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Friday, February 3, 2012

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  well .. the sun has been out in full force for several days now.  It’s times like this that I just want to play outside all day.  But, I need to study and get those botany, soil and organic gardening worlds of information in my head.

Nevertheless, I did go on my trek to Swan Lake Sanctuary yesterday morning.  It was only meant to be a quick one hour walk   … sigh … turned into more than 2 hours.  Such a beautiful sunny day.   How could I not go?

Besides, I was looking forward to another glimpse of the Northern Shoveler and the Cedar Waxwing .. but .. no joy.   So I walked all around the Sanctuary … enjoying the magnificent sunshine.  Saw the local eagles way up in their resting tree.

There are some areas by Tuesday Pond that are being worked on .. and the results are already noticeable.    A lovely wooden criss-cross type of fence keeps walkers from entering this new jewel.   Soon robins will be packing mud for their nests from here.    And many other places also.

Funny, last year I saw very few robins and this year there are so many … such robust cheerful little beings.

I’ve never really fully appreciated the beauty of the flowers and berries of the Hawthorne tree.  Yet lately I’ve begun to notice the squirrels and the birds (especially the Robins) feasting on the red berries of this tree.  And listening to the CBC podcast yesterday, with Botanist Diana Beresford-Kroeger describe the healing properties of the scented Hawthorne flowers .. I am appreciating the magic of this tree.  One of which has been growing in our yard for many years.

Finally  …. back home … strolled around the yard, enjoying the warmth of the sun.   Loving seeing the signs of spring evidenced by the buds on the fruit trees, the green spikes of bulbs eager to show their flowers.

Spend a few hours studying my gardening information.  Happy when information starts to make sense.   Lots of work to be done …aiming to write the exam for certification in a month or so.

The kitchen table is my workplace …  thus I can easily look out at the backyard .. to watch the birds!  Books, writing papers piled high, stacks of pens, little workhorse Toshiba laptop all set up .. slow, but works.  This will be my station till the course is over.  And then, I’ll still be studying anyway … since I’ll have access to the online Gaia resources to read.  Sheer heaven!

Looking out the side kitchen window I happened to see some little Bushtits cavorting on the branches of the plum-tree.  Completely unselfconscious … they spend moments hopping about, grooming, chit-chat.  Chirping away.  Such darling little birds.

To soon .. time to set out for my evening class.  Such beautiful skies .. blue .. and clouds that took on the shape of smooth circular designs .. no camera, no pics!

Parked my car .. and made my way to the class .. where I spent the next 3 hours listening .. trying to absorb all the details … well, they do eventually sink in.

Last night we participants .. or “learners” did a soil sample test .. quite interesting as a matter of fact.   I prepared two samples using soil from several areas in the back yard, placed the soil in jars & added water .. shook the jars for 15 minutes .. and now the jars are sitting on a table .. awaiting for the sand, silt and clay to settle into their layers.  At which time I’ll write a report to be sent in for marks (gulp).

Anyway … Thursday was a good day.  I’ve been searching for guides on how to study properly and have found quite a few.  And I’ve found what works for me is to start again at the beginning lessons .. read … make copious notes .. then succinct notations .. and then .. bingo … words like “mycorrhizal fungi” become friends and stay in my vocabulary.  Next .. I can visualize them …and imagine where they exist in the yard.

Little baby steps.



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Saturday, December 10, 2011

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Friday was a beautiful, mostly sunny day!  There were bits that were just overcast and these times were good for indoor chores, as usual.

Me and my little car went out for a bit in the morning … shopping here and there. Picking up items needed and happy to catch some sales.  Bought some lovely organic liquid hand soap, made in Ontario!    Called “Live Clean” and available in two scents, “Sweet Pea” (how could I resist that one?) and another called “Fresh Water”.   The cynical part of me thought, yeah, right, another marketing ploy, use all the correct words and consumers think that the product is all natural.

