start working away.  So, relaxing time over, I look down at the sidewalk, decided to start trimming the unruly grassy bits extending over the sidewalk and soon I’m working away.   Using my sharp weed edger and clippers, I quickly get rid of clumps of the green stuff.  Next thing, maybe tomorrow, I’ll use my sharp garden spade to dig out a little channel of ground next to the cement of the walkway.

Then .. in between looking at the birds and taking pics, I begin moving things around . . these things for recycling; this for donation; this for .. who knows what yet.

Tomorrow .. time to really plant some things.   And enjoy the sun.

Looking forward to another birthday to be celebrated in a few days.


It’s been a day!

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