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Monday, January 9, 2012

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The weather has been kinda rainy for the weekend .. that just adds to a nice lazy ambience.   The hot summer sun will soon be here, so might as well enjoy these relaxing times.

There seems to be a scarcity of birds in the yard … looking out, I can’t see the Cooper’s Hawk in the wild and crazy tree .. but he must be somewhere in the vicinity.

Yesterday, late afternoon, I went out side to check on the bird feeders .. .nary a bird in sight at first, then, slowly, the chickadees started arriving .. followed by the Juncos.  So sweet.

I stood very still and the Chickadees forgot about me .. they chirped away in their happy fashion.  Took turns landing on the suet block, little legs firmly attached to the grid of the suet cage, pecking away … choosing a little sunflower and flying away to a nearby tree branch to nibble on the delicacy.

Glad that I had shovelled another layer of leaf mulch onto the garlic bed .. as the birds like to do their shuffle shuffle dance over there.  Nestled snugly in the leaf mulch pile are my latest garden plant treasures!  Not exactly sure where I’ll be placing them ….yet.

Spent some time entering more garden books onto my excel sheets … finding more and more information as I leaf through the books.

Much of the same information is spread throughout the books .. wording is a little different, but most carry the same message.  About what to plant where, how to best propagate a variety of plants.  How to organically take care of pests in the garden.

One book mentions that swallows like to feast on tent caterpillars .. yea .. I’ve seen them around the yard in the spring.  And of course the chickadees are renowned for this also, so I’m hoping that the caterpillars won’t be too much of a problem this year.

Last spring I kept on top of the tent caterpillars, removed most of them when they were in the beginning stages.  I’ve read that the best times for this is in the early mornings and evenings .. when the pests are in the tent.  I did miss a few last year, but they were neatly tucked away.  Anyway, as a result, the trees retained the majority of their leaves.

I’ve heard tales that the caterpillars really aren’t that bad ..sure, they eat leaves, but the leaves grow back.

Soil testing .. I’ve been finding out that you can easily test acidity etc. using vinegar .. baking soda .. .for a quick and easy evaluation.

Well … more later .. it’s back to the books for me. The first gardening class starts in a few days and I plan to research as much information as possible for this.

Lovely .. .lovely .. lovely…

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Monday, December 12, 2011

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Weather-wise, this has been a great weekend.  Lots of sun.  Lots of birds.

Happy to see the Varied Thrush up in the plum-tree, munching away on an apple. I was close enough to see his red eyes .. but not close enough to take a clear picture.  Still, very happy to see this lovely bird.  I’ll try today to take some pics.

There was a darling wren flitting about, easily recognizable by  the up-swept tail.  I’ve seen this bird often, at the edge of the yard, mostly on the fence .. today I tried to follow its flight path by the sundeck, but it was too fast for me.

Spent some time on Saturday and Sunday, wandering about the yard, filling the bird-feeders .. enjoying the sight of the many birds munching away.  Saw a few scuffles between some of the sparrows, tsk tsk .. can we not get along, little guys?

As I watch the birds interact, I realize that I’m gazing into their world, without fully understanding the code of ethics that surely must exist among them.  As far as I can see, the various species (in our yard, anyway) allow for intermingling.  There is no direct conflict.   They willingly share the feeders among themselves.

I see that they can be happily pecking away at the seeds that have fallen on the ground, and suddenly, as one, they all fly up into the trees.  Except for the stray Junco who just stays in place, pecking away.

The European Starling visits the yard occasionally and I really like listening to his soft, gentle calling sounds that include some rhythmic sort of clucking noises.   Quite an interesting series of calls …. and I wonder if he (she) is calling out to another bird, or is just in a talkative state of mind.

And I’m so in awe of the nature of birds, how the parents pass on their instinctive knowledge of survival to their young.  Quite mystical, really.  No schools or degrees for these aerial specialists.  No one to impress.  Just survival.

