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Friday, March 22, 2012

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Busy, busy, busy .. the last few days have been busy ones for me.

Wednesday morning I was up way early, baking pies.  Sorry, no pics, they were so good, they are nearly gone.  I used the Tenderflake recipe which makes a light flaky crust.  Actually mixed up the pastry a few weeks ago, and froze some portions for future use.    Which turned out to be Wednesday.

I used the single crust method, rolling the pastry into a circle, prepared the filling and then folded the edges up, forming a plate sized open pie!   And the fillings!  I’d frozen apple slices and cherries from last summers’ crops and finally used them.

Still have some more of the above, plus plums, minced green tomato and tomatillos.  Oh, and lots of little jars of jam, applesauce, chutney also.

Then I spent many hours at the little Toshiba laptop at the kitchen table.  Began the arduous task of typing out my hastily scribbled notes taken during the intensive Organic Master Gardening Course, recently completed.   Originally I had the best intentions of doing this in an ongoing manner while the course was taking place .. however, um, I didn’t do that.  Was spending my time studying the course materials, online and from our study book.

As I was typing these pages,  I am time travelling back in time to the classes.   Every detail is clear and I am so glad that I took these notes.  The instructors gave us so much valuable information, sources to research, names to look up .. I’ve reached 9 pages of single line notes so far and scads to go before I’m done … I plan to just spend a few hours a day in this endeavour.    I take little breaks from the tapping of the keys to look up some of the information .. whole new worlds of beneficial natural gardening.

I’ve never ever taken this amount of time  and devoted it to studying and I find this quite satisfying.

Then, time to go outside and play.   I’ve been using DH’s camera a lot lately and discovered that it has the best motor drive for multiple pictures .. so I’ve been utilizing this drive when taking bird pictures.  And the result is so very many clear pictures, when I click from one to the next, it looks like a slow motion picture!

I see that Mr. Downy Woodpecker has taken a wife!  Very striking couple they are.  I’ve seen him in the yard for a few years, very distinguishable with his brilliant red colouring at the back of his head.  At first the female was shy and would fly away, but she is getting used to my presence in the yard, so I’m able to take photos of her.  She is equally striking with her plumage, and lacks the brilliant red, and she is also, I think, a little smaller than her mate.  Welcome additions to the yard!

I’ve been applying that wonderful seaweed/grasses/kelp carefully on the garlic bed .. making sure that the mixture doesn’t cover the garlic and just goes around them.  Mmmmmm .. interesting to see what a difference this mineral laden material will make to the size of the bulbs.   And I’ll be applying EM to them also, either early in the morning or late afternoon, when the weather is a bit cooler.

Finished emptying and then properly layering in the other 2 compost containers, so now all 3 are in better condition.   Layers of green (seaweed/kitchen scraps) and brown (hay/leaves/manure) & cardboard.  Lots of oxygen for the microbes.  Yesterday, remembered that I’d forgotten the glacial rock dust & EM .. so I sprinkled on a handful of the dust and watered each container with about 2 cups of EM liquid.

I’ve mixed up 2 Litres of the EM and they have both reached the final litmus stage of 3.5, so ready to use.  Today I’ll mix up a 2 L batch .. I’m going to spray all plant leaf surfaces in the yard, plus the soil and the lawn, so I’ll need lots of this precious liquid.

Here’s a link which explains what EM is and there is a video showing how to prepare it:


This might be kind of weird, but now that the compost containers are properly layered, there seems to be a different “feel” about them .. before,  these containers were just places where I threw the kitchen and garden wastes.   things “composted” but they were just dark containers that held materials that would simply break down.

But now, they feel like bright happy places, populated with busy worlds of microbes of all kinds, working away to break down the structure of the materials .. transforming it all to healthy compost.  Which I will use throughout the garden.  Sort of like that fairy story, where a princess (me??) wove straw into gold.  🙂

Gardeners are fanciful, aren’t we?

Yesterday, walking around the garlic bed, smelling the lovely tantalizing perfume of the seaweed mixture, I remembered the trek out to Sooke with my walking pal D .. the fun we had .. on that sunny trip.  She would explain the varieties of grasses and seaweed … it was a fun, learning trip.  And I plan to make another one .. cause, I only have 2 containers of this material left!!  It’s going fast.

I then spent some time digging out raspberry and red & black currant canes from around the fence .. I’m creating a berry bed in part of the yard and want them out in the sun more.  Besides, we’ll be replacing some fence panels soon and I don’t want them damaged!

