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Monday,  August 29, 2011

Today was another day of sheer bliss!

The early morning started out with a mix of sun and cloud .. and soon the sun took over!

We went to the Alberni airport .. met up with the sailplane instructor and made  our way to our set-up place for the day!

Another day in the presence of authentic, professional, dedicated flyers!  It did my heart good to be amongst such a truly motivated group of individuals!

An enjoyable day spent in watching take-offs and landings!

Some time spent in watching for bears .. a big one was heard in the nearby bushes .. so I didn’t exactly relax in my gravity chair!

The entire day seemed timeless … a day spent in relaxing, watching, taking photos.  Reading yet another amazing novel by Elizabeth George!!  (One I’d read years ago .. and had forgotten some of the incredible subtle plots .. how delicious!)

This was an old-fashioned day.  The kind where time stops.  One doesn’t have to rush here and there .. or make an appointment .. or anything at all.  Just relax.  Feel the wind and the sun.   Wave away the wasps.   Marvel at the leaps of the grasshoppers.

Admire the variety of aircraft that fly in to the airport.   Study the flowers and trees that have thrived in the heat.

Then .. near the end of the day .. it’s time for me to indulge in another sailplane flight!

Yesterday was such a rush .. it had been quite a few years since I’d experienced the magic of a sailplane ride and it was very exciting to be soaring through the air .. felt as if I was in a big clear bubble of air, soaring over the countryside.

Today I enjoyed seeing the excitement of people going for their first every flight!   And loved hearing their happy conversations as they got out of the sailplane … so fired up with their experience and wanting to fly again!

And what a way to end my day there today … by going up for another flight!  Sheer bliss!    Secure in the confidence of the pilot (as yesterday, also!!)  I just relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful scenery .. I recorded as much as possible.  Yesterday my camera ran out of battery power .. so I was able to enjoy the balance of my flight.

Today I turned the camera on and off and mostly just snuggled down to enjoy the magic carpet ride through the air.  Seeing Sprout Lake and the infamous Martin Mars tied up below.

Great Central Lake (an offshoot of Sproat Lake).  Stamp Lake and the magnificent falls.

Does life get much better than this?


Down to earth .. dh begins the long trek home.  We stop off at a restaurant for a light supper and then, finally, home sweet home!

Kitty kats are happy to see us!  A cuddle, some good tinned food to augment their diet!  A quick tidying up of their litter boxes and soon life is back to normal.

Oh, happy days!!


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