I love my time in the yard, observing these beautiful birds and slowly, slowly, I’m noticing how the method of flight varies between the different species.   and I can also find out these details in my bird books.    I’m so glad that we planted all the trees in our yard, now they are of a mature height, providing lots of privacy for the birds to flee to.

Couldn’t spend a lot of time out in the yard though .. we were preparing for our annual Christmas get-together with friends and there were still final preparations to do.

DH & I worked as a team, making our home festive and welcoming for our friends!  We look forward to this yearly event and really enjoy this last-minute frenzy.  It’s a bit like the night before Christmas, really.  The excitement of the final preparations.

Soon our friends started to arrive and, as usual, everyone heads to the kitchen first, the heart of the home.    Next house will have a much larger kitchen!

The evening passes way too quickly, as we catch up on the latest goings on with everyone.   Soon the kitchen, hallway, study and living room .. are full of people talking and laughing.  Happy to meet the spouses and good friends of people that I know.  Lovely, lovely people!  And I look forward to seeing them again.

DH & I just love having our friends over to visit us in our happy home and the time just flew by.   I feel like the funny green character that always cries, at the end of the Festival of Laughs … “wah .. .it’s over….”

But, we’re left with lots of happy memories of another evening full of great conversations,  sincere hugs, introductions and just plain good fun.

Sigh!  Then .. back to reality yesterday.  A wonderful morning surprise!  Dear, lovely DH had arisen early and cleared away the kitchen.  What a guy!

Some friends had stayed over so we had a relaxing start to the day, coffee, tea .. then everyone on their way!

We went to Dakota’s for breakfast, lovely morning to sit by the window and gaze at the sunny world outside.  I notice some students doing their pre-flight inspections, prior to their flying lessons.  That was me, during the my busy, busy summer time just past.

Back home, and outside just to have a look at what’s going on in the yard.  Lots of happy birds.  Tantalizing view of the Varied Thrush!   The Juncos, a Robin, lots of sparrows.   Still looking at the remaining yard of mulch that needs to be spread about.  The warmth of the sun felt so soothing .. and part of me wanted to be outside playing and part of me wanted to be inside with DH, relaxing after our fun party of the night before.

So that part of me won out and inside I went.   Pot of tea, and then set to work, finishing my first ever circular scarf.  Photo tomorrow.   The trials and tribulations that went on in the creation of this scarf .. which I took apart at least 10 times!  Changed design and finally worked on 25 stitches (which varied in number as I dropped and added stitches along the way!)

But, really, I was proud of the fact that I accomplished this scarf!  It looks pretty and works well as a cozy, colourful double wraparound!   And I’ve started another one, this time with just one strand of multicoloured wool and knit a row, purl a row.  Keeping it simple.  And I’ve only had to take it apart once, thus far.

And I’ve decided to take a Master Gardening Course!  There will be lots to learn, and new people to meet.  So I’ve selected two books from my little library to read, cover to cover and make notes!  One is “Botany for Gardeners” (an introduction and guide) by Brian Capon and the other is the “A -Z of Plant Names” by Allen J. Coombes.

I am going to revert back to a habit that I started .. when I first started to blog.  I used to list terms and definitions of plants, as this was good for me to learn and retain new information.  This habit also encouraged me to delve into my gardening books, searching for new information.  So I’ll begin again, with some interesting information from the Botany for Gardeners book.  Something that struck a chord for me in my passion for gardening and bird watching:

“Earth has been called the Green Planet; in the vast reaches of the solar system, perhaps the universe, it is a solitary world uniquely clothed in a mantle of vegetation.  And because of its plants, other forms of life are able to inhabit this place.  From simple beginnings, plants evolved first among earth’s living things, thus setting a priority that still abides.  Plants, in one form or another, can exist forever without animals, but animals cannot exist without plants.

