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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Yesterday, hot sunny day…. we drove to Port Alberni . early in the morning.  DH worked hard to earn his sailplane license.

I went for yet another flight .. half an hour this time.  I am so totally addicted to this now.  To hear the magical ever-increasing high pitching musical tones of the variometer, indicating the uplift of thermals.

Soaring along the Beaufort Ridge … seeing ravens flying along the rocky surface.  My pilot Matt noted that there are nests up there and he sees them all the time.

Oh, the magical sensation of soaring through the air.  Watching the world roll by.

We also did a high-speed  low and over and, if anything, that was the icing on the cake.  The glider flew so fast and sounded like a jet over the airstrip.

Too soon (half an hour) we landed.   Wah.

I look forward to another flight today and I’ll be making a HD video and will post it either later today or tomorrow.

I would willingly live in a hut for the rest of my days if I could look forward to many more flights in a sailplane.  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.   tops this flying in the sky.

And I have such total respect for the attention to detail and total safety aspect that Andrezj demonstrates.    He is a professional, highly motivated instructor/pilot who pays attention to the tiniest detail of flight and flying.    And he only selects the best pilots for his crew.

I’m more in love with flying today than I have ever been!

And I’ve had a variety, thanks to my DH!  I’ve experienced:

– foot-launched hang gliding flight

– 3 tow-launched hang gliding flights

– flights on the passenger seat of an ultra-light

-sailplane rides in California & Port Alberni (years ago)

– aerobatic flight for my birthday

– dual time flights in Cessna 172’s

– flights in tail-draggers

– rides in Nan-Chang

All of these have been so exciting and filled my life with such joy.

But, I’m sorry .. nothing equals the grace and magic of a sailplane.

So….off we go again.

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