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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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So the week started out full of promise.  Some frost in the early morning .. noticed some flakes of snow on the mulch in the back yard.  Brrr.

Monday was a day totally spent in the yard.  Sheer bliss.   I’d been spending a fair bit of time at the kitchen table, little old Toshiba connected, going through the study materials of the gardening course I’m taking.  I’ve stayed there through some sunny days and thought to myself, well, it’s good to spend the time now so I’ll have the knowledge later.

But, my goodness, how much can a gardener take .. staying indoors all this time, anyway!  So, Monday was my decadent day .. to spend completely outside.   Except for some quick trips inside to make more Yorkshire Tea and a quick-lunch, Monday was devoted to outside things.

I had a mission .. to tidy up the yard so that my gardening class could freely move around the yard.  Thus I moved hundreds of cuttings & potted plants to one area, so nice and tidy, I impressed myself.  Then, time to address the mountain of leaf mulch.  I filled tarp after tarp load with the leafy stuff and dragged them over to the perimeter of the yard, nicely topping up the side gardens, being careful not to cover the emerging bulbs.

This time of the year is such a delight .. so many surprise flowers popping up, awakening from their winter sleep.  Perfuming the air with their scent and delighting the senses with their delicate beauty.

I accomplished quite a lot on Monday .. so on Tuesday, I decided to continue.  Morning was chilly and then the sun fought to come out.  Clouds 1.  Sun 0.   But, a lovely warm mug or two of Yorkshire Tea kept me warmed up.

Our backyard is actually quite large.  Now that I’ve moved the potted cuttings, reduced the size of the leaf mulch pile, removed part of the homemade bamboo/twig fence that encircled it,  bundled the support twigs that comprised the fencing .. the yard is looking quite spacious.

Normally I’m the only person playing out here, so I’ve allowed myself to have some lazy habits.  And now that I’ve been organizing the space, I’ve quite impressed myself with my activity.

Next I moved the loose rocks and boulders to encase some island beds.  Dug in some broken bricks in the back pathway, adding to the rustic charm of a relaxed garden.  Mended some loose boards in the fence.

Stood back, admiring my work from the past few days.  I can feel the lovely fresh energy that now emanates from my garden .. my real living space.

And although the work was for naught, as the location has now been changed for the pruning demonstration and will not take place at our yard .. I feel that all was not done in vain.  For, if not for the push of the upcoming Saturday’s pruning event, I would have dillied and dallied and wouldn’t have been so active.   Much like preparing for an upcoming visit of someone and plans changed at the last-minute.  The result is a tidy space.   And the feeling of pride and joy of discovering that my organizational skills are smoking hot!    Chalk one up for me .. I’ve proved to myself how hard I can work.  Had forgotten that skill .. so this was a good reminder.

Funny .. during the last few days, when I’ve been busy doing something or the other in the yard, suddenly I’d heard some sharp rap-tap-tap noises .. looked up and some (variably) a little Chickadee or Nuthatch.  Nicely settled on an acrylic sided bird feeder.  Noisily tapping away at the clear sides … the bird version of a slot machine.  Expecting the seeds to fall into the trough?  Or, trying to catch my attention?  Either way, I complied to their needs and put some sunflower seeds into the feeder.

The idea that wild birds can communicate to us mere humans was reinforced this winter.   The front Hummingbird feeder had frozen solid, so I took it inside, thawed it out, refilled it .. and placed it by the front door.  Then DH & I would look out the front window and observe the little Anna fly around, checking it out and then settle in for a feed.  After, of course, flying up to the window, flying horizontally and vertically, thoroughly checking us out.  She knew we were there and that I had “fixed” her food source.

One morning, looking out .. I saw that the feeder was again frozen.  This time, little Anna tried to get some nectar.  No joy.  she turned her little head in my direction, looked back at the feeder, then back at me, then back to the feeder.  She acknowledged that I was the “fixer” .. the nectar was frozen .. so  .. “fix it”!  Body language was clear.

So I did fix it … and soon she was happily feeding away.

Yesterday the winds were so wild that the backyard hummingbird feeder went crashing to the ground.  Finally, I picked it up, took it inside, cleaned & added some nectar and then hung it from a little branch at a side cedar tree.  I knew the backyard Anna would find it.   She’s smart.

Well, nature and all of the beauty have been inspiring me with a wonderful gardening energy and today I will return again to the garden.

A brand new lovely day ….

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Monday,  August 29, 2011

Today was another day of sheer bliss!

The early morning started out with a mix of sun and cloud .. and soon the sun took over!

We went to the Alberni airport .. met up with the sailplane instructor and made  our way to our set-up place for the day!

Another day in the presence of authentic, professional, dedicated flyers!  It did my heart good to be amongst such a truly motivated group of individuals!

An enjoyable day spent in watching take-offs and landings!

Some time spent in watching for bears .. a big one was heard in the nearby bushes .. so I didn’t exactly relax in my gravity chair!

The entire day seemed timeless … a day spent in relaxing, watching, taking photos.  Reading yet another amazing novel by Elizabeth George!!  (One I’d read years ago .. and had forgotten some of the incredible subtle plots .. how delicious!)

This was an old-fashioned day.  The kind where time stops.  One doesn’t have to rush here and there .. or make an appointment .. or anything at all.  Just relax.  Feel the wind and the sun.   Wave away the wasps.   Marvel at the leaps of the grasshoppers.

Admire the variety of aircraft that fly in to the airport.   Study the flowers and trees that have thrived in the heat.

Then .. near the end of the day .. it’s time for me to indulge in another sailplane flight!

Yesterday was such a rush .. it had been quite a few years since I’d experienced the magic of a sailplane ride and it was very exciting to be soaring through the air .. felt as if I was in a big clear bubble of air, soaring over the countryside.

Today I enjoyed seeing the excitement of people going for their first every flight!   And loved hearing their happy conversations as they got out of the sailplane … so fired up with their experience and wanting to fly again!

And what a way to end my day there today … by going up for another flight!  Sheer bliss!    Secure in the confidence of the pilot (as yesterday, also!!)  I just relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful scenery .. I recorded as much as possible.  Yesterday my camera ran out of battery power .. so I was able to enjoy the balance of my flight.

Today I turned the camera on and off and mostly just snuggled down to enjoy the magic carpet ride through the air.  Seeing Sprout Lake and the infamous Martin Mars tied up below.

Great Central Lake (an offshoot of Sproat Lake).  Stamp Lake and the magnificent falls.

Does life get much better than this?


Down to earth .. dh begins the long trek home.  We stop off at a restaurant for a light supper and then, finally, home sweet home!

Kitty kats are happy to see us!  A cuddle, some good tinned food to augment their diet!  A quick tidying up of their litter boxes and soon life is back to normal.

Oh, happy days!!


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