Plants purify the air, they exchange the oxygen that we breathe with carbon dioxide, a poisonous gas in too high a concentration.  Plants convert the energy of sunlight into foods that sustain all animals and, from the soil, draw minerals – nitrogen, potassium, calcium, iron – that are essential for our growth and continued health.  For creatures large and small, plants provide shade from the sun, refuge from predators and protection from the most destructive aspects of earth’s climate.”

This resonates with me.

And some tidbits from A – Z:

“The aim of this books is to provide a guide to the derivation, meaning and pronunciation of the scientific names of the more commonly grown plants.  The term scientific name is preferable here to Latin name, as many names derive from languages other than Latin, for example many derive from Greek or personal names.  Whatever their origin, all names are treated as Latin.  Generic names are treated as nouns and, as in Latin, have a gender (ie masculine, feminine or neuter).  Names of species and varieties are adjectival and their endings follow the rule of Latin grammar, eg, the latin word for white can be rendered as alba (feminine) or album (neuter) depending on the gender of the generic name.
The use of Latin for plant names can certainly be confusing when first encountered, producing many words of unfamiliar form and uncertain pronunciation.  It should be remembered, however, that when a scientific attitude was first taken towards the naming of plants in the 16th & 17th centuries, Latin was a common language among the intellectuals of Europe and it was second nature for many to use it.  Today, although Latin has evolved from the Latin used in classical and medieval times to meet the needs of botany, it forms a method of communication between botanists of all nationalities.
Further …. “Unlike the use of scientific names, their pronunciation is not governed by rules.  The majority of people who use scientific names treat them as if they are in their own language.  Where pronunciation is ambiguous by this method, it is common to encounter several ways of saying a word.”
Ouch .. can you spell headache?

These very wordy explanations do appear to be very dry and I’ll be rewording them for my own personal notes.  Over the years I’ve noticed that those who are most proficient in their crafts are  succinct in their explanations.  These are the teachers that I gravitate to.

So, on with this lovely sunny day.   Outside and hither and thither (I think that’s a word?)]


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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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  Yesterday was a mixed bag of weather.  The morning was  slightly overcast, the sun tried in vain to break through the clouds.

I spent some time raking up more leaves and tossing them to the top of the massive leaf mulch pile.   And then it was time to hop up on the pile and stomp around.  These leaves are going to be broken down quite nicely by next spring.

Still looking for that sweet fluffy little bird of a few days ago, but no joy.  I placed another fat-filled suet block in a tree . . so now there are 3 and I have one more that I’ll fill with a seed  & berry filled block … when the weather turns a bit colder.

Haven’t seen the Red Breasted Nuthatch for a few days, nor the Downey Woodpecker .. maybe I’m just out there at different times.  Enjoy seeing the Golden-Crowned & White-Crowned Sparrows, though.  And the Junco‘s and the Spotted Towhees (they are very similar in appearance, I find).

I’ve been noticing that the days seem long .. as I’m getting up in the early hours and busy busy all day .. sometimes I’ll think back to the morning’s activities and think “was that today or yesterday?”

Speaking of time, it does seem to slow down and speed up I find.  I remember as a kid, trying to understand the concept of time ..couldn’t quite get a grasp on it .. .there were no borders, it seemed to go on endlessly.

Sometimes when a project needs to be completed in a very short time frame, I think of Nancy Napier’s guideline to timelines:  “I have enough time in the time that I have to accomplish what I need to do” .. not exactly how she wrote that, but near enough.  And you know, it works.  It’s as if time slows right down.   And, maybe it does!

During the pouring rainfalls of yesterday afternoon .. I took advantage of the “non yard” time and did some pretty amazing things!  For one .. I organized my closet, removed the summer clothes .. the clothes that I had opportunity to wear in our brief 3-week summer!  Tidied up and just impressed the heck out of myself.  This is one of those dreary ole chores that I’d do “someday”,  groaning at the time it would take.  And there I was, spending all of 10 minutes or so, pulling things from hangers, folding them haphazardly and piling them in the hamper.

