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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

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We’ve been lucky with weather lately, and actually had 4 days of sunshine!  This all ended yesterday … and now we are back to overcast with some rain.

DH & I went flying over town on Friday .. and we could see this huge band of dark cloud formation, quite unusual.  It was as if someone with a gigantic paintbrush had simply painted a long swathe of cloud.  It stretched from Hope, BC over to us and then continued.

This was the forerunner to the weather changes leading to our current slightly rainy weather.

It was wonderful to be flying again .. up in the air so high, everything down below seems like a little toy world.

Then on Saturday, full sun!   Felt kind of lazy, garden wise .. it’s the same every year.  Impatient to be outside getting my hands in the soil .. and then .. sort of like wandering around, daydreaming as to what I’ll be doing here and there.

Brought out my EM, mixed some with water and added to some plantings.

A friend of mine will be travelling and I’ll be looking after her plants .. so while she is off exploring, her plants will be at “club med” relaxing in the sun.  They are all placed together so they can communicate with each other.  I’ve given them all a healthy watering of EM, so that feels quite good .. nice healthy microbial action to liven up the soil and give these plants a good diet.

Can you see the photos of the cedars with the sweaters?  She just happened to have 2 matching woolen sweaters (English, don’t you know!) and placed them over the burlap covered rootballs, so that there wouldn’t be any soil loss, while they were being moved.   And now the trees are in planters for the summer and coming seasons, till the time is right for them to be moved again.  They are safe here.

So then I had to mix up more EM and watered all the plants in this side area of the garden.

Then I had a nice surprise conversation with my gardening neighbour, M .. the lovely lady who constantly gives me perennials, and lettuce and other vegetables during the growing season.  She also gives me tips on propagating (roses, she always takes cuttings, puts them in soil filled containers, with a glass covering and slowly, they grow roots!!).

So on Saturday, I’m trying to explain the wonderful new things I’ve learned in my OMG course and when I said the word “mycorrhizal” .. her eyes lit up!   And when I showed her the blueberry cuttings in sand (they are sprouting leaves already) she noted that there is more air in the sand so that is a good growing medium.

Then, she tells me that she was a teacher in the Ukraine!  And she taught biology, chemistry and (I think) botany!  OMG .. what a treasure and she is my neighbour!!!  She is working on improving her English .. which is radically different from the sentence structure in Ukrainian.  I am so looking forward to learning more gardening knowledge from her, as her English improves.

The key word was “mycorrhizal” .. and I’m so glad that I worked hard to understand & remember the significance of this word.

Anyway .. after all this … DH comes home and it’s off to the airport we go!   A local flight .. and yee-haw .. it’s magic to be back in the air.

And on Sunday, we were up up up and away .. gone the whole day.  Spent lovely time at the flying club … time to tend the garden, I must go out there sometime with my clippers and strings to support the sweet peas .. still growing from last year!  And time to transplant a few of the bigger plants.  Always something to do.  And I think I will apply some EM to the plants there also.

Well .. time to get going on this day.  I’ve read in the  paper that there is now a “green roof” full of native plants at the Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary.  I’ve noticed the structure being built, was curious .. really look forward to seeing this green roof first hand.

So now I’ll try not to spend 3 hours on my walk there!  But it’s so hard when there are so many beautiful things to see!


p.s. I came across this article a few weeks ago .. about Miracle Gro birdseed, the company knowingly added pesticides to the birdseed… , despite the advise of their ornathologists – how many wild and domestic birds have been poisoned?  I’m going to contact the sources of the birdseed that I’ve been buying, to find out what they have to say about their products.  Scary.  Who would have thought that an innocent product like birdseed would be contaminated?


And I’ve just gone downstairs to check my bird feed supplies and what do I see but the name “Scotts” on the front of the package.  So I visited the website that is listed on label, and it is the Scotts Miracle Gro birdseed site.  Now I feel quite sick about having fed the wild birds this suet.  So I’ve e-mailed the store where I purchased the suet, asking that they discontinue selling  this product.  And I’ve just sent off an e-mail to the Scotts birdseed site.  www.scottswildbirdfood.ca berating them for knowingly adding the pesticides.

This is truly a “Buyer – Beware” situation.  From now on I’ll stick to the plain fat that I can get from the supermarket meat department.  Thrifty Foods is quite helpful in that respect.

As for the remaining unopened suet block that remains, well, I’ll be treating that like hazardous waste.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

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  Saturday was a busy one.  Normal running around.   But, today was Seedy Saturday, so I wanted to spend some time there later on.

Over to the Tillicum Mall … saw a funky little food truck, plants growing out of the sides (at least I think they were real).  I was just about to walk on by when I remember that I was carrying my little camera .. and so, I stopped and took a few photos.  Never miss the opportunity.  I’ve not seen this truck before and might not again!

