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Thursday, February 16, 2012

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Wednesday was such a beautiful day .. it was the day that my pal D and I were making the long trek to Sooke to collect seaweed.

I’d practised packing the car with Rubbermaid containers, wanting to get the maximum amount of seaweed as possible.  My little Echo hatchback has lots of interior room, once I fold down the back seats.  I carefully lined the sides and floor of the back with tarps, played around with placements and then arranged the containers.  I also brought along a shovel and garden fork, which I found .. I didn’t need at all.

D is the perfect person for this trip .. as she has worked in the holistic health category for quite a number of years.  She is so very knowledgeable in the ways of nature and the uses of items found in nature, in particular .. seaweed!   We chatted about gardening on the way to Sooke.

It has been many years since I’d driven out that way and, despite the many changes that have taken place, I found that, once I’d driven a number of miles, I felt the familiarity of the roads.  And we discussed that subject yesterday.

About having been somewhere . .years ago.  Then revisiting that area, all the memories come flooding back ..like “oh, yeah .. there is the restaurant … and here is that tree” .. that sort of thing.

I think that we really do remember so very much that has gone on in our lives .. and when we don’t need access to that information, it is filed neatly away in proper little labelled “files” in our subconscious .. easily brought out when needed.

Anyway, we had a great trip out there .. and suddenly, we were at Whiffen Spit!  Alongside the famed Sooke Harbour House!.

We met many lovely dogs, and their owners, of course!  We walked for miles. We collected a great variety of seaweed, grasses and kelp.  And I literally stuffed the containers so full that they couldn’t hold a speck more.  Then I moved the containers to the area by the car and one by one loaded them in.

I was especially interested in the “Turkish Facecloth” type of seaweed.  D explained how to use this .. once it’s dried, you can use this as an exfoliant .. and then, dry it and use it again.   And she showed me the properties of other sea items .. but .. my memory is short .. so I will ask her for the names and will post them at a later date.

She also told me about a lady, Christine (sp?), who gives workshops at French Beach .. so I’ll post that information once I have a link.

And I learned that there are different seaweeds available at different times.  Some are living entities, attaching themselves to rocks and need to be cut, with scissors.

Oh, my .. so much more learning to do.   I must admit that, although I was totally aware that seaweed & kelp is good for the garden ..I’d started gathering it over 20 + years ago .. I wasn’t totally aware “why” it is good!.

We had a lovely long walk along the breakwater area .. talked and talked and I tried to remember what I learned!

The smashing sound of the waves breaking against the shore .. all that thundering energy of nature … the brief spot of silence once the waves had dissolved .. and then the tinkling of the stones as they settled in again on the shore … were mesmerizing.

Sat on a bench and watched the surf.   And the antics of some lovely Gold Crowned Sparrows.  Flying around.  Foraging and munching.   Fluffing out their feathers and basking in the sun.

A few Mallards flying about.  A few seagulls.

More later.

Time to go home .. and we stopped at the most wonderful little cafe …http://www.stickinthemud.ca/  talked with the owner.  He was so very witty, despite not having an English accent!   He and the wonderful young gals and guys running the cafe were just absolutely wonderful!  As D noted, this is a place where one could feel very comfortable just being there, every day!  And I concur!  I am not the type of person who is easily comfortable sitting in a Starbucks or a Tim Horton’s establishment.  But, this Stick in the Mud has just the right atmosphere.  I could easily see myself visiting the cafe on a regular basis.  Cup of tea, visit with the regulars.  Pity it’s so far from home.

Oh, and their sausage rolls are just exquisite!  There was only one left so D & I shared.   Yum .. .Yum!    And we also shared a type of butter tart, mixed with raspberries on a base of shortbread.   Oh.  My.   And so I bought two to take home to DH.  And I didn’t even nibble on either one of them.  Such strength of character.   I saved them both for him.

I’m thinking that it’s even worth a quick trip out to Sooke to get more of these goodies.  Hmmmm .. perhaps next week.

So .. yesterday was a treat.  It was absolutely wonderful to wander along the way in the warm sunshine.  Visiting with all the lovely dogs that we met .. I just wanted to hug them all, they were so very sweet and trusting.  What a treasure that was to me.   Sweet memories.   And you know how dogs communicate with their eyes!!  So expressive.

Anyway .. time to call it a day .. and more tomorrow!


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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

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 Looking forward, on this bright, sunny morning .. to the delivery of the 4 yards of Miracle Mulch.  Phone rings.  Delivery is here!  Rush outside … mulch is dropped in the driveway.  Yum Yum .. this looks good!

Spent a few hours filling up my Rubbermaid wheelbarrow, making many trips to the side yard … the mulch is light and easy to shovel.  I soon have the side yard filled with this beautiful material.   Looks so good.  I think back to a few years ago, when this area was full of blackberries, lumber and weeds.   What a transformation has taken place .. I think – as I look at the area today!

I’ve decided not to use the bricks here, so I’ve piled them to one side and will move them to the back yard tomorrow.  Next I played around with round pavers .. placing them on the mulch .. as a pathway.  I’ve used a sort of rounded type of pattern .. maybe I’ll move them tomorrow, maybe having a central pathway … or a curvier one.

