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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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Wake up today to overcast skies .. yippee ..maybe it will be a cooler day?  Nope, not happening… the weather feels very muggy.  Back in the day, in Ontari-ari-ari-oh!  I seem to remember that days like this soon led to thunder and rain.

However .. seeing that I’ve lived the majority of my life here in lovely ole Victoria .. perhaps my memory is playing tricks.   So perhaps, no thunder,no rain.

Did some yard work this morning .. found a bag of grass seed from 1996 .. and decided that I would use this to spread on the bit of grassy section by the front parking area.

I moved the Rubbermaid containers full of screened soil (from the back yard) over to the front yard … first I brought out the weed-eater and bludgeoned the weeds!   Then I scattered the grass seed quite liberally over the entire area.

I was nearly finished spreading the sieved soil onto the area, amidst the background of chirping birds (no doubt waiting to attack the grass seed) when dh called out that it was time to get cleaned up and proceed to the Dakota Cafe.  It is Won Ton Wednesday, after all!

So I went through the transformation process and was soon scrubbed and clean, ready to make the trip out to Sidney.

Where we dined, once again, on the most delicious won ton soup .. ever!!  What a treat this was!!   Some thin slices of carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, onion (red & green!), a delicate broth and the most yummy won tons ever!

I have started a new habit of just slurping from the bowl, near the end of the soup .. why bother using the spoon for the final dregs of the broth!

Home again, lickety split!  Time for Yorkshire Tea .. in the sun .. and a little snooze (sorry, couldn’t help it .. even though dh thought it was funny!)

Garbed up for the garden and armed with my gravel tools .. I went to the front yard .. Time to finish up the final gravel section.

Using my trusty pickax I dug away at the compacted gravel/soil   …. freeing up a few feet at a time.  Then I shovelled up the loose material and flung it onto the screen (set up on the soil sifter station .. all neatly placed on the large, folded tarp).

I kept up a fast pace for a few hours.  Managed to clear up quite a bit of gravel.  Also was glad to have some positive feedback from neighbours, passing by.  One guy was impressed .. he thought that we’d had some screened gravel delivered to the house.  He was suitably impressed when he found out that I’d screened the whole area.

Another neighbour mentioned that gravel was only $80 a yard .. well, by that, I reckon that I’ve saved us more than $500  .. yippeee!!  Just with my hard labour!

About 6 pm I decided that it was time to stop for the day .. so I sorted my tools, the tarp and the gravel and slowly finished my work area.  I’ll pick up the pace tomorrow morning.  I figure about 5 more hours should finish the job.


It’s been quite a day .. time to relax and rest up for tomorrow!


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