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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another beautiful hot sunny day!!  Enjoying this summer, short as it is.

Last night I was all fired up to make the won-ton ravioli, having purchased the final ingredient, which was ricotta cheese.  Did the math and figured out that starting to cook at 10:30 pm, considering the prep time, and the cleanup time and decided to wait till today.

So this morning found me mixing up the drained frozen spinach, adding the ricotta, some diced garlic cloves (from the garden!) and lots of grated parmesan.  Plus one of Farmer Ben’s free range eggs.  Mixed well and placed beside the cutting board.  Where I assembled a little bowl of water (for dampening the edges of the won-tons) and some thawed w/ton skins.

Put a large pot of water on to boil … and set to work.

Dropping a spoonful of the mixture into the middle of the squares, dipping my finger-tips into the water and running the moisture along the edges of the w/ton skins, I then folded them over.  Sometimes I was creative and pinched the wing edges together, resulting in those cute little folded ravioli that are sold in stores.

Then I copied an idea from “It’s Just Food” and put a larger amount of filling in the middle of a square, moistened the edges, topped this with another square, pinched the edges closed and thus  made large “designer” style dumplings.  The kinds that are sold as expensive starters, 3 to 4 to a dish, costing way too much.

Finished a plateful and carefully dropped them, one by one into the now-boiling pot of water.

After a few short minutes, the w/tons rose to the surface, I scooped them out.  Cooled them.  Lined a cookie sheet with parchment paper, arranged the tons on the tin.  Put in the freezer.

Later on, removed from the fridge, filled up 3 small freezer bags, each one enough for a meal for one (dh doesn’t like these, so, more for me!)

And of course, I had to test some freshly cooked tons.  Drizzled butter, grated cheese, ground pepper.  MMMMMMM.  Success.

Gee, it is fun being me!!!

Ran out of thawed skins, so have another package thawing out .. who knows, maybe I’ll cook another batch tonight and will take pics of the process.

Playtime over .. time to go outside and do something constructive

Spent a few minutes this morning admiring my recent gravel work .. looking good!  Next, I’m nearly finished moving the balance of my magic mulch mountain from the front yard .. shovelled most of it into my trusty Rubbermaid containers and moved to the driveway .. slowly emptying the contents onto the front flower beds.

Once this mulch is moved, then I’ll start again on my gravel work.

Saw again the huge bee … it zoned in on the mulch …wings buzzing like the blades of a mini-helicopter, I swear!  It seemed to burrow into the shaded sections of the mulch.  I wonder if it is taking some away for a nest?   It only stayed for less than a minute then flew away.  It made a second visit about 10 minutes later.

Curious.  I was able to take a quick photo, not sure if it is clear or not .. will see later.

I’ve discovered that I’m becoming quite the lettuce snob!

It was time for lunch and so I was at the back garden,  picking a basket of the lovely leaves and noticed that I was putting aside the leaves that had tiny insect bites in them .. to go into the compost.

Now, if I was purchasing a head of organic lettuce in a store, I’d welcome these little holes, cause they denote the lack of chemicals and the abundance of natural soil in which they were grown and the freedom of insects to live alongside and occasionally partake of the plants.

So it’s kind of ironic that I’m composting these same leaves!

I’d planted these lettuce plants both in a large pot and in the garden and so I have a wealth of these leaves to choose from.   Way more than enough, it seems.  So we’re piling on the lettuce in the sandwiches and I’ll throw some leafy salads together.

Break over .. time to tackle that gravel!


Spent hours outside this afternoon.  First I shovelled up the balance of my magic mulch . .into containers and distributed quite a lot onto the front flower areas … 4 of them!  Then I took the rest to the side yard .. .where I am in the midst of removing the gravel for the front parking area.  I emptied the Rubbermaid containers of the mulch onto the side garden.

Finally, all mulch is removed from the front .. so I dry out the two large tarps that had been used as the ground cover for this magic mulch ..and fold them as neatly as possible .. ready to be used again.  I promise myself that I can order four more yards .. when the gravel has all been tidied up!

Next I set up my gravel sorting station and set to work .. pickax .. shovel .. sort .. repeating till I had a large section of the gravel cleared out.   Then I raked over the area, smoothing out the surface.   And then shovelled on the gravel .. everything looks lovely.

This has been a scorching hot day, so I’ve worked in timed segments, about 2 hours at a time.   And I really accomplished a lot, far more than I thought would be possible.

Just two medium sized areas to work at and my job will be done.  A passing neighbour commented that he’d like to do the same for his front yard, clearing away the weedy grass and putting gravel down.  Looks tidy.

With a great sense of accomplishment, I tidy up my work area, bring my tools in and decelerate for the day.

I find that I am getting so much done in the yard … just by working on a segment at a time.  Plus, a bonus .. .creative ideas are continuously popping up.   I think that by just letting my conscious mind to relax and just focusing on the grunt work . .that I am freeing up my creative process.

Am so glad that I decided to remove the gravel from the side yard.  Now I picture a little brick path of some sort, with more ground for plantings.  Now that is fun.  I might put a bit of a berry garden in this area .. there is so much morning sun and that is what berries like.

Oh well, I don’t have to decide on that right now.

I searched the web for ideas on won-ton lasagna, as I felt that I had sufficient spinach ravioli in the freezer.  So I found a few recipes and played around with the remainder of my ingredients and made a w/ton lasagna with my ricotta/spinach mixture.

Just removed the dish from the oven . .smells delicious!

I’ve had fun and I’ve discovered a myriad of recipes using won ton wrappers.

What a great day this has been!


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