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Sunday, April 1, 2012

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I love the look of raindrops on flowers, trees, branches .. a delicate transformation of yet another layer of beauty.  Translucent beads of moisture gracefully tumbling on delicate flower petals

And I love the smell of fresh earth when the rains start  .. and imagine a giant sprinkling can wafting back and forth over the earth.  Wouldn’t that be funny?

Last year I was working in the front yard when the rains started pouring down.  Wanting to stay outside, I simply opened up the car trunk, lowered the back seats down and sat inside the dry cocoon of my car.   Breathing in the fresh rainy perfume, listening to the steady pounding of the raindrops as they pelted the roof of my car.  It was a lovely interlude and very relaxing.  All that I needed was a mug of tea, but I wasn’t going to disrupt the mood by going inside and preparing a pot of tea.  So I simply remained where I was. Calm and tranquil.

Yesterday I spent some time on shopping .. we were having a neighbourhood potluck at, where else, a neighbour’s house!  I spent time looking through my cookbooks, searching for something I could prepare.  Nothing struck my fancy, so I went to M & M’s to buy one of those hors d’oeuvre packages.  Yuck.  Never again.  I prepared them properly and put them in some lovely plain white dishes (oops, didn’t think of taking a photo . .as I’d burned my finger on one of the cookie tins, ouch!)

Wrapped them carefully in foil and DH transported them while I carried our little case of beer.

These little things aren’t too bad when they are warm, but, later, I tried to taste one  and omg, they just didn’t taste as good as they looked.  So I binned them later.

Our gardening class has a potluck tomorrow and shortly I’ll be preparing spanakopitas for that event.   Went shopping for the organic spinach, green onions and parsley.  I’ll be using goat feta and thinly sliced almonds.   And the Phylo has thawed out so I’m all set.

Yesterday the weather was chilly and overcast.  When the sun did come out, which it did sporadically .. the air was still a bit too brisk to do any sort of gardening.

So instead I walked around, looking at the birds.  The Juncos were singing away to each other.  Flying around and perching on branches, looking so darn cute.

The Annas were out in full force.   And the front yard Annas, these little beings are siphoning the nectar, I swear, cause I’m filling that feeder every few days.  No leakage, so they are just very heavy feeders. Quite unlike the backyard Annas .. just fill up that feeder once a week or so.

While I was refilling the feeder for the front yard Annas, they kept zipping around my head, buzzing like little helicopters.   Of course this made me laugh and duck as they whirled around my head .. I wonder if they recognize me out there?

I’m so very happy with all the gardening in the yard and full of joy at being able to play around there all day!   I have so many plans and am so excited about spending the whole day, up early and just plain playing around.

Having worked for the majority of my life .. now, finally, I have the opportunity to do what I most love to do in all the world … dig and plant and propagate plants and study and learn.  Endless opportunities to express my most genuine love for all living plants.  And gettting down and dirty, as I kneel on the ground and dig away.   No worries about getting my clothes dirty, or mussing up my hair or “so what, I have mud on my face”?

And remembering to constantly look up to the skies .. to see beautiful clouds, magnificent eagles, hawks, turkey vultures .. soaring by.   Spend happy moments watching the birds play around me.

Ah, what a wonderful life this is!


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