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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

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  Tuesday was such a beautiful sunny day .. brilliant in fact!  Up early .. many things to do in the morning.   Car loaded up with recycling items the night before,  I began the journey of the day.

Bottles to the Bottle Depot, plastics to Syntal – they recycle the plastic and make, among other things, landscape ties that are used on trails .. never break down.  The company had reconfigured their plastics work system to comply with Victoria’s criteria.  All for naught, as the city chose another company to collect the city’s plastic.

Humbug to them  !  DH & I accumulate all of our plastics (all properly cleaned) and every once in a while, when we are heading out to the Keating X Rd area, we bring all our materials to Syntal.

Grocery specials … gardening items … and then .. to the Gardener’s Pantry!  To meet with Christina and pick up my order of Mineral Salts, Organic Molasses, Liquid Kelp, Mother EM, Innoculant for peas, snap & lima beans.

The Gardener’s Pantry carries the best  Mycorrhizal Fungi – it has the most diversified, complex mix of fungi.

Plus a copy of “the Compost Tea Brewing Manual” by Dr. Elaine Ingham.  The cover photo shows someone holding a section of grass, which was sown from seed a mere few months ago.   And the root system looks to be nearly 3 feet in length!  No chemicals.  No pesticides.  Nothing but a healthy preparation of compost tea.

And .. I don’t mean merely running manure through water!  That is what I thought compost tea was .. before I entered this amazing world of understanding that soil health is the key to good gardens.   This includes a world of fungi and microbes living in the soil .. each communicating with the other.   On and On.. Oh, I have so very much to learn.

The journey has begun and it feels like the last cartoon of the Calvin & Hobbes series!  With C & H sitting on a sled, zooming down a snowy hill .. it’s a new year .. new adventures are beginning.

I’ve not studied much in a number of years and I’ve found an awakening joy of discovery as I’ve started my organic master gardening class, with Gaia College.

I’ve spent many an hour at the kitchen table, reading, writing, typing, trying to get a glimpse of understanding in this new world.  The vocabulary is new, the terminology is new .. I’ve tried to memorize the information.

And comprehensive is opening up the doors.  I’ve found that I quite enjoy the art of studying and learning.  The details are fascinating.   There is a long way to do, but the adventure has started and the journey is exciting.

Looking through my new book, I  see the way to my future in gardening.   Healthy vegetables grown in healthy soil is my goal for this summer.

I’ll post pics of some of my bounty as the year progresses.

And I’ll be conducting a grass test with some of the mixtures that I’ve recently purchased.  Sort of a “before” and “after” sort of thing.

At class last night. we’ve learned of people who, a hundred years ago, bespoke of the benefits of improving the soil, but not with chemicals.  And not many people listened. But I believe that the tide is changing and more and more people are paying heed to the proper care of the earth.

Oh, and I want to mention those gentle little chickens, they are so sweet, friendly, each one has their own personality!  A dignified lady, a mischievous one, a “pack leader”, they are a lovely little group of ladies.   I was even able to  pat the feathers of one of them.  Before I met these chickens, I just thought all chickens were the same, squawking, chattering beings.   But the chickens that I met yesterday were totally different.

And .. did you know .. that many millions of chickens are de-beaked when they are held in those commercial prison cages?  That is inhumane.  And one of the reasons why I don’t buy cheap eggs in the supermarket.

The more I learn .. the more I become aware .. the more I become aware, the more I change my buying habits .. the more I change my buying habits .. the more money goes towards people who are working hard to provide healthy food, who treat their animals with respect.

well .. on y va .. on with this day.

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