I’ve been learning that ivy is not the best plant to have in the yard and horrors .. what it does in the wilds, suppresses the growth of native lilies.  But, I do think that ivy has its place.  It’s good for privacy.  I’ve seen a nifty inexpensive privacy screen at an outdoor  restaurant.  It was simply a framed lattice  section, anchored in a rectangular planter, with ivy growing rampantly up the lattice.  The unit was free-standing, not connected to a fence or wall, so the ivy was kept neatly trimmed.

So, then, yesterday, I was preparing to fill a few of the bird feeders.  The sun was shining .. and the yard was quite, the birds had disappeared.  Hmm .. wondered if the hawks and eagles were out there somewhere.  Suddenly I saw a seagull soaring lazily up in the sky, crying out in that loud seagull fashion .. so figure there weren’t any of the raptors out there . .otherwise the gull wouldn’t have been so brazen.

Focus brought back to the bird feeders, when I heard the raucous cries of some crows .. looked up and omg, there was the eagle!  Seagull clutched firmly with strong talons, flying low over our yard, just a few hundred feet above the wild and crazy tree.  I simply dropped everything and ran to the middle of the yard, just as the eagle flew overhead.  Wanted to take pics, but no time .. truly amazing.  I seem to remember that the crows were cheering on the eagle, at the time . .there was a little gaggle of bird activity in the sky, but I was focused solely on the eagle.

Had to stop for a few minutes and regain my gardening energy . . it was a bit tough for a few minutes though, having witnessed that surge of raw animal power.

This is Nature’s way .. the birds have to eat.  They don’t go to the supermarket.

So .. back to the garden.   Continuously looking sky-ward.  Saw some eagles chasing a regal raven … they soon tired of the play and the raven elegantly sailed away.

Wow .. so now here it is Friday and lots to do outside .. so that’s where I’m heading soon!


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Saturday, December 24, 2011

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 Well, Christmas is fast approaching.  Yesterday was such a relaxing day.  The day started out overcast and the sun broke through, a little, in the afternoon.

Spent an enjoyable amount of time finishing my mad knitting regime .. and catching up on pvr’d programs.   Got into the Twilight Zone series .. the really classic shows with Rod Sterling.   He was just the best .. no one better.   Ever.  Enjoyed the catchy theme music and the believable stories.  Sure, some were corny, but the majority of them were quite dramatically eerie.

In the backyard, noticed a Nuthatch that I couldn’t identify  …. maybe I don’t have the right book yet.  This one had a whitish band around the face & eyes and the chest was a light sandy colour, the back was a deeper cinnamon colour.  Quite attractive.

Looking forward to a few days of sheer relaxation.  DH & myself.  Time to spend together and just be.

Around mid-afternoon, I went out for a “few things” and by the time I arrived back home, the back of my car was stuffed with groceries.  Darn those sales.  I find it difficult to pass up some good deals.  For future suppers and the like.  So now our little freezer atop our fridge is full again.   There are lots of packages of peeled and sliced apples, enough for a few pies and crumbles.  Same thing with plums.    Tomatillo’s and green tomatoes.

It’s a good thing that we don’t have a small freezer, else that would be stuffed with special deals also.  Anyway, I don’t think that we need to purchase much more than milk & bread for the next few weeks, anyway.

I really enjoy going out shopping .. opportunities to see what’s new in the stores and interesting conversations with fellow shoppers.

Didn’t meet any harmonica players yesterday, though.  That one shopping trip a few weeks ago was the last time.

It was with a sigh of relief that I arrived home … happy to know that I needn’t venture out for a few days, anyway.  Time to relax and finish a few things before Christmas.

And of course, time to spend outside, after all was put away.  The Chickadees are buzzing around me, perhaps getting used to me … sometimes they light on a branch just a foot or so away.  I feel so happy that they don’t notice me right away .. a chance to view them quietly, up close.

I haven’t seen that little bird (the one with the growth on the right side of his little face) … and wonder if it is faring well.  Maybe I haven’t been outside when it is around.

This is a nice, quiet time of the year.  A time to slow down .. relax .. I quite like it.


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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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Yesterday was such a lovely sunny day here.  I was up early, prepared to meet the day .. for I had leaves to bag!!

