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Friday, February 24, 2012

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Thursday was a mixed bag of weather .. .sunshine .. clouds.

After morning chores completed, decided to go for a brief walk … which lasted about two hours!  Started out towards Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary .. .it’s been awhile since my feet walked along those trails.

Pure bliss to be there …. seeing the new spring growth of leaves on trees and bushes as all plant life prepares for a new season.  Listening to the breeze rustling the dry marsh grasses .. music to my ears.  Stopped to look at the slim thread of water trickling through the mix of dried and emerging stems of grasses.

Not many birds out when I was there.  Thought back to my lucky encounters a few weeks ago .. when I saw my first Cedar Waxwings and then the Northern Shovellers … such beautiful winged beings.

Saw .. and heard .. some Marsh wrens calling out.  And some Red Winged Blackbirds singing away.  At the smaller observatory I chanced upon some Mallards .. they were very cautious though .. and I understood why later on.

I pulled out a bag of flatted oats and scattered them onto the surface of the lake … one little Mallard swam over.   Followed by a female .. then more and more and finally there were about 10.   Scattered more oats on the surface boards and them some on the side marsh ..

Continued on my walk.  Noticed new signage showing the latest improvements to the Sanctuary .. growing specific plants/trees to attract a wider variety of birds and animals.

Looked way up and sure enough .. at the top of the flat-topped tree . .there was one of the resident eagles.  They’ve been favouring this tree since for years now .. I used to spend so much time watching them over the years . .even lucky enough to see part of their mating ritual.  I was in the backyard and just happened to look up to see them, talons intertwined as they tumbled through the sky .. remember to look up .. .there is so much going on.

Well, this year they have attained the mark of maturity, with their white heads and tail feathers .. wonder if they will nest in that tree?

Anyway, their presence explains the absence of bird activity.

Time to visit Orr’s Butchers for more of Farmer Ben’s eggs … and then some grocery shopping.   And then .. the long walk homewards with a heavy Thrifty’s shopping bag.  I decided to ignore the hefty weight .. I’d soon be home!

Returned via the Sanctuary .. one more opportunity to walk in nature … all birds, ducks are well hidden away.

As I made my way home .. enjoying the beauty of the day .. kept looking up to the sky .. but no aerial activity.  And .. soon I was home .. groceries put away.  Kitties fed.  Ole Toshiba turned on … spent a few hours lost in the worlds of gardening and re-trying the online quizzes of Gaia.

Then I allowed myself to enjoy the wonderful world of gardening outside .. sheer bliss.  And a bit sad, also.  My gardening world has turned all topsy-turvy with the new learning.  As I stood and looked at my leaf mulch pile .. I thought of how my focus has changed.

Where once I truly believed that oak leaves were the be-all and end-all of gardening .. now I realize that, although they do serve well as mulch to retain water for landscaping purposes .. they are not the cure-all that I thought they were.  That because the centre of a pile gets to be “smoking hot” .. that feature isn’t conducive to supporting healthy microbes in the soil.

I quickly fill containers with the mulch and sidedress the trees and plants along the fence .. this does dress up the areas.  Just a few months ago I was saddened at the thought of not having enough .. now I just want to disperse it all around the yard.

It’s not that it’s a bad thing .. just not quite the thing for my veggie garden.

Worked away, not conscious of time .. till DH arrives home .. and surprises me with a mug of Yorkshire Tea!  Yea, time for a Sudoku break and a quick look through some stone landscaping books (treasures from the “Friends of the Library” book sale.

Enjoy the brief break and then .. ta da .. back to the garden.  More shovelling, moving, planning, dreaming.

Another lovely day ….


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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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Monday was an interesting day, weather wise, anyway!   I spent a few hours in the early morning time .. trying to figure out how to spend my day.  So many choices of things to do .. and .. being a Libra …I kept weighing each thing.

Work outside .. yum!  Go for a long walk at Swan Lake.  Spend a few hours studying.  Drive out to Sooke .. hmmmmm… that one seemed like a good choice.

Because .. I am on a quest for kale and seaweed.   I do not plan to go to Dallas Road to collect any .. too many toxins and garbage from passing boats and the outflow is there .. euyew … not on my garden, thank you very much.

Island View and the Esquimalt  Lagoon do not currently have much  … if any.  But .. Sooke .. hmmmmmm.. I’ve heard there is a good supply there.

Someone told me tonight to wait till after the storms and there will be lots of kelp & seaweed on the beach .. good … I’ll keep that in mind.

So I went to Big Wave Dave web site to look at some tide charts and some beach  cams.  After an hour or so spent looking at the various beaches and then .. well … where exactly do I go.

Then I remembered my good pal D …. contacted her & we set a time to go exploring out in the western communities to collect some good kelp/seaweed!  She’s very knowledgeable and I’m in the learning stages so this will be a fun, informative trip. I always learn so many interesting things about gardening, the forests, creatures and insects from her.   And lots of information about the world of slugs also .. the learning curve continues!

So .. anyway ..once that was decided, time to start on the dreaded housework and dishes.    But .. wait!  I want to hear what is going on with my good pal J .. so a quick phone call and we decide to meet for lunch.

Sigh .. darn (ha ha ).. I’ll leave the laundry till later .. and decide to do the dishes.

Now that the domestic side of me has accomplished her morning chores .. it’s time to head to Market Square.

But .. first .. a quick wander outside.   Lots of bird activity.  Heard the beautiful trill of s Spotted Towhee .. such a clear musical tone .. so lovely.

I love that place.  Over the years, DH & I had visited the Square for many the good pizza .. when Noos Pizza reigned… undeniably the very best pizza ever served.   How we loved seeing the chefs tossing the pizza dough in the air.  Crust nice and thin .. way before the carb craze ever started.  The lower floor of the jazzy – blues pizzeria featured live singers … what a fun atmosphere that place had.   Many jugs of frosty beer and delicious pizza shared there.  Good memories.

So, flash forward to Monday and I was meeting my pal at the Green Cuisine restaurant.  We caught up on recent events .. and enjoyed a light lunch.   Then .. time for me to head out in my little car … but first, I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the lovely old architecture in that area.  Classic.  Interesting.

On and On .. some shopping for some paella that I planned to make for supper.  First time ever .. searched the net for recipes .. and spent some time preparing for supper.  Actually tasted very delicious.  This will become our favourite meal.  Yum.

Monday was a good day!!  Oh . yeah .. then I spent some time studying!


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