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Friday, November 18,2011

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Yesterday started out as an amazingly sunny day!  I looked out the kitchen window and was just so excited about spending the whole day out there.  And so I did!

I raked up leaves at the front, which resulted in 2 very full yard bags of leaves .. so I began my little dance of the moving leaf bags and soon had positioned them a the leaf mulch pile.  Within seconds, I’d emptied the lovely contents onto the mulch pile.  Then I just started walking around the 3 foot high stack of leaves, stomping them down as much as I could, to get the compost action started.

It was tempting to just start doing little jobs in the yard as I saw them, but I decided to work on one thing at a time.  The new mature me.    Actually, I’m following the work habits of my DH.  He works on one project at a time, focuses his time and energy on completing the job and this always impresses me.  So I’ve decided to copy his habits, for a while anyway.  My work style is like the characters in “Family Circle” zig zagging from one project to another.

So yesterday I was firm with myself.  Once I’d taken care of the leaves, I decided to plant my recently saved Heather plant, so I dug out a nice spacious hole and nestled this plant into position, topping it all off with a supply of the Miracle Mulch.

It was time to finally plant the 3 bags of Iris corms that a gardening pal had given me, ages ago!  I carefully separated the rhizomes into as many corms as possible, then spaced them in a casual sort of design amongst the ferns, Buddleia and other hardy perennials at the front garden area.  These are a wonderful addition to my garden plantings and I am so happy to have them!  Thank you!!

Next I note that the two cedar bushes that I’d planted many years ago need to be pruned hard!  I started clipping away, and then decided to do a bit of research on the best way to prune these two bushes.  When I had planted them many years ago,  in the hard clay soil, I hadn’t known much about the planting procedure.  So the planting hole was not very spacious and they did grow, but just not very much.  Then, a few big snowfalls over the years resulted in the branches being spread out and now they have a lot of green growth, but there is a lot of bare branches throughout the centre of the plant.   So I’ll study how to best prune them.  Might just be a little at a time, over a number of seasons.

I moved over to the garden area by the side of the driveway … trimmed some plants, dug up some weeds (not many, really, due to the thick mulch!).  Noticed the lovely heavy growth of a large-leaved, fuzzy surface sage like plant.  I’d pruned it down to the ground during the summer and was happy to see that this tough plant had sprung up well!

Now, finally, I can play!  I’d recently dug up one area of the front yard, by the little sidewalk.   And this is where the propagation of the Salal branches had its beginning!  Those plants are just about impossible to dig up!  This had a lot to do with the rich layer of compost and leaf mulch that I’d place here for years.  The roots loved it and they’d created a well-knit underground carpet of roots!  I started off being very careful and finally became more aggressive in lifting out the plants.   Replanted one at the woodsy area at the front garden.  And the branches that broke off the main plants, well, I’ve trimmed them all up and they are nicely nestled in the Styrofoam rooting trays.  Yippee .. I can hardly wait till next year . .when I can gently tug at the cuttings and will find out if they have rooted!

During all this time at the front yard, I’ve met and spoken with some neighbours.  I realized that I’ve been spending most of my gardening at the back .. and decide to spend more time at the front.

I’ve reached the stage when I could finally start planting a variety of ground covering thymes, when the rains start.  Throughout the morning, there were little sprinkles, but now the drops were heavier.  Ok, time to go inside.  Besides, it was really getting to be chilly.

I was quite content that I’d made a lot of progress .. although there are still some vines & perennials that I want to dig into the ground, before the winter.

Sigh.  A gardener’s job is just never done, it seems.

Well… time to continue on my merry way .. the sun is again shining!


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