Some of them I’ll pack away for next summer and the balance will be either donated or sent off for re-textiling at W.I.N.

Then I was onto another chore, sorting out the recycling for this weekend at a local school.   Everything was cleaned and I resorted them into the various categories and they are ready to throw into the car when the time comes.

I was on a roll!  Even finished sorting out the cans and readied them for taking to the Bottle Depot!

By this time, I was all energized and did more housework  … Gadzooks!

A few times I tried to escape to the garden, but the rain was coming down a bit too heavy so I just leaned against the open doorway and watched the bird activity.  Noticed that there were only a few leaves left clinging to the branches of the Cherry tree.   Now I’m just waiting for the balance of the Plum tree’s leaves to change into their autumnal colours and drift onto the ground.  Where I’ll rake them up and add to the leaf pile.

Then, oh, horrors, I went back to visit StumbleUpon and visited many many craft sites.  Great ideas, very addictive, I must say.

Well, I notice that it isn’t raining right now .. so I’ll attempt to go outside again!  Yippeee … sounds of me running downstairs and outside!


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Sunday, November 20, 2011

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The frosty weather is now upon us and brrrrr it is chilly in the mornings, frost covers everything.  However, the sun came out in full force and Friday was a reminder of what summer was about.

I’ve received feedback on the little bird that I saw on Friday in the backyard and it’s supposed to be a Dark-Eyed Junco .. however, it doesn’t resemble the Juncos that I see in the yard.  Maybe this one is a baby, I’ll have to research for more information.

Friday .. I spent time tidying up the yard, and it’s amazing the amount of space that we have, once I’ve organized all the pots, hoses and other paraphernalia.  And I guess I really like galvanized tin items also ..as I rounded up an old washing tub, some buckets, a little propagating unit (like a cover with a handle) and a watering can.  Plus the old tin kettle, that is developing a lovely patina of blue on the spout.  This will be incorporated into a watering feature.

My most tranquil moments are spent in the yard, including front, sides and back.   I’m quite happy in these happy places.  Dreaming and digging.  Mulching and stomping. Relaxing and observing.  Enjoying watching the antics of the birds that visit the feeders.   Excited at the progress of plants.  Looking forward to seeing the results of propagated plant cuttings.

It’s a great place to be.   And I look forward also to our next place which will have a bit more space for me to mulch, propagate and tend to the gardens.  Baby steps.  It won’t be happening for a while and for the present, I will tend to what we have right now.

Now that the chilly weather is upon us, it’s time to return to my daily long walks, camera in hand, to visit local nature sanctuaries and watch for the winter birds.

There still will be warm and sunny days and I’ll be playing in the yard on those days.

And I’ll be meeting friends, going for long walks with them, re-visiting favourite places and discovering new ones.  Visits to little restaurants for hot chocolate or tea.

I’m wondering whether to invest in my gardening future by taking a Master Gardening Course.  There are several offered in the city, and they both appear to be equally as good.  However, I am just torn between spending the $$$ to invest in my gardening credibility (a title always looks good on a business card) or just to continue with my greatest love and inspiration .. to create little natural gardens.  No formality in any way.  Just little bits of land devoted to growing hardy native perennials, lovely mulched soil.  Easy care gardens … they are my favourites.  I do seem to have a knack for creating these special little hideaway.

Food for thought.  And I do have all winter to pore through my little gardening library.  And to play around with creating little bits of garden art.

Well, it’s been a busy few days and I have really appreciated having the back yard to escape to .. to drink in the beauty of the fall garden and the playful antics of the birds just make me laugh out loud, they are so sweet.

I’ve been refilling the bird feeders almost daily . .and recently purchased huge bags of bird food, one of mixed seed and the other with large and small sunflower seeds.  It turns out that the majority of the birds prefer the shiny black birdseed.  I have noticed an abundance of the larger black and white striped seeds are just laying on the ground.  These are really for the bigger birds and I know the local squirrels will snatch them up.