So I picked up a bottle and read the ingredients.  And you know what?   It is free of a list of things, among which includes: petroleum, phosphates,  araben, DEA, sulfates.  Not tested on animals!!!!  certified organic 99% plant-based, scented with certified organic botanical flower extracts of Lavender, Rosemary and Chamomile.

The ingredients are better quality than the food I’ve been buying!

Anyway, with a buy 2 get 1 free and such quality ingredients, how could I pass up this purchase.

Having only intended to buy just a few items, and then wander through Tillicum Mall, I ended up with 2 heavy shopping bags full.  So, off to my little car I go and place them inside.   And .. back to the mall.  I like the layout of this mall, friendly, lots of parking.  Friendly.  Like a small town, really .. as familiar faces meet each other once again.

Yesterday there was entertainment, I discovered.  A young choir from nearby Colquitz School were singing Christmas Carols.  How sweet.   Seems only a few ( ha ha , a few???) years ago I was in such a group.

Stayed for a few minutes to enjoy the beautiful singing.  Enjoyed the atmosphere of happy families proudly taking pictures and videos of their children singing.  Lovely memories.

I’ve not been around such Christmas events for a long time and thus it was a nice surprise to stop and listen.   Happiness and joy .. what is important.

Then it’s away to Home Hardware on Burnside.  I really like this store.  It’s medium to large size.    And they carry everything from the kitchen sink to framed artistic prints.   Yesterday I was looking for black sunflower seeds, the small kind that the birds love.  And along the way I picked up a cute little bird feeder, on sale for $5.99.  Just the right size for a couple of birds to dine.

Over to Michael’s and I discover that my next batch of 40% off coupons aren’t in effect till tomorrow.  So… bye-bye till tomorrow .. which is now today, so I guess I could shop, but, time to finish preparations for friends visiting.

Left the store, nearly at my car when I hear a loud crunching type of noise, oh, oh, I think some one has rear-ended another vehicle on nearby busy Blanshard Street.  Traffic at noon is always happy.

Once I am finally able to exit the parking lot I discover that the lane I’d like to be in is bumper to bumper with traffic, so I decide to veer to the right and onto Blanshard, planning to do a loop-de-loop around the block and then I see the cause of the loud noise.   Bits and pieces of plastic bumper and wheel covers are strewn over the intersection and following this trail I see the result.  A newer type van has been hit by a more solid older van.  The two owners are in discussion, and I wonder what caused the accident.  Bright, bright sun makes it difficult to see clearly against the glare.  Caution is needed in this brilliant day.

Sad way to proceed with the day, though and I’m just glad that no one appears to be injured in any way.

I proceed with my journey, circling the block and head home, via another intersection.  Seeing more cars heading towards my primary path home, I wish there was some way I could let them know not to go there, but not able to do that.

Finally, home sweet home and I remove my purchases.  March them up the steps.  Inside, distribute everything to their proper places.

Now .. ta da .. time to take that new bird feeder outside.  And I mix in a good portion of the oily black sunflower seeds in with the regular bird seed.  Fill up the feeders.

Last year I was watching the birds and noticed the Downy Woodpecker and the sparrows. However, this year, having placed more bird feeders and lots of suet .. I notice a big difference in the variety of backyard visitors. Including the Chestnut-backed Chickadees and the Red-breasted Nuthatches.  (the Chickadees will eat the tent caterpillars, yea). And just found this link, which shows that they travel together.

Oh, there is so much to learn about birds, how exciting is that! http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Chestnut-backed_Chickadee/id and you can hear their sweet little songs at this link!!

Wander around the yard, noticing the differences made to the yard by the sun.  The contrasts, the shadows and the light, add such layers of depth to the beauty of everything inside our lovely yard.    Loving this.

Replenish the hummingbird feeder at the front … after thoroughly washing it out.     It has certainly gotten dirty in the last month .. think it must be due to traffic passing by.   Intend to keep checking the cleanliness over the winter months.  Don’t want these lovely little beings to get sick.

