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Sunday, August 29, 2011

Up early again .. another hot sunny day.

Went downstairs to breakfast in our lovely B & B .. what a feast .. I’ll take a pic tomorrow!

Dainty containers of fresh fruit salad, chilled decanters of a variety of juices, homemade granola, home-baked muffins, scones, yogurt … such a treat!!

Then off to the airport again and a day of flying. 

What a magnificent day.  And I enjoyed it to the hilt!  I’d been working rather industriously at home for the past few weeks and it was such a decadent pleasure to just relax in our gravity chairs beneath our patio umbrella and read.  And chase away wasps!

Did a lot of photo taking and filming!

Watched ants (there are millions here) scurrying to their assortment of ant-homes.   Wondered what place in the evolution chain they adhere to?

Watched a multitude of grasshoppers (or maybe they were crickets?) hopping all over the place.  Maybe there was a convention?

And the wasps!  They were just everywhere.  I couldn’t see any vegetation that they would be interested in .. yet there they were flying low over the ground.  Thankfully sometimes they would be elsewhere and that was a relief!

Spent a lot of time just enjoying the quiet and peaceful surroundings.

Until several people started recounting bear stories.  How there are a lot of them around.  And gave examples.   One account described sighting about 30 turkey vultures, each sitting atop their own fence post .. wings held out to warm in the sun.   Nearby were several bear cubs .. and the mother was sighted gathering up a deer’s carcass and throwing it over the fence … food for the family!

Then I decided to go for a long walk.  During which I heard some noises in nearby brush .. some heavy walking amongst the branches.  Hmmm… bear sprung to mind … I continued on my way and awhile later, finished my walk.  Recounted the noises that I’d heard and was told that there most likely was a bear there.

This was confirmed a few hours later .. when the bear was sighted running across the runway.


So tonight we drove around Port Alberni ..looking for a good stop for supper .. and found a lovely little cafe .. where we enjoyed a delicious old-fashioned meal (the kind with homemade cheese sauce on carrots!) De-lee-shus!!

Great ending to a wonderful day!!!

Looking forward to another one tomorrow!!


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