There are now 3 suet containers in the yard .. two are filled with suet (fat) and one with the wild bird seed suet.  So my little winged friends will feed well over the winter.   And I must remember to bring in the backyard hummingbird feeder in at night, so it won’t freeze!

I’ve stocked up the cupboard with lots and lots of suet blocks, there is more fat in the freezer and goodness knows there is enough bird seed to last till January .. so we are all set for the winter.

Life is fun and there is beauty everywhere!





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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Yesterday was a most beautiful day!  There was a frosty film covering every surface of my little car!  I had places to go and very little time to scrape off enough of this icy material .. so I quickly worked away with my recently acquired Toyota ice scraper.  Soon I was on my way.

Friday was my chance to root for my choice of New Mayor for our municipality .. and I was looking forward to that!

Not long after, I was on a foot walkway atop a busy main thoroughfare of our fair city, happily waving to thousands of cars that passed by .. people en route to work.

Our team of 5 were all enthusiastically waving and cheering and we received many happy waves in returns, plus many cars showed their agreement by honking their horns!

That was such fun and I enjoyed every second of it.

The skies were blue, the clouds were tinged with a rainbow of colours .. portents to a good day and a good election!

Ok . .then home and lots of busyness in the garden. I’ll talk about that later.  Right now I’m off to do my participation in this most important day of days, Election Day!

However, I must post pics of this most darling, rotund little bird that suddenly appeared by my feet last night.  I’ve spent hours this morning, trying to lighten up the photos that I took.  My camera wasn’t set at twilight.

Anyway, if anyone knows what kind of bird this is, pls let me know .. he wasn’t timid and didn’t fly away.

Away I go .. and will return later to recount events of yesterday!


So yesterday, at the end of my long day spent clearing up the garden, sorting pots, raking leaves (and stomping on the gigantic leaf mulch pile) .. I took some time to just stop and watch the antics of the birds.

It was around 4 pm or so, the sun was setting, and the light wasn’t the best.  I was standing near the main food station, which is the lovely little Lee Valley arbour .. from which I have placed: a bird feeder; a thistle seed container .. and a hummingbird feeder.

I was standing there ever so quietly .. blending into the shadows, as it were .. enjoying the frolicking of the Dark Eyed Juncos, the Anna Hummingbird (the backyard family, that is), the Sparrows, including the White Crowned Sparrow (they seem to appear in the late afternoon .. perhaps they have a busy schedule all day long).

And I was so happy to see that there was not only one .. but two!!! Spotted Towhees!  So I didn’t dare breathe, and kept clicking away on my camera.  I was afraid to startle them, so I wasn’t able to adjust the camera to the twilight or sunset mode.

Then I just happened to glance down at the ground and there was the most rotund little bird that I have ever seen in my life!!  I don’t know how he had arrived there.

He was just barely 2 feet away.  It was so strange.  He was breathing quite rapidly, his little chest rose and fell at a rapid pace, and I wondered if he had been in some kind of crisis.   He lifted his sweet little face up to me and I saw a pair of the brightest little eyes and, I might be totally imagining this, but his demeanor was quite trusting.

Staying in the same spot, he was busily munching away on the seeds that were dropping from the bird feeder overhead.  The Juncos were quite comfortable with his presence and moved freely around.  After I’d clicked quite a number of pictures, I bent down to have a closer look.  He didn’t shy away and run, so I was curious about that.  Looking closely at his back, I could see quite a bit of fluffy, sort of down like feathers on his back.  His little wings were neatly folded and there didn’t appear to be any problems with them.  He was so rotund that I couldn’t see how he could fly.

After a while, I moved a little closer to him.  His breathing had appeared to be more normal now.  He didn’t fly away, but just seemed to scuttle along on his little feet and I soon lost sight of him.  Argh.

