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Sunday, October 30, 2011

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 Lovely day today, except for the rain.  And I forgot that I’d left my garden boots outside by the back door.  Oopsie.  Good thing I have another pair.

Yesterday was spent .. for the large part .. driving around town.  Normally I get this done during the week .. just to avoid the weekend traffic, but it really wasn’t that bad.

Funny how the rain poured so heavily in the morning and then we had warm sunshine in the afternoon.   Spent some time just being in the back yard, enthralled with the mixture of birds that are now visiting the yard.  Waiting for the sweet trill of the Spotted Towhee.

Today, rain as usual .. so we head out to Dakota Cafe for breakfast …good as usual.  Plants are doing well.  One Rosemary, in particular, is at the window sill level.  Next summer for sure, there will be lots of blue flowers which will attract the Hummingbirds.  I see that the Red Hot Poker is growing well .. so they should be flowering next year also … and we can watch the sparrows hang upside down on them, sipping the nectar!

Rain on and off today,  with brief periods of bright sunlight!  Oh, how I want to go outside, but today we are doing household duties.

A bit of diligence and now I can again see the surface of my desk.  Oh happy days.

And I’m keeping up the “recycle” habit and have discarded quite a pile of unnecessary paperwork.  That is a good feeling.

Using my new lavender covered lidded storage boxes, I soon have my paperwork sorted and tidily organized.  Oh, la … dee ..da!

Right now I can see the sunlight glinting on the branches of the cedar at the side.   Lovely sight.

I bought a lovely acrylic bird feeder, the kind that is attached to a window with suction cups .. it’s a great little item, the birds can just hop inside and feed away.   And that is what one of the little Chickadee’s did this morning.   He’d been perched in a branch of the apple tree and finally flew over, settled in and started munching in the seeds.   Suddenly he noticed me (I think) and flew away.  Soon there were 2 little Chickadees in the tree, chattering away to each other.  I really thought that they were going to visit the feeder, but they flew away!

This is way better than television, any day.

Well, this is the kind of relaxing Sunday where nothing great need be accomplished.   Just little things, and that’s enough.

And I’m looking forward to November 1 .. when the great writing begins to happen.   NaNoWriMo  I’ve read some posts by those who have entered this and they have some funny comments and positive feedback for everyone.  So, I’ll be doing my best to write something and won’t (or will try not to) worry about the style.  It will develop, I’m sure.

I’ll just label each chapter numerically.   I’m feeling a bit nervous, yet excited at this challenge.

Well. … on with this lovely day!

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