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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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  So … Tuesday was another lovely day!  Up early .. and time to take little Youbou to the veterinary office .. to visit with the massage therapist (who also deals with laser treatment and the doggy swim therapy) .. I was learning how to properly massage Youbou’s spine and leg.   For the times when he will be unable to utilize his right hind leg .. and when I’m not able to have an acupuncture treatment.

He began having problems a few months ago…. suddenly not able to use his right hind leg.  So off to our regular veterinarian’s for visits, blood tests, x-rays … no explanation to be found, so it’s prednisolone (sp?).  Then  I take Youbou to Hillside Vet’s for acupuncture .. and .. omg .. such improvements!!  Soon he is running around the house, a wild cat.  Then he’d settle down for his nap!

We’ve had some ups and downs, mostly ups, though.  The acupuncture has been just amazing!!  And we are trying to get him off of the medication, so now we are at the stage where he has only one pill every 3 days .. the objective is .. no pills.

So he is doing very well .. our little kitty .. and the massage treatment is proving to be very effective.  Yesterday he actually wanted to go outside with his big brother .. so that was a bonus.

Then .. time to study gardening again and then . .it was time to go to class in the evening.  Where we spent hours learning about compost teas.

And you know .. I’d heard, over the years about the value of these things.   But last night was a real eye opener.

We learned about aerated compost tea … microbe foods .. specific teas .. bacterial teas,  biostimulants .. herbal teams .. plant extracts processes.  Activating EM (effective micro-organisms).

We learned that Dr. Teruo Higa : http://em-la.com/dr__teruo_higa_en.php?idioma=2  who discovered what was the best combination of beneficial microorganism until EM™ was formally introduce as a soil conditioner.  A pioneer who was soon copied.

So much to learn in this course, it is very humbling and yet very exciting.

I feel as if so many doors are being opened to  us  .. into the worlds of nature and how best we can work with them.

Lovely ..

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Tuesday, February 7, 2011

Monday was a lovely sunny day .. and I just didn’t allow myself to visit Swan Lake, as I needed to spend time studying my gardening information.    So I spent hours trying to figure out some things .. really an exercise in frustration, because I was quite literally taking things .. well … just too literally.

Working on my soil texture composition, and following an example of 10 cm = 100% .. while I only had 5 cm and was working with 50% ..  so once that was sorted out and I realized that 5 cm equalled 100%, then I was ok.

And then I thought, well, was that really time wasted, or was it really time spent in just building up my frustration and falling back into ages-old habits of banging my head against the wall?  What did I learn from this?  Hindsight, I would have contacted my instructor right away, to clarify that little percentage detail.  And then would have been more relaxed, calm.   Ah, love hindsight . .. it always knows.

So, really, lesson learned and now if I’m stuck on trying to figure something out, I’ll reach out and contact her.

Time passed .. and then it was time to take little Youbou for his acupuncture treatment.  He is really making progress and I have an appointment next week with the veterinarian massage therapist and multi hatted expert, which includes laser treatment and water treatment for pets .. for example, she works with dogs who have had strokes.

I’ll be spending an hour learning the best pressure points for little Y.   Then if he has a flare up, which happens from time to time, he loses mobility again in his right hind leg, I can try this treatment on him.

What we do for our beloved pets.   Even if we get in debt.   Which happens.   Let’s see … “if I win a zillion dollars” .. I would establish a pet care centre for those who just don’t have the dinaros to take care of their dog and cat pets.

The wonderful vet who did the acupuncture on Youbou, explained that they sometimes use laser treatment on pets who, for whatever reason, are not able to go through the acupuncture.   And I learned that the laser treatment was very effective in healing hot spots.   The laser would be applied around the edges of the open area and the healing would begin.

I much prefer these natural treatments compared to medicines.   Medicines are necessary to some extent, but the body heals better with natural ways.  Proof of that is how quickly the acupuncture treatment helped little Y in the beginning.

Anyway ..  little Youbou was very relaxed on the way home.  Once released from the carrying case . .he literally ran to his food dish and hungrily munched away.  Followed by the perquisite nap.

Well .. that is my tale from yesterday.  Apart from spending more time trying to figure out the ideal mineral balance in my back garden soil, writing on index cards all the terminology that I’m discovering in gardening, trying to understand the functionality of what comprises a healthy soil, full of happy bacteria and fungi .. it was quite a day.