Made my way over to my leaf source .. uh oh … work is ongoing at Saanich and McKenzie!  The much-needed sidewalk is now in place on Saanich Rd and now the beautifying steps, the paving .. is ongoing.  So I patiently waited for the traffic to move.   The left hand lane inching forward as motorists chose to move into the right land and then merge into the left.

Every time I started to feel impatient, on came the positivity hat.  Sometimes I just want to ditch that thing, but it sticks to my head like a magnet.  Oh well .. guess I’ll have to resign myself to a life of positivity.

Finally … traffic moves to a regular pace.   A hot-shot pulls out from behind and speeds along in the next lane.  I can fully empathize, my dear.

Finally, I reach my destination and start bagging the raked piles of leaves.  These “Handy Hands” are just amazing .. I can scoop enough leaves in one grab to partially fill a large garden bag.  The trick is to angle the scoops into the opening of the bag so as not to lose the precious cargo.   I develop the correct knack for doing this and soon have 10 bags plus 5 large Home Hardware bags filled.

Oh no … ran out of garden bags…  grabbed a box of garbage bags from the car and started filling them ..too small, says I and off I go to the local Canadian Tire.

Where I see, at the store’s entrance .. some fantastic long-sleeved cotton pullover t’s .. the kind I’ve been looking for!  Unfortunately, the lime green and bright yellow in my size are all gone, so I select orange, grey, red and a black.  Perfect for my gardening .. my arms will be fully covered.  No more (at least not too many) scratches from branches, thorns, insect bites.

Soon I’m back at my leaf source with another box of garden bags.  Shortly I have 20 more leaf filled bags .. tucked away .. ready to be stuffed into my car.  Speaking of which, I cram 5 large leaf filled garden bags and five plastic garden bags into my little Echo hatchback.  Determination .. thy name is Gardener!   What I won’t do to get lovely leaf mulch for my garden.

Back home, I begin the march of “remove bags from car .. to back yard … to mulch area”.  That dance finished, I now can take a quick-lunch break … and then it’s back to the yard.

First I finish weaving cut branches into my little cordoned leaf mulch area.  The finishing touch (well, now I think this should have been the good base for the fence) is the addition of trimmed bamboo branches.  It was a bit of a challenge to weave these into the fence, but determination and garden twine solved that problem.

Funny .. last year I’d used my precious mulch in this same area ..and had planted my main crop of garlic.  Only to discover that garlic needs full sun (oh, the things one learns along the way!).   Now I’m using half that space for my mulching station.  I stood back to admire the fencing .. how gentle and natural it looks.

And so the dance continues as I march the garden bags over and begin emptying them in that space.  Oh my .. I certainly have a good supply of leaves.  Once all of the bags have been emptied (I think 30 plus bags, I didn’t do a count) I see that the level is just past the top of the new little fence.

So I start the mulching process by watering the pile and the height diminishes.   Then .. here is the fun part .. (and I’m still in my gardening outfit, with my tall gumboots)… I climb onto the pile and step heavily, back and forth and all around.   This is fun .. as I flash back to my childhood days .. hey .. I am an adult and I still can play!! This greatly reduces the pile and soon the height is at the midway mark of the fence.

By the time spring has arrived, I will have turned this pile over many times so it will be much reduced, perhaps to the 1/4 line of the fence.  However, I still have 30 more bags ready to pick up in my car and bring over.  Plus I have another leaf source!!!   And .. there will be a local neighbourhood yard clearing up and I expect to bag more leaves.

Am I being obsessive?  As a Gardener, I think not!  Any true Gardener would go to such lengths in order to have some wonderful material to use in the garden, both veggie and perennial.  I know from experience how quickly the mulch will reduce in size.  And I also  know full well that this beautiful material, when piled thickly onto the garden .. will quickly reduce even further.  So I’ll gather all the leaves that I am able to gather because of that.

Oh well ..look at the time .. 9 am and there is so much to do today.   Outside of course!  I’m on my way to collect some lovely irises from a gardening pal .. and these I will plant today!!

How fun .. and so .. away I go … with my lovely daily life!

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Horrific winds last night … trees were being blown about .. no worries about falling leaves today ..  Loud screeching noises heard from the sundeck as our gravity chairs (tidily folded up) were sent scurrying about the surface of the deck.

Yesterday, working outside in the garden, I felt and saw the winds picking up .. slowly at first and ever so imperceptibly gaining.  Till they reached a high pitch in the evening …and I knew that they would blow away the clouds and today would have the sun.

