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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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Well, this sunny day is the last one in August .. .a new month starts tomorrow!

Today I played around in the garden .. I’ve given up on the tomatoes!   I’d pruned them right back about a month ago and they’ve grown into giants.   So I’ll let them be.  There is still quite a bit of warm weather ahead .. so perhaps I’ll garner a lot of tomatoes.

There are quite a variety of shapes, ranging from clusters of tiny cherry tomatoes to large green pepper shapes.

And I see small cucumbers and zucchini fruits taking shape.

There are a few little ears of corn, fingers crossed that the neighbourhood racoon will ignore these!

The potato plants .. omg .. they just keep on growing and growing .. .I’m just a little impatient . .waiting till they vegetation dies back so I can dig these beauties up!

Finally finished the gravel .. all is done .. and everything looks lovely.

There is still lots to do in the yard.  Pruning the lilac trees.  Weeding.  Creating new little garden areas.  I’m making steady progress.

I’ve put the call in for more “Miracle Mulch” .. just waiting to hear from the owner about delivery .. and then I can start distributing this beautiful product throughout the yard.

Tonight my lovely gardening neighbour gave me a quantity of tiny tomatoes, with instructions on how to prepare them for seeds .. which I can plant next spring!

Spent a lovely few minutes today watching the antics of the local Anna’s.   Twirling in the air .. chirping like mad.  Looked cute, but really, there was a clash of territorial conduct going on.

Yesterday I found the sweetest little fluffy feather of Anna that was stuck on one of the little landing bars of the h/bird feeder.  How special is that.

Later on I found the tiniest feather also .. must also be a h/bird feather .. I do believe.

Hmm .. and these represent good luck .. very special items.

We took time out for Won Ton Wednesday .. delicious down to the last drop.  Dak makes the absolute best Won Ton soup!!!    At the famous Dakota Cafe.

Yesterday’s Coronation Street was very poignant.   In that show, Jack Duckworth passed away, he’d been ill.  The show was done very well .. in his passing scene .. the real Vera was there, and there was a scene where they were talking to each other as they used to do.  And then they danced.  It brought tears to my eyes, very very well done.

Kudos to Granada, I’ve noticed that the past two weeks filming was very realistic.  Wonder if they have finally decided to devote more time to the direction and less to the impetus to gain rating statistics!   Even though, here in Canada, we are about 8 months behind.   Next Monday, we start having hour-long shows .. and hopefully this will last for a long time so we won’t be so far behind!

So .. another lovely day, a variety of activities.  I’m nicely tired.  Time to relax.

Up early tomorrow for another activity filled day!


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