Not a terribly exciting adventurous day .. but a day with lessons learned and new information tucked away for future reference.

Oh .. and the satisfaction of knowing that little Youbou has good walking  functionality again, thanks to acupuncture and massage .. slowly lessening the meds for him.

So, all in all .. it was a good day, complete with sunshine.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2011

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So .. yesterday I finished putting away my latest book acquisitions and found another bag that I’d missed!  Here were some treasures!  A few books on glass painting (how timely);  one on stonework and another on brickwork .. in the garden!   And I actually took the time to open them up and look through them.  Excited about the  many ideas now for this spring and summer!

And then today, I was taking little Youbou for his acupuncture treatment, and what did I find tucked away behind the front seat!   Another crafty one “How to Build with Bamboo” .. 19 projects.  Some easy crafts in that one.

The weather has been rather a mixed assortment today.  Already there has been rain, overcast skies!  Sunny skies, followed by overcast.  With a dash of wind thrown in.

Nevertheless .. I’ve gathered an assortment of wood and will shortly go outside to attempt some temporary repairs to our little fence .. the section with the loose and fallen boards.   Really looking forward to new panels replacing the older sections.

I’ve planted rather a large assortment of plants along all of the fence, trying to create a nice deep garden in some areas.   And there are a lot of bulbs intermixed with the perennials, so I’ll have to make some colourful markings so that they won’t be stepped on.

There are some cedars that I planted a few years ago .. .after hand digging a nice deep trench for them .. and placing them a few feet apart, so they will eventually grow into a solid green “fencing”.   When I look at these, I remember my travels, many many years ago .. I was invited to stay at a lady’s home for several days.   And I remember looking out the kitchen window, they had a beautiful tall, solid wall of green cedars totally encircling their yard.  They loved it and so did I.

Such privacy and greenness!  It took quite a few years for the trees to have grown so high and I know that ours will eventually grow and fill out.  I think that they will make a strong growth spurt this year.  And it will be time to trip a few inches off the top so that they will fill out more .. the growth will expand to the side branches.

The joy of gardening lies in the adventures of growing, propagating, and the energizing aspects of all plant life.  Even weeds have their place.  Which reminds me of a CityLine show from last week.  Three Greek sisters were cooking greens (which they highly recommend every day) .. and saying (true) that we don’t eat enough greens.  They even cooked dandelion greens .. ok, that I’ve heard of, but have not tried.  The greens that they cook were huge, they resembled lettuce heads, I swear!   And, no pesticides were used (Ontario) so they were safe to eat.

I must say the few times I’ve prepared greens – chopped & garlic, chopped, quickly cooked in a bit of oil, they were delicious.  Guess it’s time to start doing that again. Easy, quick and nutritious.

I found a good site on trees .. here is a most interesting site:  http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/2fZ9bg/listverse.com/2011/07/30/10-magnificent-living-trees/

Lately I’ve been paying more attention to trees, looking through my books, becoming more interested in the types available.   Reading about the incredible job they do in their growth cycle.   When I found the above extremely well written site and read the section 7 about the phenomenal root system from which grew 47,000 Quaking Aspen trees … this added fuel to my desire to learn more.

And .. learn more I shall … because tonight the Organic Master Gardening Course begins!  The snow had cancelled the first two .. so they are scheduled to start tonight.

Yippeeeeeeeeeeee ….more hours of gardening talk and learning, learning, learning.

Lovely, lovely .. lovely!


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Saturday, December 17, 2011

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 Friday was another day of grey skies, perfect for working inside or out.  I chose a mix of the two.  Outside checking out the birds… inside chores.  Escaped by driving to the shops.  Orr’s Meat Market is now operating out of Sidney!  I’ll stick to my Quadra Street location, though.  It’s good to know that there 4 locations now .. Duncan, Brentwood, Quadra and Sidney.

And they all carry Farmer Ben’s eggs!  Heard of someone who loves these products so much that she made the drive to Duncan for them!  Now, she can get them on her way home from work!

A few days ago, I went to the Market for eggs and they were actually out of stock!  Be still my beating heart.   Luckily I was able to pick up a few dozen yesterday!