Take some time to wander about, looking at the feathered activity.  You know, I could swear that the little Chickadees in the front lilac bushes started chirping away when I started removing the large back of sunflower seeds from the car.   Could be coincidence, but once that bag was sitting on the ground I could hear the excited chatter!

The same chatter that I hear when I start filling up the feeders!

Another thing I’ve noticed, and this is quite sweet, I think.  Watching the Anna’s in the backyard a few days ago.  Trying to follow the lightning fast aerial flights … I noticed that one Anna seemed to be sipping water from the tips of the apples still hanging from the tree branches.  She (or he) would perch on a branch next to an apple, then simply dip its little head towards the apple and drink away.  Nature’s water cooler!

Later, at the kitchen counter, peeling and slicing apples for freezing, putting them in lemon/water mix so they wouldn’t discolour, I spent long minutes gazing out at the plum-tree outside the window.  Enjoying the antics of the birds as they nibbled away at the moss, groomed themselves.  Chatted away.  Chickadees, Juncos, Spotted Towhees.  Sparrows.    I know that I spent way more time watching their antics than I did prepping the apples!

Then, time to arrange the apple slices on a parchment covered tray, pop in the freezer.  Removed the frozen fruit later and into a freezer bag for use later .. to make an open-faced (sides folded in) apple pie .. or something yummy on a cold winter’s day.

And, this being a bumper crop for apples (and first year ever .. that our Macintosh tree bore a crop of any kind!!)  .. there are still some baskets of apples in the basement that need to be prepared also .. applesauce or freezing.   And some more to be given away to friends.

Well …yesterday was busy and fun and today promises more of the same.

So… away I go .. another lovely day


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Saturday, November 26, 2011

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Friday was a whole day away .. now let’s see .. what did I do yesterday?  Hmmm.. I did return to Michael’s Craft Store.  That place is addictive.  With every purchase I receive a 40% discount on one item.  Yesterday I received a surprise $5.00 on any one purchase.  Oh, they are crafty, they are!

I stocked up on more glass paint .. this is fast becoming addictive, I find it quite creative.

The skies were blue and the sun was shining, and, as in another similar day, I asked myself “why am I shopping when it is sunny????  I “should” be outside, digging in the garden.

Oh, well, decided that I needed a bit of retail therapy .. so I decided that since I was already there, my car was parked and I didn’t have to worry about plugging the meter .. I might as well wander around a few stores.

First stop was Fabricland .. and it really should be called “Wonderland” with its thousands of bolts of beautiful materials.  Glittery, ribbons, tie-dyed and luxurious .. it is just plain fun to wander the fabric aisles .. dreaming of things to make.  Then there are the ready-made drapes.  Years ago I would have scoffed at buying ready-made drapery, as I use to sew these quite a bit.  However, doing the  math, it was more cost-effective to purchase some lined drapery panels in lieu of buying yards (oops, metres) of fabric,  thread, pleating tape, lining.  Then there is the measuring (better be careful with this one), cutting, pressing, sewing, pressing.

Wandered through the trim section .. and there is that rhinestone zipper!  Amazing.  Tempting to just buy this for the sheer elegance of it.

Finally left this marvellous creative place and made my way to London Drugs.  Purchased a few more glasses to practise my glass paining.   I have always liked to learn how to paint.  And have taken the occasional class in acrylics and one in watercolour.  My shelves hold “how to” techniques and I have the acrylic & water-colour paints.  With the new interest in painting on glass, I find that this outlet will serve me well.

Oh, the ideas that are rolling through my imagination right now are quite exciting.  So many items to transform,  paint and embellish.  I have a little treasure trove of beads, marble items. jewellery findings, you name it!

Let the creativity begin.   And I am so hooked on “StumbleUpon” .. such a creative place to visit!

Also, yesterday at Michael’s’ .. I came “this close” to buying a book on how to transform old t-shirts!  And I’m not one for purchasing new books, so they have to be pretty special.

