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Sunday, April 1, 2012

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I love the look of raindrops on flowers, trees, branches .. a delicate transformation of yet another layer of beauty.  Translucent beads of moisture gracefully tumbling on delicate flower petals

And I love the smell of fresh earth when the rains start  .. and imagine a giant sprinkling can wafting back and forth over the earth.  Wouldn’t that be funny?

Last year I was working in the front yard when the rains started pouring down.  Wanting to stay outside, I simply opened up the car trunk, lowered the back seats down and sat inside the dry cocoon of my car.   Breathing in the fresh rainy perfume, listening to the steady pounding of the raindrops as they pelted the roof of my car.  It was a lovely interlude and very relaxing.  All that I needed was a mug of tea, but I wasn’t going to disrupt the mood by going inside and preparing a pot of tea.  So I simply remained where I was. Calm and tranquil.

Yesterday I spent some time on shopping .. we were having a neighbourhood potluck at, where else, a neighbour’s house!  I spent time looking through my cookbooks, searching for something I could prepare.  Nothing struck my fancy, so I went to M & M’s to buy one of those hors d’oeuvre packages.  Yuck.  Never again.  I prepared them properly and put them in some lovely plain white dishes (oops, didn’t think of taking a photo . .as I’d burned my finger on one of the cookie tins, ouch!)

Wrapped them carefully in foil and DH transported them while I carried our little case of beer.

These little things aren’t too bad when they are warm, but, later, I tried to taste one  and omg, they just didn’t taste as good as they looked.  So I binned them later.

Our gardening class has a potluck tomorrow and shortly I’ll be preparing spanakopitas for that event.   Went shopping for the organic spinach, green onions and parsley.  I’ll be using goat feta and thinly sliced almonds.   And the Phylo has thawed out so I’m all set.

Yesterday the weather was chilly and overcast.  When the sun did come out, which it did sporadically .. the air was still a bit too brisk to do any sort of gardening.

So instead I walked around, looking at the birds.  The Juncos were singing away to each other.  Flying around and perching on branches, looking so darn cute.

The Annas were out in full force.   And the front yard Annas, these little beings are siphoning the nectar, I swear, cause I’m filling that feeder every few days.  No leakage, so they are just very heavy feeders. Quite unlike the backyard Annas .. just fill up that feeder once a week or so.

While I was refilling the feeder for the front yard Annas, they kept zipping around my head, buzzing like little helicopters.   Of course this made me laugh and duck as they whirled around my head .. I wonder if they recognize me out there?

I’m so very happy with all the gardening in the yard and full of joy at being able to play around there all day!   I have so many plans and am so excited about spending the whole day, up early and just plain playing around.

Having worked for the majority of my life .. now, finally, I have the opportunity to do what I most love to do in all the world … dig and plant and propagate plants and study and learn.  Endless opportunities to express my most genuine love for all living plants.  And gettting down and dirty, as I kneel on the ground and dig away.   No worries about getting my clothes dirty, or mussing up my hair or “so what, I have mud on my face”?

And remembering to constantly look up to the skies .. to see beautiful clouds, magnificent eagles, hawks, turkey vultures .. soaring by.   Spend happy moments watching the birds play around me.

Ah, what a wonderful life this is!


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Thursday, October 27, 2011

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I was feeling a little sluggish this morning, sore throat, impending cold approaching!  So not up at the break of dawn .. thus I felt as if half the day was gone already and it wasn’t yet 8 am.   I much prefer getting up early to start my day.

DH had discovered a new cold remedy, so I had taken two capsules.   And about an hour later, my throat is feeling better and I feel bright and alert.  More back to normal.

Anyway, washing dishes, mentally making a “to do” list for this morning’s activities … bustling about .. pot of tea made.  Milk fetched from the fridge .. poured just the right amount into my most favourite of tea mugs, the bone china one with the picture of a rose-festooned English manor .. I thought that this would brighten up my morning.

ok .. my morning is proceeding nicely, I pick up the milk carton and cat food tin (not for me .. ha ha .. I’d just fed kitty kats!).  Time is proceeding very well and I’ll soon get started on my daily chores.

