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Monday, June 3, 2013

A brilliantly beautiful sunshiny day!  Birds are chirping away (I replenished the feeders yesterday!)  And I am facing a full day of playing away in the garden.  Massive amounts of potting up with my many seedlings!  This year I’ve put squash plants in containers .. as I’ve used most of my veggie garden for garlic!!

And there is one section left in the sunny area for veggies.  There I’ve planted some squash, shallots and there is still room for squash there.

This year I’d purchased Mason Bees with nesting trays … and I’d placed their little home on the trunk of an old apple tree.  How exciting it has been to check throughout the spring to see the cocoons open up and know that nature is taking its course and the bees are out in the world.   Although I wondered where they were .. I’d seen a variety of bees buzzing away in the yard but hadn’t noticed any of the little black bees.  So yesterday I ventured to their home and saw that the two lower sections were sealed shut!


This led me to search for more information on these industrious creatures and I found this very informative site:  http://www.crownbees.com/life-cycle-of-the-mason-bee/   and sure enough, as the site notes, the bottom 2 left openings are filled in.   This site lists absolutely everything I need to know about raising my little winged family .. how exciting!

Lovely blue skies again … how cheerful and uplifting to have this overhead!   My umbrella has the same scenery on the inside .. more incentive to go for long walks in the rain with a view like this!


One of the many other busy bees in the yard …. lots of pollinators for all growing plants and trees throughout the yard.20

 Found this broken egg shell when D and I were out walking at Sooke last week.  We were in an area that normally was inaccessible unless we were ducks, however, the tides were way out.   She has a good knack for finding things that are  just not really evident .. perhaps this is a Heron’s egg?  It is very large, bigger than any I’ve ever seen … so I took it home for a souvenir.  I’ve placed it beside some squash shoots for a comparison.


Look .. I have Garry Oak growing in my garlic forest! Actually there are a number of them and I’ve potted up quite a few.  When I harvest the garlic, I’ll pot up the oaks growing in the garlic .. don’t want to disturb them unnecessarily.


Well .. time to go for a walk in the sun and then, oh joy, to work in my garden!


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Wednesday, August 18, 2011

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Another lovely, hot and sunny day in Saanich!

Ventured outside .. overseeing the finished gravel area at the front .. deciding where to finish the gravel bit … then .. hey .. time to go to Dakota Cafe for Won Ton Wednesday.

As usual, a busy time as this is one of the most popular of the 3 Won Ton days!  As usual, the soup is absolutely delicious and I finish every drop of the tasty broth

Busy looking at the dragonflies buzzing around, trying to figure their flight path, when dh points out a big blue is taking a breaking, clinging to some bare twigs on a hedge.   I wanted to take a photo and I so knew that if I went outside, the opportunity would be gone, the dragonfly would have flown away.

So I attempted to take a photo of the blue and yeah!  it turned out!

I wondered if there was a control tower that the dragons tuned in to as they flew through the afternoon.  I can see this mystical tower … damsels would be manning the controls, barking out directions as the minutes flew by!  ha ha ha

Anyway, outside to have a little walk-around and then time to return home.

Garbed for the garden .. I first went on a little walk around the garden to see how things are growing.

A few tomato plants surprised me with a wealth of new fruits!  And one tomato is actually turning red .. yea .. signs for a blt soon!

Collected some of the sweet pea seeds .. for next year!   The squash plants are flowering … and I think that I shall have to clip some new growth, so that perhaps I might get a squash .. or two?

The potato plants, well, will they ever stop flowering?  I want so badly to just dig up one of the plants, just to see how many potatoes there are!  But gardening wisdom states that the plants be left alone till they start to wilt and then it will be time to turn the soil.

I don’t know whether to get excited about a bumper crop or not!  So I’ll stay calm and wait to be surprised.  The garlic crop taught me this lesson!

Spent a few hours on the gravel at the front.   I can see the end of the shovelling .. might take a few more days.   Once done, then I’ll be calling for more  Magic Mulch!!   That stuff is just amazing!  I’ll order four more yards and this might just cover the side yards.

Then, I’ll be looking forward to November or December .. whenever the oak leaves begin falling!

I have a lovely source for these leaves and plan to bag quite a few .. to mix in with hay & manure, and then mix together over the winter.  To create lovely new soil for next year.   My garden soil this year is from the mixture that I kept turning last winter.   And it is so rich.  Everything broke down beautifully, I was quite impressed!  No waiting for a year!

Oh, My .. tonight was Day 5 in the Metereology . and really, my brain is nearing the full limit.

A positive story was given by our instructor .. he’d flown to the States today with his student .. who is working on his Commercial License.

And this student is 82 years of age!  So bye, bye,  “I can’t learn, because I’m ___ years old”.  This blows that theory totally out of the water.

I so want to be like this guy!  Never saying “I can’t .. because (fill in the blank)”

Gotta love this!   Flying rocks.

Anyway, it’s been a day and I intend to spend most of tomorrow with my gravel.  I wonder, am I spending too much time around these tiny pieces of rock?


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