When I returned home, I made a fresh pot of Yorkshire tea, turned on the computer and started searching for re-purposing t-shirt sites and of these, there is a plethora!   There are even blog sites which list the most popular t-shirt blogs!

Interesting to read David Suzuki‘s article in the Saanich newspaper yesterday, regarding the “D” word of today.  (Disposable) .  He spoke quite eloquently about the impermanence of today’s electronics etc.   Items purchased barely a year ago, soon are “out of date”.  And the example given about his wife’s search to purchase a charging cord  for her cell phone, only to be told that it was no longer available, cell phone was only 1 1/2 years ago.  My DH noticed this a few years ago.

David talks about corporations having to show profits each year.   I wonder, when does this stop?    Ok, I won’t go there .. but .. things like this spur me on to find ways to re-purpose things today.

Years ago (when I was a kid) .. we didn’t have the tremendous choice of things to buy .. we made do with what we had .. and there was a simple honesty mixed up with that.  That is why I’m so pleased to see so many creative people around the world, who are so talented and so imaginative .. they think up just the most amazing ways to reuse items.  Things I would never have thought of and things that I just want to try.

Like the humble t-shirt.  There are blogs and tutorials on how to cut the t-shirt into a long strip, knit into bags, rugs, etc.  Make carry bags from spaghetti stringed summer t-shirts.  Create kids clothing, teen skirts, leggings, the list is long. (yea!)

So I’m going to play around with those ideas.  We have a supply of old t’s that I was going to take to W.I.N. for retextiling.  However, I plan to try making something, then dyeing it with a bright koolaid mixture.   And for many years I’ve wanted to try textile dying of fabrics using onion skins etc.   Now is my chance to play with that.

Oh, I am so energized .. this feels so great!

Went out to the yard for a while .. dug in some plants, just so they would be settled in for the winter and tossed generous handfuls of leaves around them.

Watched the birds.  Filled up the feeders.  The little Chickadee keeps an eye out and sets up some happy chirps when I refill the feeder.  The little birds cling to the empty suet holder, they know that it is supposed to hold food  .. and even when it was empty, they continued to visit, clinging on to the framework with their teeny tiny little feet.

I now have 4 suet holders hanging from the branches.   The most favourites are the holders containing beef fat!

Picked up the rake and scooped up more leaves from the grass.  There are still a few chores to do .. to finish sifting some sod that I’d removed from the edge of the side garden.   A few more garden pots to stack up.

And I’m sure that there are other things I can do in the garden .. with the lovely mild weather, I might just take some cuttings from the Bay tree, to put in those lovely rooting trays!

It was a great day .. creative in every way!




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Thursday, November 17, 2011

OMG .. it is just after 8 am on this morning and I see the sun is shining brilliantly …

I was all set to write about my gardening day yesterday (which was totally wonderful, btw).   But.. rain is predicted .. so I am choosing to go outside and dig and plant and sort my gardening pots.  Rake Leaves. (trying not to think about the lovely piles of leaves on the roadway ….)

So I will post my pics of yesterday and yak .. later on!  And if it doesn’t rain (as is predicted) .. well, I’ll be outside all the live long day!

And so.. va va vooom .. on my most lovely daily life!

🙂  Happy days are here again, the sky is clear again .. happy days are here again!

Oh, and I saw a Spotted Towhee outside the kitchen window, grooming itself for the upcoming day!

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Yesterday, Wednesday, was quite a change from bright and sunny Tuesday!  It started off overcast and very windy at times.

Nonetheless, on went my gardening outfit and outside I went!   Finished potting up the balance of the Boxwood cuttings . .I think there were about 40 .. a few didn’t root, leaves were glossy & green . … so they are being given another chance over the winter.

So I think that I now have a total of 120 boxwood plants started.  And … no .. I don’t plan to start a nursery.   I would like to try little garden borders, though.  I like the boxwood plantings at the Royal Bank on Burnside.  Every time I visit the bank, my eyes are drawn to the two tidy Boxwood framed squares outside.  Yes, I think I’ll have lots of fun with these plants.  They are quite sturdy little plants, I love plants that aren’t delicate.

