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Sunday, September 10, 2011

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Hot & sunny ..and on our way to the airport .. great way to start the weekend!   DH took friends flying and what did I do?  Well . .I weeded and weeded in the hot sun at the Dakota Cafe!

Enjoyed a lovely pot of tea and relaxed for a little, enjoying watching the activity around the Flying Club.  Students going for flights.   Planes being fuelled.  Lawns being watered.

Enjoyed some good conversations!  Learned that someone had a great new job at a local animal hospital.   She is so happy and certainly has the gentle, confident personality to deal with people and animals in a positive way.  So we talked about that.   And she’ll be able to take a variety of courses in order to move up in the business.    Her employer is very forward thinking . .she sounds like a great person to work for.  Very encouraging.

The kindness of veterinary personnel has a profound effect on pet owners .. I know that the young lady at our vet was incredibly kind to me when the time came for help with our most darling, beloved Oreo!

I’ll spend some time this winter to scan some photos of our Sadie & Muffy dogs!  And handsome Sam and wise little Oreo!  Oh .. and Huggers .. my male Muscovy duck.  What a personality he was!  I have some funny tales to tell about him.  But these are stories to list when I am in a real writing mood.

Speaking of writing .. when I do allow myself to enter this world and shut everything else out .. with naught but me and the keyboard…. I do enjoy this travel.   I have to figure out when I can let myself just relax and pass through the translucent doors into this other universe.

Seems like I’m always making up excuses to go on those journeys.   I have so much fun when I do go there.

It’s just a matter of setting up the time.  Maybe I can set up an appointment for myself.

Anyway .. on with this day.

So I became one with the weeds . .and soon had my collapsible gardening container filled with dandelions, grasses and an assortment of pesty weeds.  Enjoyed my tea.  Had conversations.

Finished the weeding … noticed that the plants are looking good, thanks to the Miracle Mulch!

Collected my tools, took everything to the car and back to the blue picnic tables with my Sudoku and awaited my DH & friends!

Soon they are back .. and we head to Mary’s Bleu Moon for lunch!  Nicola & hubby Tom have now taken over the restaurant from her parents.   Such lovely people .. and so the restaurant is going through a few cosmetic changes.  The menu has changed a bit also .. Tom is the Chef and is adding more and more delicious food.  We love this place!!!

We enjoyed great conversations through the meal.  Talking about flying and gardening … yea!!!  Lots of talking about both subjects!

Soon .. home …  time to change . … out to celebrate a birthday!

Learned an amazing trick to keep hornets away!!  Place a penny in a clear plastic bag … fill with water … tie the opening ..hang from a branch or whatever.  It somehow appears threatening (perhaps cause it resembles a hornet’s nest) and  the pesky insects stay away.  Perhaps the copper of the penny keeps the water clear?   And the cost?   A penny!   A far cry from those paper and fabric concoctions in the stores (of which I have quite a few and have seen the hornets flying around them, unafraid!)  This is from a good source.  So I’m going to try that tomorrow!!!!

Along the way .. we noticed the changes in the stores on upper Fort.   Great to see the new businesses and hope that they do very well!  Bikram’s Hot Yoga is now closer to the bakery, there are all sorts of new places there.  New paint, brightly coloured doors … refreshing!

It’s been a great day!

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