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Monday, April 2, 2012

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Oh, I am a lucky gal, I am, I am I am!  And I’ll tell you why, in a moment!

But first, yesterday, Sunday, April 1 .. was a brilliantly sunny day, albeit a wee bit chilly!  DH, friends and I met at Dakota Café for a lovely early breakfast.  I saw the most amazing cloud formations and just wanted to run outside to take pics of them, but decided, in my maturity (?) to wait till the meal was finished and then . . I went outside!

Brrrr .. by then the really amazing cloud formations had morphed into other shapes.  Well, really, they had moved on in the sky, but I like the idea of the morphing better.

Rejoined the breakfast table and the conversation!

Later, on the way home, we noticed the new eagle nest .. the old one had succumbed to weathering a few years ago.  Luckily the eagles had built the new nest (it’s actually a few years old) in the same area.  Just for the heck of it, I brought out the camera and clicked away as we drove by .. and luckily, the photos turned out well.

And yesterday was the final day of the Friends of the Library book sale.  I wondered, would I be choosy and perhaps a bit more mature in my book selection this time?  Not sure, but I made sure that I took a good supply of shopping bags with me.  And decided to leave my somewhat bulky backpack/purse at home this time.  Easier to slip between the crowds.

This time I was not at the front of the line but I was at a respected position of number 5, so that was good.  We waited, the line getting longer and longer.  Suddenly, the sound of broken glass broke through the silence of the afternoon, and as one, all of us in the lineup turned to face the direction of the sound.

A gentleman stood at the back of his truck, a look of puzzlement on his face …. While his hand continued to uphold the swing out glass door of his truck’s canopy.  I’d caught the action of the broken glass tumbling to the ground as he’d swung open the door.  And as he started to lower it, more glass continued to crumble and fall to the ground.  No one spoke for a few minutes until suddenly a voice rang out “are you ok?”

It seems he was fine, just in shock over what happened, though.  At this point, the door to the library book sale was opened and everyone trooped in .. so I don’t know the ending to that story.

Well .. I just wandered around .. not sure at which table I should start looking for books.  Couldn’t see any aviation or weather books this time.  That’s ok .. I was able to amass quite a few good ones at the last sale.

It was a fun time, chatting with fellow shoppers, discussing the merits of various authors.   I made my way over to the garden and craft section . .and it was here that I struck gold!

There was a very thin book “Living Earth” by Peter Farb, “The Worlds of Science” .. printed in 1959.  Now, before I took my life changing Organic Master Gardening course (Gaia College, through Royal Roads University) .. I would not have given this book a second glance.  But, my life has changed for the better, so I quickly grabbed this treasure.  And I’ve been reading it carefully, page by page.    In the preface, he notes that, despite mankind’s curiosity about the soil, there “has never been a book for the untutored in science on this subject.”  And he continues that there was no technical study on soil until 1957.

The title of the first chapter is “the Placenta of Life” .. and here he introduces the active life found within the soil.   My new best friends “mycorrhizal fungi” are discussed in this book.  Plus so very much more.

For interest, here are the titles of the chapters, how revealing they are:

Part 1 – The Living Soil: 1) The Placenta of Life; 2) The Story of Soil

Part II – The Forests: 3) The Forest Hive;  4) The World of the Root; 5) Soil Societies

Part III – The Grasslands: 6) Dwellers in Darkness; 7) Triumph of the Seed

Part IV – The Deserts: 8) Adapting to Adversity

Part V – Mutual Survival: 9) Living Together and Living Apart; 10) This Enduring Earth

Needless to say, this science report, Peter Farb had a passion for nature .. sadly he has passed on, but he has left us such gifts, namely this treasure of a book.

And, among the other interesting landscaping and gardening books is this other treasure of a book and how very fitting, since I’m beginning to learn more about native plants and ecosystems!   Again, this book is small, but full of important information about ecosystems “Field Guide to Old-Growth Forests” of the Pacific NorthWest.  Thank you to the forces which guided me to these books, I am so very grateful.

Later, after 3 trips to the car to put book filled shopping bags in the car and deciding that really, I had enough, I made myself leave. Anyway, the sale was over.  And once again I proved that I have no will power when it comes to gathering up books.

What were some other treasures .. oh, yes, a book on the Masterpieces of Tutankhamun, glorious coloured plates therein.   “Prehistoric Art” by T.G.E. Powell .. this interests me and today I’ll be going to a free lecture at U Vic on Shamanism in historic cave art & I’ll share that tomorrow.