And yesterday was a busy day, traffic wise.   Construction and road repairs slowed some of the sections of busy through roads.

I was up bright and early .. organized recycling by the roadside, quick trip to the Bottle Depot.   Then home and gathered up little Youbou for his 4th acupuncture treatment. He is so improved now, it’s like a miracle.  Hard to believe that a few months ago, we’d given up on having our little guy around much longer .. due to his inability to walk around.

Normally Youbou is meowing all the way on the trip there and back to the Vet’s office, making little plaintive sounds … but on this trip home, he was relaxed and non verbal.  Quite happy and content.

At home, now, he jumps and runs, is much more alert and interactive with us.  He’s resumed his habit of standing excitedly at the cupboards by the kitchen counter, eyes wild, paws swinging in the air .. as he demands (and gets) treats from sandwich making.  It’s great to have our Youbou back in top form.  We’ll just need to go back occasionally now to have minor treatments as needed.


So, Youbou home, I was able to go out to wander through the stores.  Went to Michael’s and picked up some punches for scrap-booking.  Quite fun.  Visited a few other stores for needed items and finally to the Tillicum Mall.

I’ve been searching for a replacement or repair of our HP iPAQ rz 1700 , but finally reached a call centre for HP and repair would cost $200, which is higher than the cost of buying a used one on e-Bay!

Went searching at several big stores, no joy ..unfortunately, wasn’t able to find someone who was knowledgeable to help me out .. just got the “nope, it’s not carried anymore.”   We aren’t interested in a blackberry or a blueberry or something that costs an arm and a leg for monthly charges that easily add up to more than $100 per month.

We were perfectly happy with the iPAQ … my DH gave it to me as a Christmas present over 5 years ago.  It came with Word, Excel (which I used to track authors on).  Games, Photos, music .. it was the absolutely perfect pda.  I’m searching for a replacement, but it seems that it isn’t readily available.

Anyway .. I tried to get into the shopping mood, but failed to get motivated .. so admitted defeat and headed for home, sweet home!

Lovely peace and quiet, no more rushing through traffic …. took time to wander outside and enjoy the tranquility of the yard.  Moved some things around .. pleased with the way the yard is developing.  Imagining having more greenery surrounding the perimeter, once the spring arrives and leaves start unfurling their beauty.  Just a few more months.

There are still some outdoor jobs I can play around with, weeding and digging, that sort of thing.  The weather has been quite mild lately, so that’s a bonus.

Finished my circular scarf and love the versatility of it .. can wear it as a loop scarf, or twice around it becomes a cowl or one loop quickly becomes a pullover hat in case of snow!  I love it so much that I’ve dug out my stash of wool and have started another one.  This time with a lovely sandy colour medium weight wool, with little blobs of colour .. quite pretty.   Uh, oh .. I think that I’ll be making quite a few of these … perhaps I’ll give them away .. or perhaps I’ll rejoin the world of craft shows next year.  It’s been quite a few years since I’ve done that .. so I think I might try “one or two”.

Botany for Gardeners:

“Botany is a useful and rewarding study from which, unfortunately, many laypersons are frightened away by the technical jargon that constitutes the “language” of the science.  The reader will encounter a number of scientific words in the following pages.  Some are part of the common parlance of gardeners.  For want of suitable non-technical equivalents, others cannot be avoided when writing such a book.”

“There are close to 400,000 recognizably different kinds of plants, called species, in the world today. So diverse are their forms that to write an all-inclusive definition of the world “plant” is not at all easy.  One-third of all plants do not have roots, stems and leaves as we know these parts in the examples most familiar to us.  About 150,000 plant species never produce flowers, and almost that same number do not grow from seeds, but rather from dust like particles called spores.

Although the vast majority of plants manufacture their own food supplies by a process called photosynthesis, mushrooms, molds and other fungi – which some biologists include in the Plant Kingdom – rely on foods created by green plants for their sustenance, as do animals.  Most plants spend a lifetime anchored in one place, yet a few simple one-celled forms are capable of swimming to different locations in the waters they inhabit.

It is this kind of diversity and amazing variety of shapes, colours and lifestyles that continually excite our interest in these organisms called plants.”

So, lots to learn about gardening.  The joy is that there are untold worlds to discover in this endeavor, so I will never ever be bored.

How lovely is that!.


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