Looking out the kitchen window this morning, I see that my prediction was correct.  Blue skies .. hmmm… was kind of anticipating a full day of rain .. so I could spend the day shortening the new kitchen drapes.

hmmm .. what to do .. what to do.   A batch of jam to be made.  Recycling to be done.  Drapes to be shortened.  And I just want to play in the yard.  Choices.

I enjoyed my toils in the garden yesterday.  Time for changes.  Uprooted the tomato plants, noticed their tenacity despite the cool temperature .. still flowering, some tiny fruits attempting to continue their growth cycle.  The season is over .. time to compost .. build up soil for regrowth next year.  I have a feeling that I’ll be finding a serious number of tomato volunteers growing next summer.

The Brussel sprouts weren’t faring very well .. crooked stems from trying to reach the suns rays.. kept from them by the voracious potato plants.  Dug them up and installed them in garden pots.   Inserted tomato cages in each pot .. not sure if those tiny little sprouts will grow or not.  I open up Thrifty’s Wednesday flyer and see the Brussel sprouts for sale .. my plants, I think, will not ever reach the size of the sprouts in the paper.  This year, but next year ???  We’ll see about that.

Dug up a few more red potatoes.  I’ve had so much fun growing these potatoes … feeling a little more self-sufficient with this little crop .. plus the tomatoes, tiny cobs of corn, cucumber, minute zucchini fruits.

Aha .. next year .. the changes I’ll make in my garden will result in a much bigger crop.  How exciting, just to think about that.

For now, though, it’s time to re-shape the garden .. decide how to lay out the garden patch.  I’ll prepare one large area for the garlic.   Will dig up and move the blueberries so they’ll be more in the sunlight.  A few vigorous plants to be moved along the fence. 

More fancy ivies to be planted, and trained to grow up the fence. 

Thought about digging up the sunflower .. but want to keep them a little longer so that the birds will enjoy them.  I’ve purchased more suet holders for the coming winter .. so there will be lots of food for my feathered friends.

Moved all the rocks that had been used to delineate the edges of the pathway in the veggie garden …. they are now resting in a pile at the side while I play .. shovelling the rich garden soil here and there .. deciding what to do.

Such fun.

Anyway .. time’s a wasting .. time to get on with my lovely life …


Well, it’s the evening of the day now  .. I can sit down comfortably at the kitchen table .. my little (slow) laptop all set up.    Duncan & Youbou cuddled up in their little bed beneath the table.   Jane E comfortably sleeping on her comfy blanket in another room.

Dishes done, everything tidied up and put away . … I can pour a lovely glass of white wine and hit the keys for a few minutes before zzzzzzzzzz’s.

My goodness .. I worked away today and even impressed myself.  Really really really wanted to just run outside and play .. but did a quick evaluation a number of times and decided that, really, time to get some things done today so I could play tomorrow.  Rumour has it that tomorrow will be sunny.

How did today start .. let me think … I was trying to decide where to start.  So I began with checking the laundry and it all unfolded from there (sorry, I didn’t mean to write that, it just happened!!)  🙂

It began when I took the kitchen recycling and compost bucket downstairs.  I meant to just add the recycling materials to their containers, take the compost bucket outside and that was it.

But, something happened.  As I started to separate the recycling materials .. I segued into an efficient being.  And began the major task of seriously sorting.  I began with the hard plastics .. sorted and tidily packed all of the clean materials into compact bundles .. to take to Syntal tomorrow morning.   That done, I next tackled the  sorting of city plastics (all those that Syntal doesn’t take). 

And I pondered again .. why didn’t the city accept Syntal to process plastic?  The company had spent serious money to accommodate sorting plastic, yet, another company was selected.  And so the plastic goes somewhere ..  I do not know .. to be sorted.  Money and energy.

So we save our major plastic for Syntal and then when we have sufficient quantity (several Rubbermaid containers) .. we pack this in our car and make the trip to Syntal (Central Saanich) when we travel to the airport ( our home away from home).

Next I tackled the aluminum foil bundles .. these were bundled into a large clear plastic bag .. DH will take these and assorted metals for recycling.

This left the paper supply.  Well, I’ve been saving cardboard and newspaper to use in the garden .. so there really isn’t much to recycle.

