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Another beautiful day .. sunny weather .. and rain predicted for the weekend .. good for the garden.

I tried to keep from blogging since I seemed to have been spending so much time at the keyboard.   Time that I “should” use for other things.

And I tried to keep a daily electronic calender .. however, that effort was not productive, no challenges there.  So I would write only now and then, instead of every day.

Wanting to write daily was the driving force for me when I began my blog  .. and the incentive to write every day was strong.

The challenge to write every day was there and I gladly accepted it.  And grew to love it .. and to look back at my daily writings, to remind me how I was spending my time.

The desire to write was very energizing.  And I often  think .. could I spend an entire day seated at the computer?

Letting my thoughts flow freely like the wind.  Wandering here and there, exploring ideas for fiction and creative ventures .. how utterly decadent!!

Being brought up to be a productive, had working person, the very idea of allowing myself the luxury of the gift of time to pursue creative writing was not a given.  And yet, somehow, this little gift has slowly crept into my life and how I love it!

So, I’ve begun blogging again .. and decided to make a fresh start and talk solely of gardening.  And birds.  And food (kale chips).

I invite you to visit me at my other WordPress Blog:  http://mylifeisreallyinthegarden.wordpress.com/

And I’m loving the decadent pleasure of tapping the keys for a short time each morning.

What fun this is!

See you there, hope you visit me!



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