Wander around the mall .. I like the friendly atmosphere of this place.   No big box stores here .. those places seem to dehumanize people.  Ceilings up to the sky.  Endless rows of products.  Easy to feel anonymous in the crowds.

Not so at Tillicum.  There is a nice relaxed feeling there.   Quite a variety of small stores .. where customers can chat with the store clerks.  Enjoy conversations and jokes.  Little cafes, coffee shops.  There always seem to be sales there.

And there is a sort of neighbourhood ambience there also.  Quite often there are presentations, entertainment.

Last year I happened to visit and there was an antiquities show there, large tables set up …with such a variety of things for sale.  The sellers went around during the year collecting things and then sold them.  Prices were quite reasonable.  Although I was tempted .. I resisted the impulse to purchase a set of tiny silver plated teaspoons.  They would have made a dainty wind chime, but I have too many projects not finished.

Later on in the day, decided it was time to head on down to the Seedy Saturday.   There had been speakers throughout the day, but I really just wanted to buy some different seeds.

Arrived at the Empress parkade .. full .. hmmm .. decided to just drive around to see if I could find a free parking space.  If not, I’d just go home. Well, a block or so away, there was an empty spot ..so I carefully parked my little car and walked to the Convention Centre, paid my admission and went inside.

The place was buzzing .. I can only imagine how busy the whole day was, from morning till now.   I was surrounded by excited conversations taking place between vendors and customers.  Tried to visit as many tables as possible.  Enjoyed some great gardening conversations.  Bought a variety of items.

Surprise, surprise, bumped into someone I hadn’t seen for a few years, quite a nice surprise.  She is also enrolled in a wonderful gardening program!   Saw the most amazing pumpkin on their table.  It was so beautiful and didn’t look real, so I just kept taking pictures!  Talked with the lady who grows these and other vegetables … .I’ll be looking for the upcoming Fernwood plant sales .. she’ll be there!  I want to grow one of these pumpkins.  She laughed and said that at home, they kept moving the pumpking around from room to room.  How fun!

I was reminded that the Camosun Plant Sale will be taking place at Royal Roads in the Spring .. omg .. I haven’t been to one of those for so many years.   gulp, watch out, wallet, here we go!

I’m digging out packets of seeds from my purse and my carry bag .. let’s see, what did I buy on Saturday:

Rheinische Zucker Erbse Pea seeds from Salt Spring Seeds, http://www.saltspringseeds.com/  & I subscribe to his newsletter.

Italian large leaf Basil, from Omega blue Farms, Qualicum Beach, OmegaBlueFarms@gmail.com

Red chieftain potato seedlings,  (no farm name)

Red Orach, Sunbird Seeds, Victoria, B.C. – these will be striking, tall red plants ( and I see that they self seed .. so next year I’ll be giving these away.

Spaghetti Squash, Tiger Tom Tomato (golden striping on red/orange skin) excellent for lattice-work trellising & Kentucky Wonder Bean … from Brother Nature, http://www.brothernature.ca

And .. from Twining Vine Garden:  http://www.plantexplorers.com/twiningvine/index.php

They have quite a variety of unusual seeds and I purchased the following:

Spicebush, Chinese,deciduous flowering shrub, unique cup & saucer flowers

Miracle Tree, 7 seeds in the bag, quite large, ready to plant.  These are grown in poorer countries for nutrition. All tender parts of the tree are edible. Drought resistant, ideal for dry poor soils.  Not frost tolerant.   I’ll start half of the seeds and save the rest for later.

Winter Squash,French heirloom, smooth silky nutty sweet orange flesh .. more wards = more sugar.

Saskatoon Berry (noted that many sprout at the base of dogwoods & Rhodos) and American Ginseng (the ginseng has been stratified already)

Spicy Onion Tree – how could I resist!

Mock Orange, Chinese, drout tolerant, “bambi” proof ..

It was a great afternoon!  And a great day!


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Monday, October 21, 2011

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Up early this morning .. after taking care of little kitty kats, I decide that I can spend some time on this early morning .. tapping away at the keyboard.  So I select my lovely “Chante France” online radio and soon I’m typing away! http://www.chantefrance.com/# listening to lovely music.    I’ve listened to this station for many years … and still love listening to the music.

This weekend has been a mixed bag of weather.  Saturday started out rainy and cloudy and later changed to full sun.

Yesterday the day fared better … bright and sunny all day long.  Early morning we went out to a local lumber place to purchase the final items to finish off our newly finished room at the front .. now our front porch is fully enclosed.

It’s so much fun to finally utilize space that was never ever used.  We’d used the front porch only as a place to pass through .. en route either to the interior of the house or exiting from it.    Now we have a fully enclosed room.  We look forward to finishing the final details.  Paint.  Flooring.

Of course, draperies were needed .. so I made my way over to the local Fabricland.   Only thing was, the store didn’t open till an hour later.  What to do.  Went for a walk around the mall and discovered that all the stores, except for the large drug store … didn’t open till an hour later also!  Hmm….

