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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wow .. this has been quite the day, especially for a Saturday!   Up bright and early .. packed and on our way up-island early on this day!  Traffic is light .. yeah .. best time to travel is early in the day!

This is our mini-holiday and we are enjoying the heck out of it! 

Not much traffic on the Malahat .. thank goodness .. I dread driving on that section of the highway.

We finally reach our destination.   Eventually check into our lovely B & B.  Quiet and tranquil.  Air conditioning and jet tub!!!  Heaven.

We then travel to our destination for the aviation part of our getaway.

So I’m taking pictures and videos and battling the wasps.   Relaxing and trying to read and Sudoku while trying to remain calm and ignore the horrid creatures.

Enjoying relaxing in the sun.  Watching aviation … loving the peace and quiet.   Looking forward to another few days of the same.

This is so fun and a lovely break from the everyday!


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