Then, oh my .. I’m looking at the temporary winter holding areas that I’ve created with the landscape ties.  I’d started out with the “L” shape.  These soon filled up.  Now I have double “L” shapes.  And rapidly running out of room.

I think that our next place will just have to have a bit more property so that I can expand my propagating area.  I do seem to get carried away.  But then, I think, a lot of gardeners are like that.  I’ll just clip a “few” branches.  I’ll just start a “few” more plants.  On and on.  Oh, wait, I was planning to clip the Bay laurel tree.  Maybe tomorrow.

I’d already shaped shifted the veggie garden area.   I love changing the shapes of the garden ..  the soil there is just so rich from last years  wonderful mulch.    I can easily change the shape by moving the bricks that I’ve used to outline the beds and reshape away to my hearts content.

Anyway, this fall, I created a strip berry garden, a quarter moon shaped garlic bed and an oval bed in the middle (part of this is already planted in garlic).

I’m determined to have large heads of garlic this year.  I’d purchased 4 types of garlic for last years crop.  Somehow the names of each type didn’t make it through the winter so I now have a mix of unnamed garlic.  Including some elephant garlic.  Humongous cloves.  So they are all planted in the sunny part of the yard.  Patiently waiting till it’s time to grow.

I’d potted up all the cuttings, and then it was time to play with the garlic cloves.   I had had a large crop of garlic this year, however, having not planted them in the full sun, the results were not impressive, size wise.  And, I had thought that by not clipping the greens, the energy that would have gone into the garlic bulb went into the greens instead.  However, I’ve been searching garlic growing sites and I can see where someone actually did a comparison and concluded that it doesn’t make any difference.

So I plopped quite a few garlic bulbs into the amazing Styrofoam root tray and covered up with soil  I’m just curious to see how these will sprout.   Then I plan to make some kind of a narrow garlic strip in planters and let them grow, grow, grow.

Early afternoon, the skies brightened up and there was a little touch of sun .. ah that was great!  I spent a fair chunk of time just looking at the antics of the birds.  At one point there seemed to be quite an influx of sparrows .. they’d discovered the bird seed!  Several times I just waved them away, shoo .. fly away .. leave some for the Dark Eyed Juncos‘s, the Chickadees, the Red Breasted Nuthatch.  Speaking of which, I’d noticed that I hadn’t seen this spritely little guy .. when up he zoomed, straight for the raw suet.

Several sparrows were having quite a little “discussion” and at one point I had to duck out-of-the-way! (no pun intended!)

I have always loved being in the garden.  Time stops.  Reality is held at bay.  All that exists is the wonderment of being in a private place where I can simply enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.  Simply stop and look at the birds.  Stomp on my three-foot high pile of leaves (partly just for fun and partly to break them down faster).  I can just travel all around and see how all the plants and trees are doing.   Look at the lovely bits of lichen and moss, tiny universes.

Play around with re-using bricks, stones.   Dig away.   Dream and envision how I’ll plant things.   I really do want a little arbour .. I have the bench and the pond.  Just have to sweet talk my lovely DH into “helping” me create the area.

I’ve recently read that creativity just needs lots of time and this is my time to delve into this creativity.  All my life I’ve wanted “creative” time .. but there was always something not allowing me the luxury of this gift.  Well .. I now have the time and wow am I happy!   It’s almost decadent to have the time to play and experiment with the garden, and for that I am very grateful.

I then collected the windfall apples .. sorted them into several piles, one for the house and one for the birdies.  Then I took a handful and placed them in the nooks and crannies of trees in the yard .. so they could peck away at their leisure.

Speaking of apples, my walking pal tells me that this year is a bumper crop for apples and that next year there won’t be so many.   I’ve certainly gained new respect for apples, thanks to her explanations of the benefits of eating these crunchy fruits.   And I’m learning about more varieties.