I was headed towards the fridge when suddenly there was a blur of motion, and all I was a blaze of white as the milk from the spilled mug swiftly covered the kitchen drawers, some on the bottom of the stove .. and the remainder made an abstract design of white on the linoleum of the kitchen floor.

And there lay my lovely little tea mug.  The one that had brightened up my morning.  Lying on the floor … the fragments of its former beauty scattered around in bits.

Suddenly, it didn’t seem to be as important to accomplish my “to do” list.  I felt a momentary pang of sadness as I quietly viewed the remains of my pretty cup.

Is this yet another lesson to be paid attention to?  To just slow down and not try to rush around so much?  I think that it is.

I won’t mourn the loss of my mug .. although it was so pretty.  It served as a reminder to just calm down and do just one thing at a time.  It goes against my whole nature .. but I will give it a try.


Yesterday, the rains started.   My goal at the time was to create order out of chaos in the basement.  I started off with the recycling and when I’d finished sorting that out ..everything in its appropriate category, it was time to tidy up.   Basements are fine and dandy .. but sometimes, they just morph into ugly beings.  Anyway, after a few hours I’d achieved amazing results.

Then I went outside to garden for just a few hours.  Well, the back neighbour was in one of his “chipper” moods .. another marathon of loud noisy chipping .. so there goes my peace and quiet.  I returned inside and resumed my housecleaning duties.  And in the process I found items, long searched for and eventually I’d given up ever finding them.  One of the bonuses of tidying up.

I also found an old Coronation Street magazine .. one from many years ago.  So I spent a few minutes going down memory lane .. looking at photos of a young Gail Platt, before she & Martin became an item.  That’s going back aways.  Read through the newsletter.   Remembered the fun days when I’d started the Victoria CS Fan Club.  We’d held our first ever meeting upstairs in our living room.  It had been a cold and rainy night then also.  But we were such a happy group .. excited to be sharing our love of CS with like-minded people.   We are all still friends after all these years.  And we continue to meet once a month for dinner.  To discuss the show, can you believe it!

Several times I  ventured outside to take photos of the birds .. I’d cleaned out some bird feeders from last winter and replenished them with some great new wild bird seed.  And hung out a fresh suet block.  As I hung the block on a branch, I heard the excited twitter of one of the Brown Backed Chickadees!

Later on I heard the high-pitched cries of the woodpecker and soon he was latched on to the suet block.  When he momentarily flew to a nearby tree branch to peck away . .a little Chickadee flew to the block.  A few seconds later the woodpecker returned and the Chickadee left.  Pecking order, I think.

The winter is predicted to be very cold .. so I’ve stocked up on high energy suet blocks, bird seed & am busy making hummingbird nectar (3:1).   And I notice that the birds prefer to eat the thistle seed from the humble bird feeder that I’d made from a pop bottle (and a little kit from Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary).   The fancy song bird feeder (filled with thistle seed) is not as popular, for some reason .. although there are always birds feeding there.

I plan to ask DH to make a special free-standing bird feeder .. one that squirrels cannot climb on … one that has a large rectangular surface …

Anyway, I’ve calmed down now .. and am over my trauma of spilled milk and it’s time to start my lovely day .. I see the sun is shining and that means I’m heading outside!


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Sunday, September 10, 2011

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Hot & sunny ..and on our way to the airport .. great way to start the weekend!   DH took friends flying and what did I do?  Well . .I weeded and weeded in the hot sun at the Dakota Cafe!

Enjoyed a lovely pot of tea and relaxed for a little, enjoying watching the activity around the Flying Club.  Students going for flights.   Planes being fuelled.  Lawns being watered.