“Treasures of Early Irish Art” 1500 BC to 1500 AD .. the artwork on the cover was intriguing.  The book contains photos and history of art “from the collections of the National Museum of Ireland Royal Irish Academy Trinity College, in Dublin.   As I opened the cover of this most fascinating book, leafed through the pages and saw the photos of ancient tools, jewellery, chalice, artifacts, I decided that luck had placed this gift in my path, so I tucked it away in yet another shopping bag.  I’m looking through the pages right now, very happy that I decided to take it with me .. so much history, so much beauty ..

Among the Graphic Art books that I selected, there is one on the art of Renate Ulmer “Mucha”.  Now, I have always loved his art, so inventive, playful .. so now I can peruse at my leisure.  And, no respect to this esteemed book . .but I might be so bold as to clip some of the drawings and try to decoupage them onto some tiles .. or something.

Minoan and Mycenaean Art” by Reynold Higgins .. .ok, I was standing way too long at the art table and after this book, I made myself move away!

But wait, what’s this .. a book on poetry.  And not just any poetry, but poems from the 17th Century.  Come on  now, who, having read some of the lines contained within these pages, could resist??? Not me.   Well, I was just looking through this book, hoping to find a short and cheerful little ditty to share ..but am finding that the dismal tone of these writings have made me decide to put this little book in the “free” pile at our next garage sale.

Oh, well, c’est la vie, as it were!

On and on with this bright new day!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What a beautiful day to wake up to!  Skies are blue, sun is shining .. I quickly go about household stuff ..looking forward to continuing on with the adventures of my backyard.

Look out the kitchen window .. the skies are pastel now, I think that the rains are coming.  Wind buffets the tree branches.  The birds are hovering around the sunflower heads .. such a lively scenario.

Decided to clean up the h/bird feeder at the front of the house, so I unhook that, bring to the kitchen, disassemble, scrub, scrub .. rinse rinse .. and fill with the winter 3:1 sugar syrup (3 cups water to one cup sugar, boiled gently, cooled and kept in the fridge).  Took outside and hung from a laurel branch.   There . .now the backyard family and the front yard family each have a rich mixture for the cold weather.

And I’ve been stocking up on various suet blocks to feed the birds –  for the upcoming cold weather.  Today’s paper indicates that we are in for a brrrrr type of winter.  I might even invest in winter boots .. or maybe I’ll just keep with what I have.   They’ve worked well so far.

One pair of hiking boots, one pair of medium weight winter boots .. with bobbles on strings that, unless I tuck them into my boots .. constantly get caught up together and so I have to stop and untie them.   Otherwise, I’d have to hop hop hop on two feet .. and that loses its charm when you are over 10 and out walking in public by yourself.   Funny how things change, eh?

Time to organize, so I head into my little office/study.   And notice one of the books that I purchased on sale yesterday.  This one is a treasure and one that I never knew existed for the likes of me.

It’s called “Beginner’s Guide to Reading Music” by Jake Jackson.  I’d picked up the book out of idle curiosity .. thinking it was for children.  Turning the pages, I see mysteries unfolding before my eyes.   The clear explanations of basic concepts, symbols, scales, chords, stave, key signatures.    A language that I sought to learn, searched for such a book for a long time.   This is a language that I can learn.

Over the past number of years I’d taken fiddle/violin lessons from a variety of people.  From the Victoria Conservatory (group) classes; individual lessons from an instructor with two first names (amazing fiddler); a young lady who was also a street entertainer, quite funny; an instructor who had played in the Bulgarian Symphony .. she was my favourite, we would converse in French and she strove to teach me classics.

Each instructor would attempt to explain the significance of the notes, but I always felt ungrounded without the basics.  Often wondered if I should have taken a child’s course, working my way up.

Time passes, years went by.   I haven’t opened up my violin case for a few years . .and had considered getting rid of it.   However, I don’t plan to give up yet on this.  So I’ll read through this little book and let the information sift into my mind.  My violin is right close by .. so I plan to open up the case, dust it off and practise some bowing.  Not this morning .. perhaps this afternoon.

I did have an Egyptian drum which I sold years ago, in a fit of paying off my bills and ridding unnecessary things from my life.  Sometimes I miss having the drum to practise on … but if I really do want another, they are always available somewhere.

I turn on Chante France and listen as the lively music fills the room.  And I’m all set to organize my little office.  Using my DYMO label maker, I quickly print labels for some of my new storage containers, purchased yesterday.  Looks good.

Seeing my newly purchased (on sale!) Sudoku books, I decide to just sit down and work through a puzzle.  So content.  Listening to the music I love and have listened to for many years .. quietly solving a Sudoku .. .  Simple things.   I’ve certainly earned the right to a few moments of relaxation.

Then I make the mistake of going to the kitchen.  Both kitty kats are curled up together cosy as can be in their little bed.  This means cold weather.  Looking out the window .. blue skies .. ok, that does it .. I’m going outside till the rains come.   Sheer torture being inside when I can be out there digging.

En y va!!!


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