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Monday, June 3, 2013

A brilliantly beautiful sunshiny day!  Birds are chirping away (I replenished the feeders yesterday!)  And I am facing a full day of playing away in the garden.  Massive amounts of potting up with my many seedlings!  This year I’ve put squash plants in containers .. as I’ve used most of my veggie garden for garlic!!

And there is one section left in the sunny area for veggies.  There I’ve planted some squash, shallots and there is still room for squash there.

This year I’d purchased Mason Bees with nesting trays … and I’d placed their little home on the trunk of an old apple tree.  How exciting it has been to check throughout the spring to see the cocoons open up and know that nature is taking its course and the bees are out in the world.   Although I wondered where they were .. I’d seen a variety of bees buzzing away in the yard but hadn’t noticed any of the little black bees.  So yesterday I ventured to their home and saw that the two lower sections were sealed shut!


This led me to search for more information on these industrious creatures and I found this very informative site:  http://www.crownbees.com/life-cycle-of-the-mason-bee/   and sure enough, as the site notes, the bottom 2 left openings are filled in.   This site lists absolutely everything I need to know about raising my little winged family .. how exciting!

Lovely blue skies again … how cheerful and uplifting to have this overhead!   My umbrella has the same scenery on the inside .. more incentive to go for long walks in the rain with a view like this!


One of the many other busy bees in the yard …. lots of pollinators for all growing plants and trees throughout the yard.20

 Found this broken egg shell when D and I were out walking at Sooke last week.  We were in an area that normally was inaccessible unless we were ducks, however, the tides were way out.   She has a good knack for finding things that are  just not really evident .. perhaps this is a Heron’s egg?  It is very large, bigger than any I’ve ever seen … so I took it home for a souvenir.  I’ve placed it beside some squash shoots for a comparison.


Look .. I have Garry Oak growing in my garlic forest! Actually there are a number of them and I’ve potted up quite a few.  When I harvest the garlic, I’ll pot up the oaks growing in the garlic .. don’t want to disturb them unnecessarily.


Well .. time to go for a walk in the sun and then, oh joy, to work in my garden!


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Thursday, February 23, 2012

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Where does the time go .. eh?

The days are just flying by … and part of the reason, I know, is that I’m spending many hours in studying new information.

I blush to think of how I used to think that I was so knowledgeable about gardening.  After all, I used to take vacations just to work away in the garden.  I have a passion for gardening, preparing the soil for plantings, working hard to amass materials to assist in the growth of plants.

But my world changed completely on the night of my Introduction to the Organic Master Gardening Class at Royal Roads .. that was a dark and stormy night (the kind that Snoopy used to write about) … I am not a good night driver, yet, I did not let the pouring rain and dark roads stop me from travelling to the OMG introduction session.   Because of the bad weather conditions, there were only a few people there .. and that is understandable.

Our Course Facilitator talked to us about the course and what to expect .. yet .. little did I know then .. that gardening as I knew it .. would take a radical change to enter a world of awareness.

We wouldn’t be focusing on the latin names of plants, that information we could find from books.  Instead, we would be learning about the worlds beneath our feet.   The harmonious co-operation between organisms and plants.   Well . . I sure looked forward to that.

Since that night .. I’ve been part of the class … we’ve been encouraged to question everything and so we do.  We aren’t expected to sit quietly in our seats, calmly taking in the information from the instructors.  So we have lively classes .. everything is questioned .. nothing is taken for granted.  My goodness, this is satisfying .. this quest for knowledge.    Quite a change from my childhood Catholic school years … shut up, and listen.  No questions allowed.  brrrrrrrrr

And so I find myself drawn to the textbook and the online resources .. and wonder, will I ever fully understand the workings of this earth?   Well, I think that I will learn as much as possible .. there is so very much to learn.


So I’ve been rewarding myself with little walks daily .. I really want to spend the whole livelong day sitting at the computer, researching terminology, making copious notes on my lined index cards .. my portable note system (thanks, Kristin, my flying teacher, for that!)  I simply can’t imagine not using this system for notes!

And because I know that physical activity is a must, I’ve made an effort to just get out there and go for a walk for at least an hour a day.

More treats for me include working in the yard .. .yes .. yes .. yes!!

Incentive for this is that the first week of March .. the pruning lesson will be held in our yard!  So .. time to move the mulch .. move the propagating flats .. so that there will be room for everyone to move around the yard.

So, I’ve not been posting everyday … and I really like to post .. but sometimes, between the “learning” and the walks & working outside & preparing supper .. the time just disappears.

One thing I’ve been doing .. is taking pictures .. and sometimes, when I’ve moving things around in the yard, I have a feeling that I “should” take my camera .. in order to record some fantastic gardening event.

Yesterday was such a feeling.  I was approaching the back garden gate and suddenly I noticed a big fat honeybee .. it was sparkly new and firmly attached to the fence panel.  At times it would move one of its legs or antennae .. and I wondered, was this a newly hatched queen??? I know nothing about bees (oh, maybe sometime I’ll do some research) and thought that the queens must first appear, right?   And then the workers?   Then I noticed another honey bee . .. this one was slimmer and on another fence panel.  So I spent some time just watching them, taking photos .. full of appreciation for this delicious moment in time, observing the amazing magic that is nature.

At the end of the day, I looked for the bees and couldn’t see them .. but this morning, there was the big fat one (that doesn’t sound quite right, but I was comparing the two types of bees) and voila .. there it was … and it had disappeared in the early afternoon ..so I wondered what happened.

So …. Wednesday was another lovely day  .. .full to the brim with new knowledge and the joy of nature.


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