As I gathered up my gardening tools, working in different areas of the yard, I couldn’t help but admire the large wooden handled metal scoop that I’d purchased recently at Lee Valley.  This thing is worth it’s weight in gold!  I think that it actually might be a flour scoop, but I find it so invaluable in the garden.  It is strong and I can easily dig in the yard and create a planting space.  It’s great for hacking away at stubborn dandelions and it’s wonderful for scooping up the soil mixture for potting up plants.

I cut down dead branches of deciduous plantings at the side of the house .. and discovered lots of raspberry canes that I need to dig up .. it’s getting a little crowded.   And the Costmary plants need to be split up, also.  I love the minty perfume of these shovel shaped leaves.  The diminutive yellow button flowers at the top of these tall plants are just too darling for words.

Next spring I plan to trim the tops of the cedar trees, to encourage more bush growth.   And I’m happy to see such a variety of plants that I’ve placed throughout this side of the yard .. the bed is quite wide, about 4 feet in width .. and I can see that I’ll have to reposition some of the plants.

I’d just about decided where I was going to plant my two Pyracantha plants .. when the rains started again!  Darn!

Just as I was collecting my garden gear, camera etc., my attention was caught by the yard of Miracle Mulch.  Beautiful material.  It’s been there for (ahem) a while, since I’d moved it, bit by bit, from the front yard.  I really do have to move this and distribute around the yard.

Well, there is always tomorrow, right?


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Sunday, October 30, 2011

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 Lovely day today, except for the rain.  And I forgot that I’d left my garden boots outside by the back door.  Oopsie.  Good thing I have another pair.

Yesterday was spent .. for the large part .. driving around town.  Normally I get this done during the week .. just to avoid the weekend traffic, but it really wasn’t that bad.

Funny how the rain poured so heavily in the morning and then we had warm sunshine in the afternoon.   Spent some time just being in the back yard, enthralled with the mixture of birds that are now visiting the yard.  Waiting for the sweet trill of the Spotted Towhee.

Today, rain as usual .. so we head out to Dakota Cafe for breakfast …good as usual.  Plants are doing well.  One Rosemary, in particular, is at the window sill level.  Next summer for sure, there will be lots of blue flowers which will attract the Hummingbirds.  I see that the Red Hot Poker is growing well .. so they should be flowering next year also … and we can watch the sparrows hang upside down on them, sipping the nectar!

Rain on and off today,  with brief periods of bright sunlight!  Oh, how I want to go outside, but today we are doing household duties.

A bit of diligence and now I can again see the surface of my desk.  Oh happy days.

And I’m keeping up the “recycle” habit and have discarded quite a pile of unnecessary paperwork.  That is a good feeling.

Using my new lavender covered lidded storage boxes, I soon have my paperwork sorted and tidily organized.  Oh, la … dee ..da!

Right now I can see the sunlight glinting on the branches of the cedar at the side.   Lovely sight.

I bought a lovely acrylic bird feeder, the kind that is attached to a window with suction cups .. it’s a great little item, the birds can just hop inside and feed away.   And that is what one of the little Chickadee’s did this morning.   He’d been perched in a branch of the apple tree and finally flew over, settled in and started munching in the seeds.   Suddenly he noticed me (I think) and flew away.  Soon there were 2 little Chickadees in the tree, chattering away to each other.  I really thought that they were going to visit the feeder, but they flew away!

This is way better than television, any day.

Well, this is the kind of relaxing Sunday where nothing great need be accomplished.   Just little things, and that’s enough.

And I’m looking forward to November 1 .. when the great writing begins to happen.   NaNoWriMo  I’ve read some posts by those who have entered this and they have some funny comments and positive feedback for everyone.  So, I’ll be doing my best to write something and won’t (or will try not to) worry about the style.  It will develop, I’m sure.

I’ll just label each chapter numerically.   I’m feeling a bit nervous, yet excited at this challenge.

Well. … on with this lovely day!

