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Sunday, October 9, 2011

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A slightly overcast morning quickly turned into a hot sunny day!  We travelled to Dakota Cafe for a late Sunday breakfast.   Arrived at a perfect time, between the crowds.

Noticed the plants are all doing well right now … no trimming needs to be done.  I’ll bring out some lavender paint to colour the cement circles .. one of these days!

Dac was a busy guy today .. not only did he cook the meals, but he brought them to our table .. what a great guy he is!  Not to mention, one terrific chef!   He is offering authentic Vietnamese meals on Tuesdays!!

Wah, DH is working days so we won’t be able to take advantage of these dishes for a while.   We both look forward to trying his authentic meals.

Anyway, homeward bound .. DH and I each start our chosen chores and work away.

I’m so enjoying changing the shape of the veggie / berry / garlic garden.   Spent a few hours in the (lovely) hot sun .. digging away.  Shovelling out some more grassy clay soil .. reclaiming this for the garlic portion of the garden.

Then .. time for me to join DH in shopping for items, renovations being done to the house .. so out we go.   And along the way, I find a good deal on Clematis plants (so I purchase 2) and another perennial hedging plant … name escapes me . .so I’ll have to note this tomorrow.   Anyway, it’s been fun.

Awhile later . .. back home, items unloaded .. we carried them upstairs … DH begins work and I rush to my garden.  Where I spend some time digging, sifting, sorting stones from weeds and lovely free soil to spread around the garden.

I play around with edging the garden bed with my surplus bricks .. and it looks great.  I just need to work on straightening the row .. that will happen.  Rain is predicted for tomorrow, but that won’t stop me from playing outside.

I’m digging up the 10 blueberry plants .. heh heh heh .. I have plans for them.  They will be ( I think) the featured centre of the berry garden.

I hadn’t seen the birds feeding on the sunflower seed heads that I’d left hanging from the tree branches, so I gathered up most of them and interwoven them in the sides of the garden arch.   And noticed that the Anna’s weren’t going to the h/bird feeder that I’d hung from the tree branches, so I moved the feeder to the arch.  Delighted to look out the window this morning and see the Anna’s at the feeder, the chickadees busily picking away at the sunflower seeds.

Kept looking up at the sky … today, couldn’t see any eagles soaring or Turkey Vultures (from yesterday).   Did see some seagulls.

Too soon .. dusk is approaching.  The little Anna buzzes around .. I don’t look up .. I know that he is checking out the territory before approaching the h/bird feeder.  Carefully I lift my head .. and see that he is quietly feeding away.    I’ve mixed up a 3:1 ratio of sugar/water today .. saving this for the cold fall days.  Currently there is a 4:1 ratio mixture in both the front and back feeders.

Time to end my playtime outside.   I’ve made progress.   Digging away at the clay soil, playing around with using bricks as edges for the veggie garden.   Putting the old strawberry planter (belong to my DH’s grandfather!) on a circle of cement that DH had poured for a long-ago garden fence.    Perfect.

I gather all my toys and head inside ..time to start our Thanksgiving supper .. spaghetti!

Soon the water is boiling, the spaghetti is placed in the pot.  Butter is being melted.    Cheese (especially Mazithra) is being shredded.   My lovely (purchased) pesto is awaiting.

And so we plate up our spag .. no turkey or ham for us on this day.   Lovely supper.

A quiet night.

Look forward to tomorrow .. rain .. or ..shine!


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