I decided to walk along the opposite side of the yard and soon caught sight of him again . .there he was .. walking along the newly planted ferns.    In a few seconds, he had perched his little feet onto the stem of a plant, so I thought that was a good sign.  He moved on again until he reached a grouping of potted Red Hot Pokers.   I moved closer … until he disappeared and then popped up again, in one of the pots.  There were some hanging cedar branches nearby, so I decided that he was alright.

I don’t know what kind of bird he is.  This being November, I don’t think that any bird-babies are happening, but I could stand to be corrected.

Quite the little mystery, it seems.  I’ve been searching for information on what type of bird he is .. but no joy so far.

And today has been quite a day.

More tomorrow!


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Thursday, November, 3, 2011

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Yesterday started out with such promise!  Lots of sun .. a bright new day.   I went for a little walk to the local shopping centre and enjoyed being out in the crisp fresh air.   Soon had to return home .. our furnace was to be serviced and I looked forward to having heat for those cold days.

Chatted with the service guy.  Talked about this and that and finally touch on the subject of birds.  The beauty of and the enjoyment of watching them in their daily activities.   He was just leaving when he pointed out one of the adult hummingbirds from the front yard.  Yes, I said, they are quite cute, aren’t they.   No, look .. he pointed out .. there are the babies!!

What?  I’d spoken with a knowledgeable birder about a month ago, I was wondering if the parents look after their babies once they have fledged.   No, I was assured, as soon as they leave the nest, they are on their own.  Nope, ain’t true.

Here was the parent(s) and the siblings!   The siblings sported darkish feathers.  The interacted with the parent and kept close to the branches of the Bay tree!  They are much smaller than their adult parents.

Well, I never!  This just made my day!   I quickly went into the house, grabbed my (dh’s, actually!) camera and quickly took some pics.

Now, I watch the parents nearly every day and I just hadn’t noticed these young ones!   I’d prided myself on noticing the variety of birds in the back yard and just had paid cursory attention to the Hummingbirds.  Humbled now .. I make it a point to spend more time looking at these beautiful beings.  Today I made some hummingbird-like noises and the parent swooped down over my head, several times!  That was fun!

Then I decided to spend some time in the back yard.  Raking leaves.  Moving rocks.  Imagining where to put things.   Looked again at my leaf mulch.   Trimmed tree branches.   Think I’ll use these to make another fencing section at the leaf mulch pile.

The rains started .. and I continued working.   The drops started getting heavier and so I decided to give up and go inside.  Begrudgingly.  I stood in the doorway of the basement for a while, looking at the bird activity.  Enjoying the sight of such a variety cavorting about the feeders, branches, perching on anything in the yard.

They all love the seed mixture.  Yesterday I filled a wooden-topped feeder with the seed and it was fun watching them discover this one.   I replaced the suet block .. it seems to last for 2 days and then it’s time for a new one.  No problem, I have lots.   And when they run out, I’ll get some more.

We’ve been lucky, having sunny days to work with lately .. I just want to run outside first thing in the morning and there just seems to be things that have to be done that stop me from doing that.  I just feel like stomping my foot!  But temper tantrums are just so passe.

Well tomorrow, I plan to be up and at em .. outside early in the morning!

This morning and afternoon I spent some time in the front yard .. trying to dig up some Salal that had entrenched itself.   I love the plant, but it’s planted in a place that needs lower plants.

I feel that I’ve neglected part of the front yard this summer.  That is largely due to a hornet’s nest, which DH discovered and destroyed.   I’ve been waiting for this cool weather in order to go back and civilize this section.

The variegated grasses have popped up everywhere, intermingling with the salal and other perennials.  I tore out the tansy .. it just takes over.   The comfrey, also, much as I love it, grows rampantly.

So for a number of hours I dug away, lifting up sections of plants with roots, I’ll pot them up tomorrow.  Sections of salal that had broken off from the main plant .. I’ll trim them down and will put them in my lovely styro rooting boxes, with lots of lovely soil and will leave them to rest and grow roots by next year.