Oh .. and then there are the Reynolds School recycling items .. so I repacked the styrofoam, the soft plastics, the foil lined bags & chip bags (all well washed and dry), the cd’s.

And then, there were the pop bottles, beer cans etc. for the Bottle Depot.

Soon I had large bags full of materials .. ready to be packed into my car, out the door, and on to newer pastures.

Ok .. then I happened to start sorting the reusable grocery bags.  I folded some, neatly packed into a rectangular container .. perfect to place in my car.

Then I found a large supply of reusable bags, a mixture of various types of fabric.  Into the washer, cold cycle and then the drier. 

Finally took the compost bucket outside and emptied the contents into one of the 3 compost containers in the back yard.   Looked longingly at the garden .. wanted nothing more than to grab a shovel and move the luscious soil around.  Spent a few happy  minutes watching the Anna’s fly around .. and removed the bird feeder for a much-needed cleaning up!

With great difficulty, I decided to finish my house tasks and slowly made my way back into the house.  I continued with sorting, recycling, tidying up, laundry . .and the like.

Prepared two batches of plum jam … made with fruit that I’d picked in the brief sunny days of summer, washed, pitted, frozen carefully in the freezer.  Soon the jars were being sterilized in the large canning pot, hot water boiling away.  Two pots of jam cooking away.  Shortly, jars were filled, edges swiped, lids .. and finally I could hear the comforting sounds of the lids popping away.

Funny thing about making and canning jams .. and I certainly searched the web for any information.  Recipes result as either careful studies of elements of interactions of materials .. or just hit and miss attempts, recipes handed down generation by generation.

I can understand the knowledge of acidity of fruits .. but decided that our ancestors, the pioneers … just used what was available and thus, by trial and error .. the recipes resulted.

Having a container of blackberries. 2 Ziploc bags of cherries and plums .. all frozen .. I decided to play around with my own recipes.   And the results look pretty good.  Even the chutney “wannabe” that started out as cherry/plum jam!!

Finally, jam making completed, all dishes clean up .. time to work on shortening the new kitchen curtains.  Spent a few hours measuring, pinning, marking, cutting, pressing, sewing .. and finally have one window covered.   Some changes to be made .. but that will be another day!

Paid attention to supper preparation … one eye on the stove and another on the sewing station.   And yet another ..looking out at then garden .. tomorrow .. i promise!

Went to the dryer, unloaded all the freshly dried shopping bags.  Started folding them.  Began to notice the wrinkles in some of them .. wondered .. would it be an issue to just press the wrinkles out?  No No No No .. don’t even go there .. I decided.   Once I make a step on that road, where will it end?  Colour coordinating bags to match the store.  The days of the week.   Sort the bags into sizes and then colour?  Design? Materials?  Horoscopes?  Step slowly away from the shopping bags .. just walk away.  I finished by neatly folding the bags, colours, sizes, fabric be damned .. and just bundled them into two bags.  Easy to carry to the car.  enough.  finished.

So now .. I can relax, think over my busy day and just enjoy some tranquil moments.  Another busy day ahead of me tomorrow.  Out and about .. followed by hours in the yard .. and then out and about again.

How can life possible be boring?  I really just cannot imagine that.


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Saturday, October 1, 2011

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  Ok, rain was forecast for this day .. so I decide to do my preparation of chutney, the green tomato kind.  Plus, maybe some applesauce also.

Spend some time searching for recipes.  And I find:

How to cook everything:  http://www.howtocookeverything.tv/  yum, this site looks great .. a new world of applesauce, using garlic and any variety of spices ..

I like this one, how to can or freeze anything:http://www.pickyourown.org/allaboutcanning.htm#sauceschutney

Different ways to use up green tomatoes – make green tomato bread!!  Two sites:



green tomato chutney: http://www.foodinjars.com/2010/11/green-tomato-chutney/

Freezing to use later:  http://www.provident-living-today.com/Preserving-Tomatoes.html

So this ended up being a cooking day .. instead of a gardening day.  And wouldn’t you know it, the sun started shining when I was in the midst of my cooking day!


So I started out with green tomato chutney.   Researched quite a number of recipe sites ..finally came to the conclusion that I could just make my own recipe and can the results in a water bath.  I began chopping the tomatoes .. it seemed like forever.  