Met a young mom out with her brood,  turns out they’d arrived an hour too soon for their morning activities also .. so they were setting out for a local restaurant before the hockey games were due to start.  We enjoyed a good conversation, I commented on how well she was managing a little child who was acting up.   He had challenges and they were dealing well with them.  Patience and understanding sure go a long way.

Then I wandered over to the sports complex .. a Home Show was taking place .. however, I decided not to go .. I usually buy something that I never use from these things.  I still have the super fantastic cutting tool that was being demonstrated at the last show I went to.   It’s downstairs somewhere in a box.  Hmm.. perhaps it’s time to dig it out and use it!

I enjoy wandering aimlessly around, with time to spare.   Looked in the windows at the newest library .. closed now, and will open in a few hours.   Check out the exercise programs offered.  Finally ..  meander over to my car, where I solve Sudoku until the fabric store opens.

A steady stream of cars and pedestrians come and go .. I’m not the only one who thinks that the store opens at 10 am!

Finally, the doors open and customers stream inside.  I make my way over to the drapery section, crossing my fingers that the lovely ready-made drapes are still there.

Ok, this is one of those situations where time simply disappears ..a time warp where nothing exists except for the here and now (as Cesar Milan says!).

I visualize the windows that need drapes .. .and determine the number of drapery panels that are needed.  Next, I look around, selecting and cancelling .. a variety of colours.  Some I adore, wild, bold prints.  Nope … a neutral type is more suitable.

Looking for texture .. I put aside some dull gold colour with silver threads running through.  Another pair catch my eye .. a sold colour heading, lovely round rings to hang from the drapery rod.  The lined drapes are a subtle gold colour, with tiny squares of stitched designs.  I do a quick calculation .. even with 50% discount, this will set me back a few hundred.

I make myself do another walk around .. and what do I find .. but 6 panels of drapes that are the twins of my new computer room drapes .. only in a different colour tone .. and omg . .these are truly on sale!!!  So I select the 6 panels (the remaining panels available, lucky me).

Next comes the search for modestly priced drapery rods.   I hunt and hunt through the selection offered .. amazed at the costs, even at 50% off.   Finally I select just the right rods.  Simple, understated, with lovely muted gold leaves set at either end.  Perfect!  And.. they cost more than the panels.  Oh, well, c’est la vie!

I make my way home .. happy with my purchases .. and even though it’s nearly 2 hours since I set out on my shopping adventure .. it’s still early afternoon.

Mugs of Y tea prepared, I chat with my busy DH who is working at full speed to finish all of the work necessary to seal in our “new” room for the winter.   We joke as we make plans for this space … the possibilities .. frivolous .. practical .. fun.

Finally I wander outside .. the sun warms up the yard .. the birds are temporarily absent, visiting other yards I’ll bet.

I look at the pile of bricks where, yesterday, the little Juncos’ were taking turns posing ..  and nearby, the medium-sized plant saucer that was being used as a bath by some of the others.   Early morning on Saturday, I’d looked out the kitchen window and thought that I saw motion in the saucer and at first glance just thought that there was a heavy drop of leaves from the wild and crazy tree.

Looking closer, I soon made out the blurring of wings being flapped about in the water.  OMG, the birds were taking a bath!  Unable to take photos (any outside movement would have caused all birds to fly away) ..I contented myself with just watching and enjoying the living antics of these most wonderous little beings.

Which reminds me .. yesterday, we’d gone to Dakota Cafe for breakfast and on the way out, picked up the latest copy of the newsletter, the Patrician.  Driving away, I opened up this edition and .. was so happy to see a photo of little birds ..printed in the front of the publication!  http://www.flyvfc.com/database/October2011.pdf  This edition is pack full of information on fun trips taken by members.  And the publication is first class .. produced by an amazing designer, Christie Hall.  She’s quite an amazing designer!!

Anyway .. I do go on and the sun is starting to shine.  So I’m off to one of my two leaf sources to fill up several bags of the beautiful leaves.  There are two raked mountains of leaves to be bagged and taken home.

Oh, happy day.

I plan to work away later on … placing newspaper mulch down as a base, starting at the right side of the back yard.  And onto this base I will start shovelling that (magic) Miracle Mulch!

There are still garlic bulbs to plant …. I might just fill some deep pots with soil and bulbs .. and then I can move them about in the full summer sun.

And I plan to propagate some more plants .. like the Santolina .. and then thin out some raspberry canes for placement elsewhere in the yard.

So many fun things to do.   And by occupying myself fully in the yard, I again successfully avoid continuing on the sorting out of my computer room!  Yippee .. that can wait till a rainy day.  Which is also when I’ll be finishing adjusting the drapery panels.  Taking apart the side seams and then pressing, pinning and sewing new seams.    Making two panels out of four.

Boredom?  Not in my life thank you very much.


Now .. on with my lovely daily life.

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