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Friday, August 5, 2011

Hot, sunny day

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.. surprises seen in the paper .. read through and then time to go outside.

Worked away at the new pathway that I’m extending in the back yard.   Playing around with ideas … nothing permanent.  Therein lies the power and creativity of gardening.

The birds have found the suet in the block and are chattering away .. taking turns, feeding away.   I just stand there and enjoy watching them … they are too quick for me to take posed pictures today.

Went to my little car to load up bottles .. today is the day that I’m bottling my cider, yea!

Got into a conversation with someone who gave me mini-lectures on “how to garden” .. hmmm .. ok, then … suddenly, I’m saved .. with the sight of a gigantic bee.  This, I was told, was a wild bee.  But, I was assured .. that’s a small one .. there are larger wild bees.


This was a gigantic bee.   And I think that one was caught in a wasp trap in the backyard.  Oh, I’m so sorry .. but when I consider the likelihood of being bitten by a wasp and the value of a trap .. I’m going the way of the trap.

Anyway, continued on with my day …. looking at the flowers, smelling the beautiful perfume of the sweet peas growing rampant in the backyard.  Admiring the seed pods… which I will save, to plant next year.

Time to leave my garden …..

And time to return … nice cool breeze in the late afternoon.  I picked up the shovel and played around with an imaginary path.  Placing plants around.

It’s been a great day and looking forward to playing around tomorrow!


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