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Wednesday, August 30, 2011

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The day started off as overcast .. and now the skies are sunny!   Time to get going and shovel the rest of that gravel and wander around the yard.  We’ve been away for a little bit and I miss seeing all the plants and the birdies!

Sigh .. still reliving my sailplane flights from the weekend!   Plan to go for another one soon!   A little disappointed in the clarity of the photos taken with my camera though.   I think that I’ll take fewer photos next flight.

It was such a unique experience … to settle back in the sailplane and watch the world twirl by!  I felt as if I was being held safely in the arms of the wind, being gently carried high up in the sky as we flew around over the lakes below.

Matt was my glider pilot on Sunday.   This young man will be flying all over the world.  Very professional, highly qualified,  both in powered and the sailplane.   You can just tell quality in a person by their actions and he fills the bill.   Some lucky airline will hire him and he will go very far.

Anyway, I hadn’t been in a sailplane for many many years and so I was filled with such happiness & didn’t quite know how to express that.

I would have zhagareeted ( a dance call in middle eastern dance) .. however, I thought that would be too loud in an enclosed space.

So instead, I simply asked Matt if any of his female passengers ever told him that they love him?  No was the response.

At which time I said “I love you, Matt”    So we had a good laugh at that .. and I just let myself relax and enjoy the flight.  Gazed in wonder at the magic of the flight, enjoying the marvellous feeling of simply being in the air, watching the mountains sail past.

It was such a wonderful place to be … quite addictive actually.  I look so forward to dh & I flying in our own 2-seater .. up high in the sky for hours and hours as we thermal in the air.

For a look at a flight .. here is  a video Andrzej Rozmowski’s (the owner and Transport Canada certified instructor), taped by Nanaimo cable tv:  http://visc.wqs.ca/?page=home  This excellent video shows a guy and a gal each going for a flight.  He is nervous and she is very excited .. so you see the yin and the yang of flying.

And here is the contact info for Andrzej:  http://visc.wqs.ca/?page=contact

What an amazing experience .. one not to be missed.   Thinking about the flights and comparing this to a positive mental shift, as that found in meditation.  Hey, these were aerial meditation experiences!  Uplifting in every way.  Transcendental.

However, back to earth now …the reality is that I’m about to go to the garden.  But .. .my mind will be thinking of the 2 flights that I just had.


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