Filled some Rubbermaid containers with mulch .. to use when I’ve finished weeding a section of garden by our new front stairs!  Then I can shovel the mulch on to this area.

Next I placed a tarp in the backyard and started filling that with the mulch.   I’ll do some weeding in the back yard and will top up the side yard with the mulch.

Much more work to be done in the yard .. but, little steps …. it’s all getting done.

And I’ll need to order more of that marvellous mulch!

Little Youbou cat is very playful today.  Normally he makes himself scarce when I’m working outside.  But today, he’s broken through some kind of barrier and actually comes up to me in the yard, purring, letting me pat him and even allowing me to pick him up.  Will wonders never cease!

He and his big brother, Duncan are such funny little guys.   Since I started the routine of giving them little cat treats in the early evening, starting about a few weeks ago .. now  they expect them, every evening, after supper!.

Tonight they are sitting at the patio door .. eyes wide .. “where are my treats”!!!   So I let them in .. and Duncan settles in his little bed .. Youbou sits nearby .. both sets of eyes are trained on me.  Ok .. time for treats .. and then they are purring away and happily crunching on the treats!

Out and about  .. groceries need to be purchased .. so I venture out in my little car, list all written out, coupons attached.   See the sweetest little dog at Thrifty’s … leash firmly attached to a post in the ground.   Very friendly .. tail wags at absolutely everyone who walks by … I kneel down to pat him and have a little chat and am rewarded with kisses to my hand.   Soon his mom appears and unwraps the leash. We chat and laugh .. and soon they are on their way.

Homeward bound .. looking forward to putting away groceries, heating up a little supper.  Laundry and all that exciting stuff.

And now, time to watch today’s hour-long Coronation Street show.    Yeah.

Time to relax .. lots of work ahead tomorrow.  Lots of hot weather ahead.  Summer is still here, oh, happy days.


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Thursday, August 25, 2011

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Hot and sunny … way to go!  Spent a few hours this morning digging away at the remainder of the gravel section!  More positive comments from neighbours passing by, so that feels good.

Stopped for a few minutes to watch the neighbours cats playing away .. chasing leaves that bounced along the roadway.   Hadn’t noticed the tabby was sitting close by until I stood up and (s)he raced across the road.

Tranquil moments, playing with the gravel sifting the stones from the soil that had gathered around it for the past 20 years.   Rejuvenation!

Time disappeared as I worked with the pickax to loosen another section and shovelled some scoops onto the sifting stand.  Starting to look good!  And I’ve filled a number of Rubbermaid containers with this sifted soil and will spread over the grassy section, where I scattered the grass seed.  Will be interesting to see if this seed grows .. I found the store receipt from 1996!!

This work is always so conducive to a freeing up of energy.  I get caught up in the  monotony of the repeated work .. which frees up my mind and I relax into a meditative type of state.  Very relaxing.   And very creative.

I enjoy these mornings, working away in the newness of the day.  Listening to the chirps of the birds as they go about their days.

I wonder if they sit down and have regular Monday morning meetings, agendas all drawn up.  Time lines listed on charts.   Each taking their turn to pompously stand up and list their achievements, past and present.

Nah, birds would never do that.  They are free spirits.  Existing in the now (as Cesar often says!)  Flying here and there.  Singing.  Enjoying every second of life and the beauty that is in their worlds.

Ok .. lunch done & tea finished . .time to go outside for the final chapter on the gravel.


Worked diligently during the hot afternoon and slowly made progress with the soil/weed encrusted gravel.

Eventually I reached the point where sufficient gravel had been dug up, and sifted!  Time to move the soil to the grassy area & the gravel to the parking area.  Then all that was left to do was tidy up, fold the tarp.  Move the sifting station and the parking area was all neat and tidy.

I managed to obtain a large amount of soil from the sifted gravel and most of this I moved to the area where I’d planted the grass seed yesterday.  Tomorrow I’ll spread the soil around and give the area a little water.  And then wait to see if the seed will grow.

Then I decided to water the freshly weeded garden area by the parking area.   Surprised to see that the watering wand wouldn’t shut off.  Oh, no .. this is my first replacement of the Lee Valley variable watering guide, long-handled, watering wand.

I’d originally purchased the original one a year ago.  It worked fine till about a month ago, when the spring activated handle refused to cooperate.  So I returned to LV for a replacement.  And today, all of a sudden, the same problem.

So I returned to LV .. and exchanged this wand for an aluminum/brass one, just a few dollars more.   No adjustable watering choices, but it is very light and does a wonderful job of watering.   And very easy to turn on and off, via a loopy switch on the handle.  This wand came with a 1″ watering rose and I purchased the 2″ rose for the wider watering purposes.

I’m really quite pleased with this wand and tried it out as soon as I came back home.  My newest gardening tool and I love it to bits!!  If I want a jet stream to clear out some soil on the concrete, I’ll just quickly change the head and use the brass adjustable waterer.  thingy.  whatever!  Names!

I’m very pleased with my progress today!  Lots of hard work and just wonderful results!

Tomorrow I’ll visit Dakota Cafe and will do a quick clip of some of the plants and a thorough watering.   And thinking of new plants to add!!

Then, home and playing around in the garden.

What a marvellous life!!  I feel so very fortunate to be living my dream of gardening every single day!


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