I used 8 cups of the chopped tomatoes for the chutney. So I used organic cider vinegar, organic green tomatoes (from my garden).. and for spices, I added cloves ( in a tea strainer) and cardamom pods (in anther tea strainer), cinnamon sticks, cumin seeds .. mmmmm …

When the mixture was nearly cooked .. .I decided that I’d like some colour in the mix .. so found some Tamarind paste in the fridge .. added several heaping tablespoons of the paste to the pot .. and, yes, this was perfect!!  Cooked a bit longer till the contents were a bit thicker.  Perfect.

Sterilized the little jars & lids … filled them up … (being careful to wipe the edges of the jars) … topped them with the lids (nicely warmed, not boiling .. in a pot) and screwed on the lids.  Carefully added the complete jars to the canning container, timer set for 20 minutes.  

Ding .. ding .. the stove timer chimed .. removed the jars … and set them on a clean dry towel.  Time to let them cool and await the pinging sound of the lids .. yes, all done.

Wrote the type and date of the chutney on the pretty labels that accompanied the new canning jars.  So pretty.   Interestingly enough .. and another note to Murphy’s Law .. I’d decided to discontinue canning a number of  years ago.   So I no longer had my wire basket or bottle gripper .. and, it follows, no more canning jars.  But now I am all set up.  Decided to only can small 250 ml jars … just right for us.

The chutney was a success!   I made 9 little jars .. and these will most likely last till the spring.  I still have bags of frozen plums to make into chutney .. during the upcoming fall months.   Looking forward to that.

Found some good sites showing how easy it was to just blend up green tomatoes .. simply freeze them and later on, make bread or add to soups/stews.  Hey .. this is my kind of cooking!  So I started adding the chopped tomatoes to the blender … and placed the blended tomatoes into freezer bags.   Lovely.

Now our freezer is full to the bursting point .. so I plan to start with the plum chutney next week.   Hmmm .. and I do have a few bags of frozen cherries and blackberries (from my walking pal).   I’ll start looking for more chutney recipes.  How much fun is this!!!  I love chutney and now I can play around with some varieties.  Using the small canning jars is perfect for small amounts to experiment with.   I might even share some with very good friends who share the same food tastes as I do.

We’d planted some fruit trees years ago, when we first bought our house.   These included 2 types of apples .. unfortunately, I didn’t write down the types .. but am sure that I can easily find out the names.

I wasn’t planning on doing anything with the apples, however, my gardening neighbour, and a friend, suggested that it would be a good idea to use them.

So I’d collected a few bowls of the fallen apples.  Decided to make a pot of applesauce.  Oh my .. some of the apples were larger than my biggest tea mug!!!  I spent a large chunk of time washing, quartering, peeling these apples .. .tasted a section . .. wow .. delicious!  How had I ignored these apples all these years?   I chopped up all the apples and then went outside looking for more.   Found two large containers full.  Took them inside, and prepared them for applesauce.

Then I went searching for recipes for applesauce  .. kind of different applesauce.  Finally decided to use:  cinnamon sticks, cardamom powder and cumin in my mixture.  Started off with a full to the brim pot of apples and some water and the final result was rendered down to half a pot.  Of delicious sauce.

Soon had the jars sterilized with a hot water bath … jars filled … edges wiped .. softened lids added, and screw tops tightened.  Into the water bath for 20 minutes.  Repeated with another batch.  Jars removed, cooled, lids pinged nicely.   Labels added.

ln between, I prepared chicken with the organic mayonnaise mix with added spices then dipped in Panko.  Arranged on parchment paper, baked in the oven.  I’m definitely on a roll today.

Canning, cooking .. constantly using dishes, pots & pans, washing them… keeping the kitchen nice and tidy.   While a the same time, preparing for fall.

At one point, I took several containers-full of peelings down to the compost .. and just had to walk around the yard.  And noticed the lovely yellow songbird.  For months I’d sought this pretty bird  .. and only had tantalizing tiny glimpses as he flew through the trees.  But today.. I caught sight of him .. calmly perched on a branch of a plant .. quietly munching away on a tiny worm like insect that was picked from a flower.  No camera!  So quickly ran inside (quietly) and returned a few minutes later .. luckily he was still there .. so I clicked away .. happy to have found this little fellow.

Apple crisp … ok .. once my applesauce venture was started .. I decided to prepare a pan of apple crisp .. my DH’s favourite… Delicious.

And especially since we have never ever used sprays in any area of our garden … ever.  So all of our produce, tree wise .. is organic.

Whew .. quite a productive day.  Time to relax now.


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