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Friday, October 21, 2011

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Weather has changed slightly today.  It’s kind of a rainy morning .. unlike this past week of sunny days.  Oh, no, I don’t want to do indoor things today .. I want to run outside and seek creativity in my garden.

Yesterday I had to go somewhere mid-morning …. so I had to forgo hours of fun in the sun, working (playing) in the backyard.  I couldn’t stay away though, and wondered outside .. checking on the level of food in the bird feeders … and noted that I’ll need to top up the hummingbird feeder.

The wasps/hornets are nearing the end of their timelines and are being nasty to the h/birds .. who do their best to avoid these nasty (but necessary) insects.

The Anna’s are quite active recently and I believe that they are nesting or planning to nest throughout the yard, in their particular territories.  I’ve been noticing the high-pitched whistle sounds as the males zoom swiftly from the sky … marvellous.

The brown shouldered Chickadee’s are quite abundant in the yard … I hadn’t seen them in previous years and welcome them in the garden.  They are reputed to eat tent caterpillars .. oh happy day … I had thought that no birds likes these things!  But a sign at Swan Lake showed that they do .. and thus I am thrilled to have them in the yard.  They are voracious insect hunters.  I’ve seen them clinging to the sides of the fence, tearing away at the lichen on the trees, even picking away at a wooden window frame.

Ok, the lichen on the trees … this is definitely the first year that this material has been pecked away .. so that proves that this is their first year here.  Welcome, little buddies!

I’m glad that I stocked up on high energy bird suet at Canadian Tire a few weeks ago, so I can keep the suet holders full all winter.

Every day I’ve heard the magical trill of the Spotted Towhee and actually saw one of them on the ground, pecking away.  I look forward to the fall/winter/spring season of seeing and hearing these magnificent birds.

Poor little Youbou ..  he is such a sweet little kitty kat!  Since his problem with lameness in his right hind leg … he has to take Prednisone daily .. and I’m the “bad guy” who has to give him his little pill.  The pill popper (like a plastic tube) is not large enough for the pill .. and darn if I know where my two pill cutters are.  I’ve seen them “somewhere”.  Which reminds me .. I need to organize kitty kat paraphernalia in one container and place it in one room .. this is one of my “rainy day” inside projects.   Of which there is quite a few things to do.

Some rainy day projects to be done:   drapery adjustments (unpick seams and join sections together, hemming); organize my computer room (ha ha ha ha); other miscellaneous sewing items;  catalogue my gardening books  – ha ha ha .. that’s too funny .. I know what will happen.  I’ll pick up a pile of books, open up my laptop, set up an excel sheet, open one book .. see a plant description .. hmm… look for information on same plant in 20 other books .. hours later I’ll decide it’s time for tea and so the day will go.   No surprises there.

Ah, yes, I have great plans for rainy days.  No boring days ahead for this little lady!

And of course, there are my craft projects.  To create nifty outdoor treasures for the garden.  Perhaps create an item that I could produce for sale .. something unique.  I certainly have all the supplies needed.   Just need some good old rainy or snowy days .. to allow myself lots of time to just play away.

Hmm … time to get going on this day.  Time for a little grocery shopping .. plan to pick up some pizzas.  Some local large supermarkets have started having fresh “you bake” pizzas on sale and this is the second week.  So that will be our supper tonight … easy preparation .. more time in the garden for me!

Not that I don’t mind a little time here and there for meal preparation .. but it does take me away from my garden time.    Now I totally understand the famous Ruth Stout .. who so detested wasting time cooking her meals when she could be in her garden .. that she decided to eat only raw vegetables!

She was a lady well ahead of her time .. using bales of hay (or was it straw?) in her garden, thus achieving the most amazing soil.   Her book “How to have a green thumb without an aching back” was wonderful .. I did have a copy once and hopefully I still have it amongst my treasures.

Well .. time is marching on … I should have been out and on my way half an hour ago .. so time to get going ..

Fingers, toes and eyes crossed that the sun will be out by the time I return home and so I can go outside and play.

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