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Sunday, February 5, 2012

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Friday was going to be fully devoted to studying .. so first I decided to not go for a quick (ha ha ) walk to Swan Lake.    That would have been at least a 2 hour block of time, plus time spent outside.  So I spent time going through my study materials.  And .. slowly .. the new vocabulary of understanding is making its way through to my mind.

I figure that once I have a much better understanding of the activity of the critters in the soil and how they interact with each other – then I’ll be happy.   Once I can easily explain what I know, then the knowledge will be more fully settled in my brain.

Wouldn’t it be fun if I could just hold the books to my forehead and do a Star Trek mind-meld!  Unfortunately, learning has to be done the old-fashioned way.

We did a soil texture test in class on Thursday and today I’ll be writing up my analysis on one of the two samples (or perhaps I’ll prepare an analysis for each of them).   It’s fascinating to see the 3 layers settle.  Sand at the bottom, silt in the middle and clay at the top.

Here’s a good link to understanding soil:  http://urbanext.illinois.edu/soil/SoilBiology/fw&soilhealth.htm

It is listed in our classroom information and has very important, easy to understand information on soil.

Anyway .. yesterday I worked away again .. and I’m beginning to think about soil all the time .. this course is very challenging to me.  And I find that I am quite enjoying the challenge of learning the new concepts that this in-depth study of the ecosystems of gardening quite exciting!

Also yesterday, DH & I went flying .. it’s been a long time.  Beautiful sunny day .. as we flew around .. I started looking at the fields and farms below me in a new way.  Wondering which farms were using organic methods and which were using pesticides.

Enjoyed the magnificent beauty of the snow-covered mountains below … we wiggled our wings at some snowmobilers who were blazing trails high on a hilltop.   Glad to see other happy people out and enjoying the day.

Magical being up in the sky … not much traffic in the early afternoon.    Lovely .. lovely .. lovely ..

Then …. back to terra firma … while DH fueled up the plane, I tended to my co-pilot duties … assisting in pushing the plane back to it’s “parking spot”, tying up the ropes to the wings & tail, putting the reflector back against the interior windshield, buckling up seat belts nice and tidy.

Once everything was done .. we sat outside in the sunshine.  As DH filled out the logbook, I took the opportunity to read my course book .. noticing as I did so .. that more and more of the terminology is becoming a little more familiar.  Gadzooks!!

Back home .. we decided to use one of our Groupons to visit the Flying Otter restaurant.  And to combine this with exercise, we decided to leave the car at home and walk there .. it’s really a short 45 minute walk to downtown .. and it was such a lovely day.

Walking along the Galloping Goose .. we heard someone call out those words “to your left” and expected to see another bicyclist zoom by .. instead, we saw this cool recumbent bike, complete with a cover, resembled a low slung racecar.  I managed to take a quick pic before it sped away.

It’s been months since we’ve been downtown and there are so many changes going on.  The famous Blue Bridge will soon disappear .. there will be a more “modern” one built as a replacement.

We made our way to the Flying Otter .. a floating restaurant.  Full of tables facing the water.  We managed to get a nice high table nice and close to the bar.  I was noticing the bartender filling glasses with a variety of beers from the taps and was quite interested in one that was sort of rose colour.  He poured me a little taste and I was hooked.  I love bitter beers and this filled the bill with the additional delicate taste of black currants.

The food was delicious and the service was upbeat.  We plan to return.

It was so much fun walking along, arm in arm – downtown.  Years ago, before the city grew so much, the streets were quite quiet and we used to visit the downtown area often.   So it was a treat to do this again.  Although, this is the quiet season, quite a change in the summer time.   I much prefer this time of the year to visit here.

We made our way over to the bus stop … and find that we just missed the one that would take us home … debated over just standing there waiting .. or just simply walk home.  And we did just that!   In no time at all, it seemed, we were at our front door!

Home sweet home!   In just 3 hours we had walked to town, dined on a lovely meal and walked home again.  No parking concerns.  No traffic concerns!

Saturday was a great day.

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