Enjoyed some good conversations!  Learned that someone had a great new job at a local animal hospital.   She is so happy and certainly has the gentle, confident personality to deal with people and animals in a positive way.  So we talked about that.   And she’ll be able to take a variety of courses in order to move up in the business.    Her employer is very forward thinking . .she sounds like a great person to work for.  Very encouraging.

The kindness of veterinary personnel has a profound effect on pet owners .. I know that the young lady at our vet was incredibly kind to me when the time came for help with our most darling, beloved Oreo!

I’ll spend some time this winter to scan some photos of our Sadie & Muffy dogs!  And handsome Sam and wise little Oreo!  Oh .. and Huggers .. my male Muscovy duck.  What a personality he was!  I have some funny tales to tell about him.  But these are stories to list when I am in a real writing mood.

Speaking of writing .. when I do allow myself to enter this world and shut everything else out .. with naught but me and the keyboard…. I do enjoy this travel.   I have to figure out when I can let myself just relax and pass through the translucent doors into this other universe.

Seems like I’m always making up excuses to go on those journeys.   I have so much fun when I do go there.

It’s just a matter of setting up the time.  Maybe I can set up an appointment for myself.

Anyway .. on with this day.

So I became one with the weeds . .and soon had my collapsible gardening container filled with dandelions, grasses and an assortment of pesty weeds.  Enjoyed my tea.  Had conversations.

Finished the weeding … noticed that the plants are looking good, thanks to the Miracle Mulch!

Collected my tools, took everything to the car and back to the blue picnic tables with my Sudoku and awaited my DH & friends!

Soon they are back .. and we head to Mary’s Bleu Moon for lunch!  Nicola & hubby Tom have now taken over the restaurant from her parents.   Such lovely people .. and so the restaurant is going through a few cosmetic changes.  The menu has changed a bit also .. Tom is the Chef and is adding more and more delicious food.  We love this place!!!

We enjoyed great conversations through the meal.  Talking about flying and gardening … yea!!!  Lots of talking about both subjects!

Soon .. home …  time to change . … out to celebrate a birthday!

Learned an amazing trick to keep hornets away!!  Place a penny in a clear plastic bag … fill with water … tie the opening ..hang from a branch or whatever.  It somehow appears threatening (perhaps cause it resembles a hornet’s nest) and  the pesky insects stay away.  Perhaps the copper of the penny keeps the water clear?   And the cost?   A penny!   A far cry from those paper and fabric concoctions in the stores (of which I have quite a few and have seen the hornets flying around them, unafraid!)  This is from a good source.  So I’m going to try that tomorrow!!!!

Along the way .. we noticed the changes in the stores on upper Fort.   Great to see the new businesses and hope that they do very well!  Bikram’s Hot Yoga is now closer to the bakery, there are all sorts of new places there.  New paint, brightly coloured doors … refreshing!

It’s been a great day!

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Friday, August 26, 2011

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Beautiful sunny hot day ..started off at the Dakota Cafe.   Time to tackle some overgrown plants.  Marjoram in particular.  It had grown into a giant bush.   Fully laden with tiny white flowers which the bees loved .. so I had to wait till the flowers were all gone before attacking it.  Trimming it way down, low to the ground.

And I welcomed the opportunity to use my new watering wand from Lee Valley.  The aluminum one with brass fittings.  Light as a feather and watered everything fully.  Glad to see that the hardy heat-loving herbs are doing well.  Tough little plants.   And they have grown immensely in the past 3 years.    They started off as little 4″ plants and now are 2 to 3 feet in height and width!  Tenacity!

Took a little break for breakfast .. my favourite sandwich in a bun and a pot of tea.   Relaxed and watched the skies as I munched away & sipped on my tea.

What a view!  Vistas of sky, mountains, planes!  Two hawks flying and fluttering high up in the skies.

Colourful planes & helicopters caught my attention.

Finally .. back to weeding and watering.

A happy morning.

Then back home and the shopping  and “this and that” have taken up hours.  And I just want to go outside and play.

Which I will do shortly.

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