The Sweet Woodruff .. I’ll pot that up also.

Soon I had the one garden section cleared up and topped with a thick layer of Miracle Mulch and it looks much calmer.  I’ll let the bed rest over the winter and next spring, plan to dig up everything, sift the soil and replant.   The days are short and I have other areas of the yard to work with before the frost sets in.

Assembled all my tools, plants, cuttings etc. and began moving them to the back yard.   Ah, the skies are duller, not long before the sun sets.

I put my toys away, settle on the back steps and relax for a while, watching the aerial demonstrations.  The birds are calmer now when I’m in the yard and seem to accept my presence, as long as I move slowly.

The Downy Woodpecker cries out his cheerful greeting and goes over to a water filled tray for a drink.   The Red Breasted Nuthatch nibbles at the suet.  The Juncos‘s, male and female are having lots of fun settling at the feeders and hopping along the ground.

I see the sweet yellow-throated bird again, wandering around the ground, pecking away.   I’ll have to look in my books to see which type he is.    The White Crowned Sparrow returns, he/she is much bigger than the Juncos’ I notice.

Brrr … a light rain is falling .. time to go inside.

Night night little birds …..

It’s been a great day!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

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Rain .. rain .. rain … yesterday .. that meant indoor things to do!   Made a list of shopping and went out on the wet roads to make my rounds.   I love the social aspect of shopping.  A chance to chat with folks, exchange comments on the weather .. there is always something to say, especially in Victoria!

As I drive by mounds of leaves, carefully gathered from yards and awaiting pickup .. I imagine how many leaves I would have if I were able to just stop along the way and gather them up.  Too many!

Besides, I’ve been struck by a cold, so am not really very energized, although the ibuprofen cold remedy tablets really get rid of a majority of the symptoms.  Part of me just wants to lay on the sofa, all covered up and watch tv .. and the active part of me just wants to get going, do things.

So the active part of my wins.   And so I finish my shopping (great sale on Iams tinned cat food at Country Grocer .. so I really stocked up!)   Now that Iams has added vegetables to their recipes, the food is much better for our little kitty kats.

Country Grocer is just a relaxing place to shop.  The staff is all friendly and the shoppers are relaxed, stop to chat .. nice atmosphere.

Yesterday the rain just kept pouring, from early morning to late afternoon.  I noticed that the “pop bottle” feeder was empty, so replenished that with the thistle seed.  After the suet blocks, this is the most popular feeding station in the yard.

I wonder where all the birds go when it’s raining?  I can’t hear them chirping .. so I imagine that they are all nicely tucked away in the trees, waiting for the rain to stop.  I’m glad that we planted so many trees in our yard, many years ago.  The trees are all nice and mature, with plenty of places for our winged friends to nest and play.

Later on .. the rain stops .. the sun comes out from behind the clouds .. and the birds become active again.   I stand for a while, enjoying the little flock of Bushtits that are feeding at the suet block.  They are so tiny.   A few Chickadees visit.  The little Anna is finally able to feed quietly at the hummingbird feeder .. I think the wasps must be gone by now.

The Juncos‘s are everywhere, at the feeders,  in the trees, on the ground.  Good to see them here.  With all these birds in the yard, I believe that there is a very good possibility that there won’t be many tent caterpillars next year.    And this is better than watching tv!

Today the weather looks rainy, so this is an indoor day.  Also, recycling at Reynolds …so I’ll be going there shortly.

Then back home, order out of chaos in my computer room.  Time to use all those decorative containers that I bought a few weeks ago.  There will be a place for everything and everything will be in its place.  Or so I hope.

I’m really enjoying sorting through my treasures.  I have many creative craft items that I plan to play with over the fall and winter days.  Beads.  Tiles. Painting.  Sewing. Creating.  Playing.  Such fun.

Well .. on with this lovely day!

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