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Saturday, August 14, 2011

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Yesterday was such a beautiful, hot, sunny day!  Drove around, enjoying the carefree atmosphere of the day!

Lots going on .. and then homeward bound .. and time to go back digging up the gravel.  Made a lot of progress.  Decided that putting down any kind of weed barrier is not worth the effort right now .. we’ll be “properly” amending the parking area next year.

So, for now, I’ll busy myself with moving the balance of the gravel mountain and the side path to the front and will simply shovel it around on the parking area.  It will look nice and tidy.

Last night, I thought that I’d make up the nutritious sorrel soup.   Gathered all the materials from the fridge.  Sliced onions & potatoes in butter till they were translucent.  Crisped up the bacon in the oven.  Washed and chopped the sorrel.  And the yellow beans.  Added the beans and chicken broth to the frypan .. to let it cook for 20 minutes.

As I was adding the broth, I thought that the colour looked to be quite a bit darker than normal.  Looked at the date on the package and it showed the expiry date to be 2012.  So I ignored my initial feelings of throwing it away and cooked it anyway.  Added the sorrel.

Soup was delicious, the sorrel added a light lemony taste.  Yum, so good that I had a second bowl.  After all, this is 90% broth and veggies.

A few hours later, I started to feel slightly ill .. and then prayed to the porcelain gods on and on through the night and into the morning.

I hadn’t been sick like this for many years and just hated the whole process .. but there is no turning back when the gods get you.

Thought back to the chicken broth and realized that this must have been the culprit.  Everything else was garden fresh and well washed.

And I realized that I “should” have paid attention to my initial doubt about the stock.  Murphy, Murphy, Murphy .. is all I can say.

So now I’m missing out on an all day flying outing that we were going to do today .. but rather safe here at home than taking a chance being ill in the air.  Argh.

Another reminder to pay attention to my initial feelings, trust them.  Ok, ok, I’ve learned another version of this lesson!

On with my day …. am starting to feel so much better .. today is a day to do inside things.   And no shovelling gravel.  But, I will go outside and play in my lovely garden.

Positivity from the sun and happy viewing of the birds flitting about!

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